omg Star Wars makeup!

Guess what guys? I have a secret identity and it’s that I’m a giant nerd. So when I saw CoverGirl’s photos of their new Star Wars line I may or may not have shrieked. I collect a lot of the geeky indie brand products, but WOW! For a major company to do geek makeup really makes me happy 🙂

These promo pics are EPIC.

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dupe alert~~~ clinique vs. covergirl AGAIN!

Happy Saturday! I have another dupe today for you guys 🙂
I’m getting increasingly convinced that the new Clinique colour pop lipsticks are dupes for all the CoverGirl lipsticks that I own! It’s not a bad thing, since I love the color of the CGs but hate the taste.


clinique vs covergirl

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Clinique Poppy Pop Lipstick ~ Comparisons / Dupes

Hi guys! Sorry for the quiet lately. My place has been having some serious internet issues and my service provider is being extremely unhelpful 😦 So it may be a little slow with posts around here until I can get the internet back and running!

In the meantime, I have a quick comparison of the new Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipstick to a couple very similar drugstore colors 🙂


covergirl fairytale 405, Clinique Poppy Pop. Not pictured, BH Sweet Mango

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HOT HOT HOT! – Orange, Coral, Neon Red Lipstick Swatches!

OH MY GOSH, it was FINALLY warm today and I could not be happier! Winter seems to be finally over and the sun is out again, hence my sudden urge to wear bright lipsticks. As much as I love fall weather and my red and burgundies, sometimes a little fiery lipstick is a perfect pairing to bright sunshine! Last spring I went out and bought a bajillion different oranges and corals hoping to find The One, and now its spring again and I still haven’t found a coral that doesn’t look crazy. Either I’m too used to how I look in reds, or my skin tone just hates coral! Anyways, below you’ll find a selection of some oranges, corals, and orange-reds that I own 🙂


indoors versus outdoors

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sunday swatches!

I have a LOT of red lipstick. It’s a fact and I am completely okay with it 😉 And that means I have EVEN MORE red swatches for you today! These are my more vivid and brights reds… Call it this eternal winter, but I am craving some bright color lately! Super close up swatches after the cut; everything from NARS to Wet’n’Wild!

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CG Hot is, well… HOT

The sun is FINALLY out (although it’s still snowing. Clearly the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do!) so I was feeling in the mood for a bright color! Here’s a lipstick I totally forgot I had, CoverGirl #305, Hot Passion. It’s a very bright red and tilts more orange than blue. I actually don’t like this too much on me, despite how white it makes my teeth look. Maybe it’s the February weather but I love me some dark vampy reds in winter. This is one I’ll put aside for July and hope to like it more in the proper sunshine!

Shade aside, CG lipsticks are always creamy and shiny. I would recommend a clear lipliner (I swear by UD’s Ozone) just to keep that creamy color inside the lines!

til later, lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette