August September Empties!

Ahhh another delayed post! Sorry about that friends; this year has felt crazy busy with lots of changes happening and plans twisty-turning at the last second.

Here is my “late summer” empties, combining August and September!


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Spring Empties!

Oh gosh you guys, it has been a completely insane couple of months. I ended up moving states again, starting some home renovation projects, researching a switch in careers.. So many things, so little time! But I do have a new empty product posts for you all 🙂


busy business dog is me


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January Empties & Reverse Rouge Update

Happy February and happy Friday! It is an especially happy friday for me. I got my laptop back!! The new hard drive means I lost the last few weeks of photos (Don’t be me, folks! Back up often! ) but I am so happy to have my laptop again. Today has been a great day so far since I can actually do my work on something other than a tiny phone screen 🙂

I have all my empties for January as well as an update on the Reverse Rouge project!


January empty products


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