Shiro Cosmetics Swatches

Hey all! Today is another post I had in my drafts but didn’t quite post in a seasonal manner, haha. Today is Shiro’s Cozy and Bright collection, as well as a few additional golden swatches….


shiro cozy and bright

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The Warm Nine – lipstick comparisons

Like I’ve said before, I have approximately 23744 post drafts lying around. In an effort to reorganize and declutter lipsticks I’ve been swatching and documenting color families. Here’s a grouping of some warm mauve / brown lipsticks.


warm mauve lipstick comparisons 

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Spring Empties!

Whooooa it’s been a while 🙂 Trust me when I say I have 937083 photos and post I want to make; it’s just the editing and writing I keep running out of time to complete. Eh, life is what it is sometimes, and right now it’s B-U-S-Y.

Here’s a quick update on my 2018 empties! These were from approximately January to April.

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Hello Waffle April 2017 Visage – Where the Wild Things Are

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! I have accomplished the impossible, haha 🙂 This is the last 2017 Hello Waffle visage review I needed to catch up on. You can find all things Visage here, or continue back in time to March here (or jump forward to the most recent December 2017 here!)

This month’s inspiration was the very fun Where The Wild Things Are book.


Hello Waffle April 2017 Visage Where the Wild Things Are

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Hello Waffle Visage July 2017

This month’s  Visage theme was Little House in the Big Woods. I appreciate that Hello Waffle always includes a sheet that outlines the theme as well as the contents of each month’s box. This month was something I was unfamiliar with (sorry! I never read the Laura Inglalls books much as a kid!), so I appreciate the extra work to include the explanation of theme.


Hello Waffle Visage July 2017

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