Hello Waffle February Visage (2017)

Hello all, I have a special post today! I recently received my very first Hello Waffle visage monthly box! It’s an indie makeup subscription and you can find Hello Waffle here.

I adore every single thing I’ve bought from them and I tend to pick up visage extras whenever they show up, so I took the plunge and finally subscribed to the monthly box πŸ™‚


Hello Waffle February Visage

It’s a perfect theme for the month of love: the poem She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. The colors were also romantic and spring-like. I loved them all!

Also I love how Christine wraps her packages for the Visage.


I have some swatches below. Forgive me for the messiness! I was swatching on my right arm with my left hand (non-dominant hand). I sprained my left wrist so I can’t swatch on that arm because of my brace :/

This box contains four eyeshadows, one blush, one liquid highlighter, one lipstick, and guest indie Brija supplied a cream wand lipstick.


Hello Waffle visage products: So Soft So Calm // Nameless Grace // She Walks in Beauty // Sweet Express

  • So Soft So Calm – liquid highlighter – I am OBSESSED with this. It’s a teeny bit too warm pink for my usual preference (it’s not super bright strobe-y on my skin) but it is the most natural gleam I’ve ever seen. It really does just look like healthy shining skin.
  • Nameless Grace – Brija cream wand lipstick – this is a little bit too light for my lips, but it is not at all concealer lips. It’s a springtime light mauve-pink. It’s very minty! I’m interested in trying a darker color from Brija now. I wonder if they’re all so minty though.
  • She Walks in Beauty – lipstick – I don’t see the described “violet sparkle”, but it’s a beautiful warm berry pink on me. There’s a hint of…. I want to say watermelon/coral about it that makes it unique to my lipstick stash. I love the HW lipstick formula soooo much; pigmented and long-lasting without sacrificing comfort.
  • Sweet Express – blush – holyschmoly I love this blush color. It’s a natural warm flush on my skin, with a hint of sparkle but nothing over the top.

Hello Waffle visage eyeshadows: Starry Skies // Innocent Love // Raven Tress // How Pure How Dear

  • Starry Skies – fairydust overshadow – Honestly I wore this as a normal shadow over HW’s Enchantment glue. Love it! It’s not too over the top insane glitter for an everyday look. It’s really soft and pretty.
  • Innocent Love – eyeshadow – glowy peach champagne – I love this more than any peach I already owned. It’s glowy without being unwearably gold on me. Sometimes bright yellow-golds look odd on my eyes, but this one is a softer peach gold and it’s really pretty in a halo eye.
  • Raven Tress – eyeshadow – Derp, I didn’t mean to swatch the matte shadows over Enchantment glue as well, but hey! It’s not too bad! It’s great smoked along the lash line or maybe a dark crease for a smoky eye.
  • How Pure How Dear – eyeshadow – again, totally didn’t need to put this over Enchantment. It appears much darker over the glue. This is a wonderful warm crease color. As usual, HW’s matte shadows blend like a dream!!

I also did a look with all of the visage minus the lipstick.


It was gloriously sunny yesterday and I couldn’t help but use the visage on this lovely spring day. Sadly you can barely see the blush and highlighter, but I promise it’s there and it’s pretty.

Also you can see the Brija lip wand is a little too light for me and it does settle into lines a bit. Perhaps a darker color wouldn’t as much.


The matte mauve in the crease, matte brown smoked along the lash line and deepening the crease, the shimmery peach/gold in the middle of the lid, sparkling purple-pink as a inner lid highlight and a little under the lower lashline.

And of course then I put on my glasses and it all disappears, haha.


That’s all folks!! For my first visage box, it was OUTTA THE PARK. I love every single thing in it! Next month’s clue does have me a bit worried it’ll be spring pastels or brights, which I look terrible in, but I guess that’s the joy of a subscription box! You’ll never know what you get.



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