June & July Combined Empties!

I’m catching up on my empties now! There was a lot finished in June and July. I’m hoping to finish even more this August, but I definitely need to recommit to finishing already open products rather than starting on new things. It’s hard because I just love playing around with new items! But that’s what makes this the challenge part of the Reverse Rouge Challenge 🙂


summer empty products


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August Empties!

Omg guys I’m moving in one week [insert panicky scream here]. It’s my biggest move in a long while and I totally forgot how long it takes to pack! I’ll definitely be packing until the very last minute.

On that note, I have a lot of August empties because I aggressively tried to use up as much as I could of all the half-full random things I have around. There’s a lot and I’m proud of myself, haha 🙂




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Birds of a Feather: Greens

It’s a Saturday swatch party at my place and everyone is invited 🙂

I’ve had quite a backlog of my Birds of a Feather series that I’ve been meaning to post… so I’m procrastinating on packing for my move by playing with my makeup! Today I have jewels to show off: my emeralds! Now not all of these are emerald, but these are my dark greens to my weird olives. I love green- it really helps show off the green in my hazel eyes. Alas, I rarely wear it as anything other than liner. I just can’t seem to get a fully green eye look to work on me! Any tips and tutorials from you guys would be loved ❤


green indie eyeshadow collection


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June & July Empty Products!

It has been madness around my place this past month. Oh, and apparently I’m moving sometime early September and it’s sort of unplanned and [insert excited & frantic screaming here].

If anyone has tips for how to safely pack and move with makeup and perfume (especially the 394734 indie samples I own) I would greatly appreciate it!

And without further ado, here is my super belated pile of June and July empties!


empty products galore

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Hello everyone, it’s been a long time! I haven’t disappeared for good, but I have enjoyed my short break. Meanwhile I’ve found some solutions to the whole wordpress-wants-to-charge-me-moolah problem. One theory I have is that I burned through my blog storage extra fast because I’ve been using nice hi-res photos. The bigger the photo, the more memory it uses. So I’m probably going to painstakingly replace every photo on my blog (so many…) with a slightly lower-res one. I’ve been using my photos in all their 3000 pixel glory, so I think I can change everything to like 900 x 1200 without any terrible loss of quality.

As you can probably tell, this is going to be really time consuming. I’m at 99% full in the storage wordpress gives me, so I can’t upload a lot of photo replacements at once. Also I’m not even 100% sure if this is truly what’s killing my blog storage but it’s worth a try!

Long story short, I will still totally be around! I know I’ll be writing a March Empties post soon, and some other posts are in the works. But until I get the memory issue under control, posts will be slower than usual.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around so far! I’ll be back soon 🙂


Liebster Award

{EDIT: This was supposed to be published like four days ago yet accidentally ended up in my drafts. Oops!}

I am so happy that the amazing Bella nominated me for the Liebster Award! I love doing these tags and getting to know other blogs too. I’ll be answering the questions below~

Also! I’ll be taking an itty bitty pause from this blog for a bit. I somehow used up all my image storage for wordpress already (!?!) and despite deleting a bunch of older pics, wordpress isn’t allowing me to upload anything new. I need to take a little time to see if I really want to drop the $$$ to pay for a wordpress upgrade. I love makeup and I love blogging, but it’s kind of a lot of money to drop on a ‘hobby’ blog, especially right now when I’m saving every $ so I can (hopefully) move to a new coast this summer.

Ackk- didn’t mean to get all serious on you guys, but it’s just something I’ve been pondering lately and I don’t have a good answer / solution yet. I would appreciate any thoughts people have, especially those that made the jump to the annual wordpress fee!

ANYWAYS! Onwards to the Q&A and more fun things!!


(thank goodness I had this pic uploaded from the last time I did this tag!)

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AFK Crazy Random Happenstance Collection Swatches

Happy weekend everyone! I have a huge collection of eyeshadows, as you all know, so I have a backlog of swatches to post. I love swatching my whole collection and sharing it with you lovely people 🙂

Today I have AFK Cosmetics’s Crazy Random Happenstance Collection. Unlike the Princess Bride collection that I previously reviewed, this is in their general catalogue and can purchased at any time!


AFK Crazy Random Happenstance

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