Many Monday Swatches! ~ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Lipsticks & Butter Glosses

Happy Monday everyone! In anticipation of the new NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks online (mine which should be arriving in the mail sometime this week!!! 😀 ) I decided to go back and swatch ALL the NYX lipsticks that I currently own! The Soft Matte Lip Creams are pretty famous now with nearly everyone owning at least one, but I figured swatching my collection would be useful for you and me too 😉 It’s always good to remember what I already own!


NYX soft matte lip creams and butter glosses

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Many Many Monday Swatches! ~ Liquid Lipstick Collection


Happy Monday everyone! I had a conversation with the lovely Cat yesterday that prompted me to remember that I already owned Stila’s Stay All Day Lipstick in Fiery. Which of course prompted me to remember all the liquid lipsticks I do own! So of course, what better way to remember them then to swatch them all?

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Urban Decay Matte Revolution ~ After Dark ~ Dupe Alert!!

So as you know I am totally head over heels for the new Urban Decay Mattes! I already own two and I have two more I plan to get (plus the UD web exclusive Backtalk when it finally hits online sometime in August!) Bittersweet was my first and After Dark is my second!

But lo and behold~ I already had something verrrry similar in my stash!


Ulta vs UD

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e.l.f cosmetics haul! ~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s been literally years since I’ve bought any e.l.f. products. I remember back in the day when their website was a clunker and they only had the $1 essentials line! The last time I bought from them I think was a Black Friday sale and a lot of their products seemed hit & miss for me. I hadn’t had a hankering for more e.l.f. stuff but since I’m always seeing more and more products added to their display at Target, that urge to try new products popped up again! Last week they were having a free shipping, no minimum so I took advantage and got a few things 🙂


small haul

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Butter London makeup + nail polish haul & review! (also discovering a Marc Jacobs dupe?!)

Happy Sunday! Who is watching the Tony’s tonight? I’m so excited, but I’m also going to a watching party so that definitely adds to the fun 🙂

So I wrecked my No-Buy like crazy when I happened across a sale on Butter London’s website! Not only did they have a discounted Mystery Bag (I’m very weak to resist mystery bags from my fave brands) but they also had a half-off their Outlet section. And magically, when I added the coupon to my cart, it took 50% the whole cart, outlet and non-outlet, so yeah… I went a little crazy 🙂


the haul

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