February Empties & Reverse Rouge Update #2

Hurray its March! Springtime should be here soon and that means pretty flowers and lots of sunshine. I love fall the most, but spring is pretty dang awesome 😉

Today I have my February empties and a Reverse Rouge project update!


I finished 17 products this month, including sample packets not shown in this photo. The ‘used up product total’ was $105. Including January, my challenge total is $294 which is kind of eeek. I’m already almost at “VIB Vanquisher” level (use $350) and I definitely believe I can hit Reverse Rouge by the end of the year.

Its interesting and enlightening to me how much money I ‘use’ monthly. It’s about $150 a month so far, and I’m very curious to see if this will taper off (as I run out of half-finished products) or if this total stays high. It’s 99% skincare, which makes sense. But in tracking my spending, like many people, I spend more on makeup things than skincare. I would love to try the skincare in my wishlist but I’m waay more hesitant blind-buying things for my face than I am trying a new lipstick formula. It’s interesting to see where my spending goes versus what I use up regularly. I’m definitely going to focus anew on panning some more makeup sample just to help get through my stash.

Anyways, some short reviews! (Would Repurchase / Would Maybe Repurchase / Would Not Repurchase)

  • Dermalogica sunscreen sample – so insanely scented it irritated my face upon contact. I tried using it on my hands/arms but wowza this stuff is strongly perfumed. WNR
  • It Cosmetic undereye byebye medium – Insanely pigmented but also very thick. Best in tiny pinpoints rather than larger sections. I actually didn’t like it under my eyes. Medium is too dark, WNR but might try in light.
  • Paula’s Choice hair / body shampoo – Weirdly filmy. Thank goodness it’s only a sample.
  • Haus of Gloi Pumpkin butter – Elevenses – I am mourning this yet I am grateful to have lived with it while it lasted (#konmariphilosphy a bit there, haha). This was LITERALLY the very last Elevenses pumpkin butter ever produced. I know because HoG told me. This remains my fave scent by them and I am so sad they don’t make it anymore. WR
  • Paint Box SoapWorks Sorbetto scrub – marsh mud – Another LE scent! I’m hoping this one returns. Scrubby but not painful, foams up easily, smells amazing. WR
  • HolySnails Shark Sauce sample– Ah yes, the cult favorite Shark Sauce. It’s non-irritating, I think it’s hydrating. Not sure if 100% necessary or a replacement for my First Aid Beauty serum. I like the fact I can get FAB from ulta with my points… WMR
  • SilkNaturals Illuminating Powder – spotlight– Honestly shocked I finished a highlighter! It was just a tiny sample pot, but still! Lovely natural pink/gold glow. Shimmery but never glittery. SkinNaturals is super underrated. WNR
  • SilkNaturals HD Concealer – #1 – I have a bunch of these samples in various colors. Their cream concealer and foundation are totally amazing and need more attention! #1 is a tad too light for my main face, but okay undereye/highlighting. WNR
  • Korres greek yogurt cleansing cloths – Got these on sale at Sephora. Soft, gentle, non-irritating. Too expensive when not on sale thought. WNR
  • Pur D’Or argan oil – Got this BOGO on amazon a while ago. Rushed to use it up since it was smelling a little stale. It’s a perfectly fine product. More expensive than other things on the market now. WNR
  • Algenist Genius anti age serum – Point perk from Sephora, I grabbed two at the time 🙂 Nice non-irritating serum. I do see brightening effects when used regularly, but its insanely pricey. WNR
  • La Roche Posay Eau Micellar – Fancy name for micellar water, haha. Normal decent product, does what it says. Takes several pads to clean makeup off my face, but I also use many layers/durable foundation. Might be better for morning time. WNR
  • Almay eye makeup remover gentle pads – Tried and true product, I always have some on hand for lazily getting off makeup. Okay for longwear lipstick too! WR
  • Zoya nail polish remover – Another steady tried and true. I’m totally loyal to this stuff. I buy it in the HUGE containers and fill up my zoya pump bottle and/or this travel size when needed. WR
  • First Aid Beauty (FAB) face cleanser travel size – Wowza this lasted WAY longer than I expected! Decent non irritating formula, not great on lots of makeup. I use this as my second cleanse after an oil cleanser for makeup, or on no-makeup days when I feel like my face has gotten dirty/oily at the end of the day. WR

February was a short month and so there were definitely a few lingering products I know will be used up in early March. Can’t wait to make more progress!

Have you challenged yourself to use your stash? What motivates you to keep steady on your panning journey?



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