Valentine’s Day Looks! (and lipstick recs)

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! I am happily single and most likely will be doing tea & brunch with my galentine friends, which I’m looking forward to! 🙂

Today I have a classic FOTD and a more fun FOTD that are both appropriate for Valentines. Plus I have a list of some of my favorite lipsticks that would work for a V-Day look!


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Too Faced La Crème Lipstick Swatches

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (gasp!) and for all those who love the holiday, I have two V-day appropriate lipsticks to show you! They’re also two of my new La Crème lipsticks that I have to review here. I bought Cinnamon Kiss sometime last year and loved the formula, so I picked up Jelly Bean and Lollipop last time Ulta had a 50% sale 🙂


Too Faced La Crème Lipsticks

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Red lipstick heartbreak – aka, Estee Lauder’s gorgeous lipstick and why I returned it

Happy Sunday everyone! Time for a long story… I’ve been craving one of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks since I first saw them on Temptalia. Half the colors have been in my wish list for ages and after my blegh week last week I picked one up on a whim, aiming for a safe choice. I bought Vengeful Red, described on Sephora as a “bright red berry”. Which sounds amazing, right? Continue reading

the great dupe – Urban Decay 69


a tiny tiny handful of the reds I own

If you’re a lot like me, then you have more red lipsticks than you could ever need in a lifetime! I can’t help it; I love red lipsticks. How they look, how they feel…. its incomparable to other colors for me 🙂
Anyways, when you own as many as I do, you start to realize how many similar colors you have! Last week I *almost* bought Urban Decay 69 during the sale but then I realized OOPS! I already have a few that look almost alike! Lets take a look at some of my reds…

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lipstick swatchfest!

Its absolutely still fall/winter in my book (if there’s still snow outside, its still winter!) so of course I’m going to continue wearing all my dark reds and berry lipsticks 🙂 I actually mourn when its springtime despite how much I hate ice, because I really really love my dark lippies and they look a little bit odd in the bright hot spring/summer sun. Oh well!

Lots of images in this post, so make sure you hit the read more!


all the colors on the lips

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sunday swatches!

I have a LOT of red lipstick. It’s a fact and I am completely okay with it 😉 And that means I have EVEN MORE red swatches for you today! These are my more vivid and brights reds… Call it this eternal winter, but I am craving some bright color lately! Super close up swatches after the cut; everything from NARS to Wet’n’Wild!

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