August September Empties!

Ahhh another delayed post! Sorry about that friends; this year has felt crazy busy with lots of changes happening and plans twisty-turning at the last second.

Here is my “late summer” empties, combining August and September!


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August Empties!

Omg guys I’m moving in one week [insert panicky scream here]. It’s my biggest move in a long while and I totally forgot how long it takes to pack! I’ll definitely be packing until the very last minute.

On that note, I have a lot of August empties because I aggressively tried to use up as much as I could of all the half-full random things I have around. There’s a lot and I’m proud of myself, haha πŸ™‚




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(Belated) March Empties!!

Hello all! I have my March empties post for you today ❀

As April kept flying by, I considered postponing my March empties and combining them with my April, but since it’s looking likely I’ll be moving to a new place early May (!!!!!) I might not have time for an April empties at the end of the month.

So here we are! All my March (and a couple early April) empties!


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Spring Empties!

Okay so I’ve been meaning to do an empty products post for…. an embarrassingly long time. I decided just to lump a bunch of months together and call it Spring because I can’t remember exactly when I started collecting my empties! Like most people, I burn through skincare products way faster than makeup, so this post is mostly skincare things πŸ™‚


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Sephora Haul Round-Up & my new HG Lipstick!

Hello guys! Who else went a little (too) crazy during the Sephora sale a little whileΒ ago? I know I did and I have absolutely NO regrets. I found some new favorites and a holy grail lipstick! YES, I am serious! I found a lipstick so wonderful I went and got FIVE colors. Kind of crazy, but really I have no regrets πŸ™‚


all the new goods!

Now I actually don’t think I went that crazy; not nearly as much as I was tempted! I mostly bought things I actually needed or was really eager to try. With one exception: those fantastic amazing gorgeous Clinique lipsticks. But I will get to those in a minute πŸ˜‰

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