Spring Empties!

Oh gosh you guys, it has been a completely insane couple of months. I ended up moving states again, starting some home renovation projects, researching a switch in careers.. So many things, so little time! But I do have a new empty product posts for you all 🙂


busy business dog is me


I’m still working on panning as much as I can and trying to stick to a low-buy (my Reverse Rouge project), but I admit it’s been hard. The things I like to collect, like color products (lipstick, nail polish), are also the hardest to pan in any quick manner. I’ve basically resigned myself to a no/low-buy on color products until I can actually finish or destash the ones I don’t truly love.

One thing that has been helping my cap my collection is refusing to buy more storage. My acrylic lipstick organizer is full, therefore I cannot buy another lipstick unless I destash or finish one. It’s a helpful rule to myself.


Anyways, time for some empties! I think this is April and May combined. I’ve honestly lost track, yikes.

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Lots of things panned, mostly skincare as per usual for me.
(Would Not Repurchase = WNR, Would Repurchase = WR)

  • Omorovicza sample Queen of Hungary mist – actually really nice as a refreshing perfume, haha. It’s a bit too fragranced for my face, and I can’t speak to how it helps my skin, as the sample spray was so tiny! WNR
  • Tarte Tarteguard sunscreen travel size bottle – A good basic sunscreen, I liked how liquidy it was and there was no white cast. It’s a little oily under makeup so I would have to use more powder on top. Also fragranced. I’ve switch to First Aid Beauty’s recently. WNR
  • First Aid Beauty hydration serum – Gosh, this might be my 2nd or 3rd bottle. I really like it, it’s a great step between a hydrating toner and my face cream. I mix it with Philosophy’s vitamin C powder and it’s perfect. WR
  • Hello Waffle cheesecake scented lotion – nice liquidy formula, sank in well and smelled amazing. It’s sad she discontinued her bath and body brand. WNR
  • Nourish Organic face cleanser – Slightly drying cleanser despite hydrating claims. Gentle and fragrance free, but not my cup of tea. WNR
  • Murad Acne face cleanser travel size – Slightly drying, very minty smell and feel. I can’t really speak to if it helped acne or not as I wasn’t very regular about using it. It was fine as a second cleanser in the evening to get off any last trace of makeup. WNR
  • Josie Maran light argan oil mini size – I like argan oil more for my body or hair than for my face. My facial skin seems to get cloggy easily with lot of oil use. This was similar to the regular Josie oil, I didn’t really notice a big difference. WNR
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – my second baby size! I really love this stuff. It’s smoothing and silky, and I don’t find it drying or acne-inducing. I think it makes my makeup apply well and it seems to brighten my face. WR
  • It’s A 10 Daily Conditioner deluxe sample – I have conditioners I prefer more. Like it was fine, but not quite hydrating enough for my dry wavy hair. WNR
  • La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluid – My go-to lightest weight moisturizer if I’m having bad skin days / reactions to other things. Simple but still good. WR {I do wish it was cheaper, for its simplicity. If it was at Ulta I would be ALL over it (those sweet, sweet points) but I do try to grab one from Dermstore whenever they have a sale.}
  • Dollar Shave Club repair serum – Why oh why did they change their formula?! This is the OG fragrance free serum, it’s wonderfully hydrating and amazingly cheap. Sadly the new one is too harsh for me. WNR
  • Too Face Hangover Primer sample – Eh, it was fine. It was tacky and slightly hydrating, but didn’t really make a good base for makeup. Just felt like a scented moisturizer to me. WNR
  • Paula’s Choice BHA 9 Sample – I think it worked better than a lower percentage BHA. It’s definitely a spot treatment only as it can be drying. Expensive for what it is though. WNR
  • Urban Decay Green Concealer sample – I like this one a lot. It’s super pigmented and what I usually do is apply it while my primer is still wet and sort of mix the two. It definitely works to correct warm toned redness. WR
  • Holy Snails Vitamin C serum sample – This one oxidized on me quicker than I would have liked. I think it’s fine, it didn’t hurt my skin or anything. I really prefer my powder vit C in my FAB serum nowadays. WNR
  • Savor Angelico body cream – Creamy coffee scent. Savor is not my favorite cream formula, it’s a little dry. WNR
  • Alchemic Muse Mango Tea body cream – Not my favorite scent, a dry mango kind of scent. A great value priced cream though, especially when you snag them on sale! WNR in this scent.
  • LippyDuDu’s Vanilla Butter Lip scrub – from a practically unheard of Etsy brand. I love all the lipbalms and scrubs I’ve gotten from them. WR
  • Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion toner – my second to last bottle of the OG formula 😦 It’s fine, it’s my favorite last cleansing step (makeup remover -> second cleanser -> this toner). It’s super gentle. WR


19 products, plus a handful of sample packets I didn’t list. Hurray for panned products! Now if only I could pan lipstick as fast….

How are your project pans going? Feel free to chat in the comments!



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