March Empties!

Huzzah, it’s time for another monthly empties round-up!


March Empties

And of course as of today April 7 a few more products that were holding on through all of March randomly finally emptied, haha. So at the end of April I’m hoping for even more empties! 🙂

My Reverse Rouge project is going really well. It’s interesting to see how I use up a very similar monetary amount of product each month. Unfortunately I’m still trying to wrangle my spending down to be equal to the money “used up” in empties, but it’s getting closer. The very end of March was insanely stressful at work and I did succumb to some Ulta beauty steals, but several of the blushes I bought arrived TOTALLY shattered and I’ve decided to just return, not exchange, so April will be back on track 😉 I’m definitely planning on taking advantage of Ulta’s hopeful 20% coupon and the Sephora Spring Sale, so I’ll be saving my $ for that.

Anyways, onwards we go!

WNR = would not repurchase // WR = would repurchase //  MR = maybe repurchase

  • Jack Black bodywash sample (not pictured) – CRAZY tingly minty. Wow. WNR
  • Paula’s Choice Moisture Boost – this is my second one. It’s hydrating and very creamy, slightly oily feeling. I’ll be needing a lighter moisturizer for summer, definitely. I can’t make up my mind about PC products. I feel like they’ve gotten more and more expensive over the years. I appreciate their good formulas and fragrance free, but I almost feel like it’s “maintenance mode” for my skin. Like it doesn’t HURT my skin, but I don’t see big improvements. I’ll be switching the First Aid Beauty moisturizer for a while (I already owned it, now I’ll be focused on panning it) and see if there’s any changes in my skin. MR
  • Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover – travel size, this is my second bottle. Weirdly this bottle leaks whereas the other one didn’t. It’s a perfectly fine remover, it works well and doesn’t hurt. It does feel kind of oily and I have to be careful to not over-saturate the cotton pad or else it might squoosh into my eyes when removing eye makeup. MR
  • Lancome Bifacil – I really liked this when I first got it; it works really well and it works great all over the face, not just eyes. Having switched to almost all fragrance free skincare, and then returning back to this product to pan it, WHOA it is highly fragranced. It doesn’t sting or anything, but the smell does linger. WNR
  • Nest Amazon Lily fragrance – I finished a fragrance! A small sample spray, but still! Fragrance is hard for me to finish since I own a variety that I rotate, so I’ll take my wins wherever I can get them. This is very strong to me, nice smelling, but strong. WNR
  • Cocoa Pink Creamscicle body scrub – This stuff is AMAZING. Spot-on creamsicle smell. It’s a foaming scrub, and was perfectly fine, I just have a lot of those already. I am totally wanting to purchase this scent in a body lotion now though… MR
  • Queen Bee Apothecary caramel macchiato body cream – new to me brand. Great smell, good texture, felt hydrating. The sample pot barely lasted a week for me, haha. I use a lot of lotion. WNR
  • Savannah Bee hand cream – I’m actually so mad about this product. This was in a gift set I bought from Target, since I had previously bought (and loved!) a Savannah Bee hand cream from my favorite tea store in Chicago. Since I have since moved from Chicago, I was so happy to see this in my new local Target and obviously bought it. This one was REALLY stiff and almost impossible to get out of the tube. It was also 60% air. I have no idea what happened. MR directly from source though.
  • Andalou eye serum – this product did not want to die on me. I spent a whole ‘nother month with it thinking “it’s almost done, right??” I bought the replacement tube ages ago since this one felt almost empty. There’s more in there than appears! It’s a nice serum, I don’t see obvious results, but my undereyes are really dry and this is great for prepping them before using concealer. WR
  • MAC cleanse oil – sample. Totally works, efficiently and effectively. I don’t like the fragrance though. WNR
  • Digital Nails clear top coat – this is my third bottle of this amazing stuff. Love it, won’t ever change it. WR
  • Neutrogena norwegian hand cream – feels like beeswax meets vaseline. Not a bad thing, just totally a night hand cream since it takes forever to melt in. WNR
  • Savor Dread Pirate Roberts body cream – one of their better scents, not too sweet or too “manly”. I still don’t find Savor moisturizing enough for me. WNR
  • Notoriously Morbid sample Slumber Salve – (chocolate pudding flavor, omg) Slumber Salve is super legit. Very moisturizing and great for a sleep balm. You’ll wake up with soft lips! MR
  • Notoriously Morbid marshmallow lip balm – I finished this one sooo fast because it’s insanely delicious. I want to immediately buy another of the marshmallow but I have ….a lot …..of other lipbalms to finish first (haha). WR
  • Koh Gen Doh aqua foundation 213 and 002 – I don’t normally include sample packets but I have been LOVING this foundation. It’s amazing on my drier skin type. I have yet to find a good match though 😦 213 is too dark but more neutral than 002. 213 with white mixer is a decent match. 002 is too peachy and too dark, but is still a bit peachy with white mixer. I’m hoping to find a match before the Sephora sale and then pick this up 🙂 MR
  • Southern Comforts balm (Sweater Weather scent) – I adore this scent. This balm is very hydrating and best used at night. I used it on heels, knees, elbows, and cuticles. It’s really great! I have another balm in a different scent to use up first but I might re-buy. MR

That’s all folks! Hopefully your March has been just as productive and your beginning of April full of sun!



2 thoughts on “March Empties!

  1. stashy says:

    The Andalou eye serum sounds good – I’m in the market for an eye serum.
    Notoriously Morbid marshmallow lip balm sounds divine… I love marshmallow anything.
    Awesome job on the empties!

    Liked by 1 person

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