New sparkly things spotted at Ulta….

Hello all! A quick post for you today, inspired by my impulse trip to Ulta.

Well, not-so-impulse. The 20% off coupons went out this week and I wanted to swatch the new Lorac palettes in person to decide whether I wanted one or not. They didn’t have any of the desert/mountain/ocean in store, but they did have the California palettes! I really wanted Santa Monica, as I used to live there and I miss it dearly (and because the colors really called to me). But when I swatched it in person, I realized why the colors appealed to me: I totally already own them! Other than the convenience of them being in one palette, I know I already own the colors.

It’s still super pretty though….


Lorac Santa Monica palette

Anyways! The real dish of this post is: omg there’s new sparkly shinies at Ulta!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.33.02 PM

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Sometimes I Stalk Sephulta…..

So sometimes on my work breaks I stalk the “New!” sections at Sephora and Ulta. And sometimes I GASP out loud because I see something spectacular…


NEW Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick in Moon Rock (foil metallic lipstick)

UM, EXCUSE ME but what is this glorious new lipstick called Moon Rock that’s described as a “foil”?!

It appears Ulta has a whole LINE, as in THIRTY, new Estee Lauder lipsticks just for their store. This includes the foil beauty Moon Rock as seen above as well as others that catch my eye like this other foil color…


NEW Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick in Pocket Venus (foil metallic lipstick)


There seems to be four finishes: créme, matte, pearl, and foil. With thirty colors!!!! As per the Ulta website, they are online starting Valentines Day and in store March 12. My local Ulta doesn’t carry Estee in store (grrrrrr…) but DAAANG I cannot wait for the first swatches and reviews start pouring in! @ my girl Temptalia PLEASE do me a solid and review these 😉


What new things have sparked your interested lately?




Monday blues

So my laptop has had a terrible hard drive failure today which sadly means I’ve lost a bunch of photos I was getting ready to post for this week’s lipstick round-up as well as some EOTDs. WordPress on mobile isn’t the best experience so I’ll be taking a short break as my laptop is being repaired.

I went to Ulta on my way back from dropping my laptop off for repairs (therapy shopping, am I right?). I totally fell in love with the new UD liquid vice lipsticks. I only purchased Backtalk, since I love that one in the vice cream formula. I’ve been wearing it for the last four hours and so far so good!


Urban Decay Vice liquid matte lipstick swatches

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Lipstick Queen ~ Chinatown Three to Thrill and Hello Sailor Disappointment

Happy Saturday! Despite being overjoyed for the weekend, today I have a somewhat sad post. There’s nothing sadder to me than finding a disappointment in a brand I love. Today I have Lipstick Queen’s Three to Thrill Trio and the Hello Sailor lipstick, both which turned out to products I had to return…


Lipstick Queen – Three to Thrill Chinatown Trio and Hello Sailor Lipstick

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Butter London Lipsticks, Lip Crayons, & Tinted Lip Balm ~ Quick Review & Swatches

Whoo hoo, it’s FRIDAY! I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned 🙂

Today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s Ulta sale on Butter London ($10 every lipstick!!) I swatched all the Butter London lip products that I own now! I may or may not be planning on doubling my collection come tomorrow’s sale…


Butter London Matte Lipstick, Lip Crayon, and Tinted Balm

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Red lipstick heartbreak – aka, Estee Lauder’s gorgeous lipstick and why I returned it

Happy Sunday everyone! Time for a long story… I’ve been craving one of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks since I first saw them on Temptalia. Half the colors have been in my wish list for ages and after my blegh week last week I picked one up on a whim, aiming for a safe choice. I bought Vengeful Red, described on Sephora as a “bright red berry”. Which sounds amazing, right? Continue reading

Urban Decay Matte Revolution ~ After Dark ~ Dupe Alert!!

So as you know I am totally head over heels for the new Urban Decay Mattes! I already own two and I have two more I plan to get (plus the UD web exclusive Backtalk when it finally hits online sometime in August!) Bittersweet was my first and After Dark is my second!

But lo and behold~ I already had something verrrry similar in my stash!


Ulta vs UD

Keep reading to see just how closely these match…

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