Weekly Roundup : Jan. 15 – 22

So many lipsticks this week!! I’ve been really brutal about following the 100 Days of Lipstick challenge and taking photos, even when lighting isn’t ideal. Another one of my New Year’s resolutions was the idea of “finished, not perfect” across many aspects of my life. It’s useful for me to document my makeup looks, so even when the photos aren’t perfect I’m still posting them 🙂

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MAC Star Trek Collection – Swatches & Review

I procrastinated on packing for my move by playing with my beautiful new Star Trek x MAC collection. This may be some of my favorite makeup of all time and is definitely one of my best purchases of 2016. I cannot explain in words how much I love it…. so how about some pictures? 🙂


Star Trek MAC Makeup collection


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Birds of a Feather : MLBB Lipstick Swatch fest

So, if you haven’t heard by now, MAC just released an “exclusive” shade called So Select for their ‘select’ members. Aka MAC really wants people to sign up for their new rewards program by tempting you in with a special lipstick. It’s genius marketing and the color definitely has me, a MLBB lover, especially interested. It’s described as a dusty rose, and HELLLOOO that’s one of my favorite things ever.

1) I’m on a lipstick no-buy because I already have quite a lot
2) it looks pretty darn dupable
3) honestly, it might not look good on me at all (it looks too warm/terracotta)

In the spirit of reminding myself what MLBBs I already own and which ones I love more than this mystery So Select color, I’ve swatched ALL my MLBB lipsticks, from My Lips But Peacher, to My Lips But Mauve-r. Welcome to Birds of a Feather: MLBB edition!


MLBB lipstick comparisons

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Indie Spotlight – Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a fun Friday. I know I’m looking forward to the weekend! Today I have another indie brand spotlight for you, this time on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. They’re a relatively well-established cosmetics and bath brand, and they have a monthly subscription service too called Lip Addicts Anonymous. I purchased a variety of things from them a few months ago and now I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing them 🙂


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

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