New sparkly things spotted at Ulta….

Hello all! A quick post for you today, inspired by my impulse trip to Ulta.

Well, not-so-impulse. The 20% off coupons went out this week and I wanted to swatch the new Lorac palettes in person to decide whether I wanted one or not. They didn’t have any of the desert/mountain/ocean in store, but they did have the California palettes! I really wanted Santa Monica, as I used to live there and I miss it dearly (and because the colors really called to me). But when I swatched it in person, I realized why the colors appealed to me: I totally already own them! Other than the convenience of them being in one palette, I know I already own the colors.

It’s still super pretty though….


Lorac Santa Monica palette

Anyways! The real dish of this post is: omg there’s new sparkly shinies at Ulta!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.33.02 PM

Mostly I was surprised by this new Butter London glaze…


Butter London Fairy Dust Lip Glaze, and Mermaid and Unicorn Eye Glazen

Not only is there a VERY sparkly lip glaze in “Fairy Dust” (which was magically shimmery when swatched), but two new eye glazens in Mermaid and Unicorn. Mermaid was a dusty gold/grey kind of shimmer, and unicorn was a peach with a purple shift. I’m shocked I haven’t heard much about these new colors!

And of course…. there’s this….


Becca highlighter Lilac Geode Ulta exclusive

Umm…. how did I possibly miss the news of an Ulta exclusive Becca highlighter? Pink & gold sounds like a beautiful combination, so I’m definitely excited to see that one when it arrives!

Does anyone have more info on the Becca they’d like to share? Feel free to spill the swatched (one can hope!!) below in the comments!





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