Femme Fatale Eyeshadow Swatches

If I could restart my eyeshadow collection from scratch… I might do it with only Femme Fatale! These eyeshadows are some of my top favorites of all time. Their pigmentation, blendability, and unique color selection outperform many indies and mainstream. I highly recommend these.

Most of these are Femme Fatale’s famous duochrome eyeshadows. I don’t own all of them (because there are some darker colors and greens I don’t really wear) but I own a big chunk of their lighter duochromes! Go ahead and read on; you’ll be wowed 🙂


Femme Fatale eyeshadows

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Indie Spotlight – Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a fun Friday. I know I’m looking forward to the weekend! Today I have another indie brand spotlight for you, this time on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. They’re a relatively well-established cosmetics and bath brand, and they have a monthly subscription service too called Lip Addicts Anonymous. I purchased a variety of things from them a few months ago and now I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing them 🙂


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

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Indie Spotlight – Looxi Beauty! Highlighter & Eyeshadows; what’s a hit and what’s a miss?

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s hump day and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already ready for the week to be over 🙂
Today I have a new-to-me brand that’s also probably new to most of you! If you’re on Instagram you’ve might have heard of this indie brand that has been winning people over with their products.

Looxi Beauty! Their product photos on IG are gorgeous and everyone who is obsessed with highlighters have been saying nothing but praises. The IG account colourpopcult has been raving about them so my interest was definitely piqued.  I’m not the biggest highlighter person but I’ve been on this rather fruitless search to find a perfect cool-toned highlighter for a while now and I basically buy anything that looks like it could be it 🙂

So what did I buy?

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EOTD ~ Indie Spotlight on Victorian Disco!

Happy Monday (or in my case, “happy six cups of tea day!”) Mondays are not my favorite at all. But in order to brighten my day I decided to do a fun and easy eye look! Something you guys may not know about me is that I actually have way way more eyeshadows than lipsticks! Which really is a feat to accomplish. I’ve been collecting indie brand loose pigments for hmm, probably six years now and I have a huge collection from a lot of different brands. (As well as singles and z-palettes and a regular palettes that aren’t in the photo and well, you get the point! I have a lot of eyeshadow).


a whole drawer of eyeshadow!

I’ve been meaning to document and actually use everything I own at least once for the purposes of swatching, so I thought “why not start today?”

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