Hello Waffle August Visage 2017 – MEAN GIRLS!

Now THIS is how you do a back-to-school theme 😉 Mean Girls is such a cult favorite, I’m surprised I hadn’t seen more makeup inspired by it before! This box was bold, pink, and totally grool.


Hello Waffle August Visage 2017 Mean Girls

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My Entire ColourPop Collection! ~ Swatches & Reviews ~ Shadow, Ultra Matte Lipstick, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencil, & Cheeks!

Just like it says in the title, I finally swatched ALL my ColourPop collection! Not only will there be loads of swatches after the cut, I talk about each product (the good and the bad) 🙂

my colourpop collection

my colourpop collection

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Lipstick Tag! Q&A with Swatchlette

HAPPY SATURDAY! It’s been a long week at château Swatchlette (haha) so I’m very glad to have a little time off. I do work weekends, but Saturdays are still my most open day of the week 🙂

I decided to a fun post today and answer questions about LIPSTICKS! These are my true kryptonite (well, that and metallic eyeshadow) and I have enough to last my whole lifetime. So of course the lipstick tag seems the perfect thing to answer.

illustration by Evelyn Henson

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NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks !!! — Vintage, Cherry Skies, Tea and Cookies — Dupes, Comparisons, and Long Review!

UPDATE: Since this is still getting lots of views (hello and welcome!) I’d like to update my review here. I have since destashed ALL of these colors to friends. After the initial hype wore down, these really weren’t that spectacular. Despite trying to work with them for a while and trying different techniques, these were too messy and too slippery for me. Someone who loves creams that never dry down may love them. I didn’t. 

FINALLY! I got my hands on some of the NYX Liquid Suedes! Get ready for a long review 🙂


nyx liquid suede cream lipstick: tea & cookies / vintage / cherry skies

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(even more) ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick Swatches! ~ indepth review

Oops I bought more.


When I saw the new colors that were released a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to have Clueless. It looked like the perfect muted rosy color that would actually be The MLBB color I want/need.
And of course I had to pick up Lychee because PURPLE and Bumble because it’s a perfect dupe for Kat Von D’s Double Dare which I was lusting after. So I placed another ColourPop order (got some shadows too- more on that later) and got these three new lipsticks 🙂

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latest Colourpop haul & Ultra Matte Lipstick ! ~ in-depth review

So I’ve already collect a decent amount of Colourpop’s shadows and I’ve yet to talk about any of them here! I’ll do a roundup of my whole collection soon (probably after the sheer Lippie Stix come out… because I sense that I’ll be grabbing a couple haha 🙂 ) but here’s what I grabbed during the Ultra Matte madness!


only one ultra matte! what a surprise

Photos & reviews after the read more!

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