Foundations and Concealers for Pale / Fair Skin

Happy spring everyone! It’s almost time for the Sephora sale in April and rumor has it (aka I begged my local store for info) there’s going to be another 20% Ulta coupon in June.

So it’s the time of the year where I dive deeper into trying to find my “perfect” foundation! Foundations are expen$ive so I always like to purchase mine when I can get a good deal. In an effort to find a good foundation I’ve been swatching and wearing all of my current stash to see what colors work. I also just came back from a fruitless swatching visit at Ulta. My local Ulta recently redid their interior and it’s super fancy now. There are even full Lancome and Estee Lauder counter/wall areas. So of course I swatched their foundations too.

Long story short, let the swatches begin!

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Monday blues

So my laptop has had a terrible hard drive failure today which sadly means I’ve lost a bunch of photos I was getting ready to post for this week’s lipstick round-up as well as some EOTDs. WordPress on mobile isn’t the best experience so I’ll be taking a short break as my laptop is being repaired.

I went to Ulta on my way back from dropping my laptop off for repairs (therapy shopping, am I right?). I totally fell in love with the new UD liquid vice lipsticks. I only purchased Backtalk, since I love that one in the vice cream formula. I’ve been wearing it for the last four hours and so far so good!


Urban Decay Vice liquid matte lipstick swatches

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Lipstick Tag! Q&A with Swatchlette

HAPPY SATURDAY! It’s been a long week at château Swatchlette (haha) so I’m very glad to have a little time off. I do work weekends, but Saturdays are still my most open day of the week 🙂

I decided to a fun post today and answer questions about LIPSTICKS! These are my true kryptonite (well, that and metallic eyeshadow) and I have enough to last my whole lifetime. So of course the lipstick tag seems the perfect thing to answer.

illustration by Evelyn Henson

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Birds of a Feather: Purples (lipstick swatchfest #1)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day 🙂
Today I have for you a new feature! As you all know, I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks and I’ve been recently trying to sort through my whole collection of makeup and really find & use my favorites! Therefore, what better way to catalogue things then by posting pictures for you guys? I call it “Birds of a Feather”, since they’re not really lipstick dupes but definitely cousins. Along the way, I hope to find my favorites as well as weed out the ones I don’t like as much. Today’s ‘birds’ are all the lipsticks I call purple!

lipstick swatch comparison fest!

lipstick swatch comparison fest!

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#IHateMondays ~ UD Naked, Makeup Revolution Liphug, Model Co Party Proof

What a title, right? Basically Mondays and I don’t get along well, so I thought in honor of the most sluggish day of the week (I can’t be the only one that needs 2x caffeine on Mondays, right?) I wanted to post some of my not-so-favorites. I take photos of my not-favorites for my own files, so I remember what colors/formula didn’t work for me. I have a few to share with you today 🙂



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A Beautylish love affair ~ a.k.a. Inglot Eyeshadows, OCC RTW, and more!

I love Beautylish.
Like I seriously love it. It’s an amazing service for getting makeup, skincare, and more. The website carries TONS of brands, including ones Sephora and Ulta don’t have, and their customer service is impeccable. Every order I’ve gotten from them comes at the speed of light, super safely packaged, and with a handwritten note that really lets me know they care 🙂 If they had a loyalty point program too, I would never shop anywhere else.


So what did I buy this time?

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