Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

Hello all! The end of May and April have been crazy busy, both in bad and good ways. I had an endless plague of computer and car problems, and I’m in the middle of moving to a new state (again!). So forgive my slow posts. I do plan on doing a combined April + May empties post later on this month!

Today I have a belated review of the Hello Waffle Visage from March!


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017



This was a very springy box, perfect for March.


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

There are four eyeshadows, one highlighter, one lipgloss, and a blush from the guest indie (Innocent & Twisted Alchemy).


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

The colors are very pastel, without being unwearable! I fully admit I was very worried when I saw these colors, and almost wished I hadn’t gotten this box, but I find these much more wearable than expected.

From left to right in the ABOVE photo:

  • The Fall (matte)
  • Four Score and More (matte)
  • An Unfortunate Egg (shimmer)
  • Horses and Men (shimmer)

Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

From left to right in the ABOVE photo:

  • Horses and Men (shimmer)
  • An Unfortunate Egg (shimmer)
  • Four Score and More (matte)
  • The Fall (matte)

With all the hubbub over the KVD Pastel Goth palette, I find this a fun way to try pastel shades without the commitment. I’m usually a very autumn type of girl: shimmery bronzes, coppers, golds… So these were outside my comfort zone, but I’ve been enjoying them as pops of colors on neutral eyes.


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017 – Don’t Sit On Walls

The lipgloss, Don’t Sit On Walls, is a sort of orange-y coral color, not fully opaque. It’s a little too orange-brown on my lips, but I know plenty of other people are really enjoying it.


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

The highlighter and blush are superb, as usual. Hello Waffle’s highlighters are my absolute favorite. Innocent & Twisted Alchemy is new to me, and I found the formula was very pigmented but blendable! The highlighter is Humpty Dumpty and the blush is King’s Horses.


Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

Left = indirect light, Right = direct light.

The blush is shimmery, but not in an overly glittery way. The highlighter is AMAZING. It’s kind of my perfect everyday nude sheen.

I really adored AFK Cosmetics’ highlighters. ADORED. So of course I was heart-broken when they shut down. I was never able to get a full size of the Pokemon Rainbow badge highlighter, which was my perfect everyday neutral shimmer. I have a lot of golden highlighters, so I liked having a more ‘nude’ one, that wasn’t a strong color.

Here’s a quick comparison swatch between AFK’s Rainbow and HW’s Humpty Dumpty.

HW-versus-AFKYou can see that they’re visually similar, at least in terms of shimmer level. AFK is more pink toned, but both are much more neutral than my fun colors or golden highlighters. I’m happy to have HW’s highlighter, since someday my tiny AFK sample bag will run out….



And here’s a blush comparison between a few favorites…

blush-comparisonThe top is the new Innocent & Twisted alchemy King’s Horses.

Middle is from HW February 2017 visage, Sweet Express. It’s one of my favorites on my skin tone.

Bottom is also a HW visage, (R for Robin Hood). It’s the blush Marion. I love it so much I got a back up!


On my particular skin tone, King’s Horses is a little too red-based for my tastes. I tend to favor nude/peachy blushes because it doesn’t look like “my face is just overheated” kind of color. If that makes any sense, haha.

This was a lovely spring box! Back in March it was rainy and grey and I didn’t quite appreciate it as much as I do today. Now that it’s hot and sunny, little pops of color on an otherwise nude face has been quite fun to wear. When it’s really hot, my brain doesn’t like doing complicated things, and I tend to favor a quick eye look and some bright lip color. I’m not very good at dealing with summer, haha, so anything to make my mornings easier.

Anyways, Hello Waffle was amazing as usual. I’m happy I subscribe to the Visage 🙂



3 thoughts on “Hello Waffle Visage Box March 2017

  1. stashy says:

    The eye shadow shade “Horses and Men” is so eyecatching even though it’s totally not my type of colour. Would make a nice colour for the center of the lid or inner corner.
    The Humpty Dumpty highlighter is gorgeous!
    I can’t deal with the summer heat either so I hear ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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