January Empties & Reverse Rouge Update

Happy February and happy Friday! It is an especially happy friday for me. I got my laptop back!! The new hard drive means I lost the last few weeks of photos (Don’t be me, folks! Back up often! ) but I am so happy to have my laptop again. Today has been a great day so far since I can actually do my work on something other than a tiny phone screen 🙂

I have all my empties for January as well as an update on the Reverse Rouge project!


January empty products



So I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet for the Reverse Rouge challenge. That way I can easily see the list of things I used up, as well as the MSRP of each! For January we have:

La Roche Posay spring water spray
well kept screen wipes
Butter London cuticle oil
NARS foundation (Mont Blanc)
Hourglass Mineral Veil primer
Paula’s Choice Resist Dark Spot 2% BHA
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara
Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover
DHC Coenzyme q10 milk
Origins Super Spot Remover
blamtastic skins lip balm
The Body Shop cocoa butter lip care stick
Valhalla goat milk lotion
Alchemic Muse lotion (Pannetone)
Fortune Cookie Soap lotion (unscent)
Villainess lotion (Decadence)

The total MSRP of these items was about $180 !!! If I keep this up, I can easily hit Reverse Rouge. Granted, I obviously won’t have a NARS foundation in every month, but I do have a lot of skincare that are on their last 1/4 of bottles and such.

Into the reviews!

  • La Roche Posay spring water spray: a repeat purchase. Since I strongly dislike setting sprays with alcohol (which are….pretty much all of them) this one is a multipurpose spray that also helps take the powdery edge off. Yes, always re-buy (although I bought a different brand for trial from Ulta, so we’ll see!)
  • Well Kept screen wipes – I can get them from Sephora so they totally count as skincare right?? These are multipurpose and SO nice and easy to use on phone/computer/glasses/etc. They’re easy to throw in a cart when you need to bump up to free shipping or get a GWP. Yes, rebuy.
  • Butter London cuticle oil – It’s fine, not cutting edge. It dried up in the tube before I could finish it all. Would not rebuy.
  • NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc – I have no idea how I wore this color for so long. It’s totally way, way too pink and dark for me now. I think a few years ago I was not quite as good about daily sunscreen and I could get away with this. I didn’t feel like scraping the sides out since this is such a poor color on me. I did rebuy Sheer Glow in Siberia and it’s a much better color (still the most finnicky forumla in the world though) Maybe rebuy, still looking for HG foundation
  • Hourglass Mineral Veil primer – These point perk trial sizes made me fall in love with this primer. I cannot pinpoint why I like it so much. It’s smoothing and doesn’t dry out my skin, and it somehow makes it look more even & clear? Magic. Would rebuy.
  • Paula’s Choice Resist 2% BHA Dark Spot Treatment – I’m bad about routines and using things regularly, so I can’t say 100% for sure what this did. But I didn’t see any drastic changes in my skin tone. Would not rebuy.
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama travel size mascara – Wowza I love this stuff. Unexpected new favorite! It truly is dramatic. I used my Sephora points to grab another last time it was in the rewards bazaar 🙂 Would buy
  • Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover – So I actually used this as micellar water for my full face when I was in a pinch while travelling. And it was great! I continued to use it for my full face without adverse effects. Sephora just came out with their own line of micellar waters and I’m definitely interested in them. Ironically, the eye makeup remover has very similar ingredients except without all the extra fragrance the micellar waters seem to have. Maybe buy.
  • DHC Coenzyme Q10 Face milk – I didn’t find this super hydrating and it was sort of perpetually sticky. Would not rebuy.
  • Origins Super Spot Remover– Really strong tingling sensation whenever I used it. I used like 80% of the bottle and just didn’t care enough to pan it. Would not rebuy.
  • Blamtastic lip balm – Meh. Didn’t like the strong taste at all so I used it on my knees. Would not rebuy.
  • Body Shop cocoa butter lip care stick – Looove this stuff. This is my favorite mainstream balm. Would rebuy.
  • Valhalla goat milk body lotion in Seven Sins from Sunday – This is a good lightweight lotion option, better for summer than winter I think. One of the cheaper indie options I’ve found too! This scent isn’t as decadent as reviews made it sound, but perhaps it’s the format. The scent was very herbal on my skin. Would maybe buy in different scent.
  • Alchemic Muse body whip lotion in Pannetone – Good ol’ Alchemic Muse. Can’t complain about their lotion scents or great price. Would rebuy.
  • Fortune Cookie Soap body cream in unscented – I love their scents but picked up an unscented in case their scents were too strong for my skin when I first was trying them. No problems for me, so this one got tossed in my purse as a hand cream. Would rebuy in scents.
  • Villainess Body Whipped cream in Decadence – Pro-tip, Villainess is best fresh. When I first bought this (an embarrassing 10 months ago) it smelled great. I had a stupid huge stash of lotions I was trialling from various brands and this one got queued far back. It lost some of it’s deliciousness over the months but it was still an effective lotion. Very moisturizing, but on the expensive side. Maybe rebuy.

That’s all folks! It was a very productive month. I’m looking forward to panning more things in February. And a tip from me that I’ve started implementing ( a little too late, but oh well). I’ve made a written list of when I bought all my lotions/skincare and that way I know what’s oldest and should be used up first. I love collecting (…uhh maybe a little hoarding) deliciously scented lotions but I DEFINITELY need to use the oldest up first 🙂

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “January Empties & Reverse Rouge Update

  1. stashy says:

    Love the concept of the Reverse Rouge – great job on using up and tracking everything. 🙂
    I’ve been curious about that Nars Sheer Glow foundation – what makes it “the most finnicky formula in the world” though?

    Liked by 1 person

    • swatchlette says:

      I’ve seen a lot of reviews that had my experience with Sheer Glow so I think it’s one of those love/hate foundations. I personally cannot get it to look the same everyday. I think it’s very temperamental to the exact level of hydration of my skin that day, temperature outside, the color of the shirt I’m wearing… (lol).
      I’ve tried applying it the same exact way two days in a row and it always looks different.

      Most days I cannot get it to lay nicely on my skin. I do have dry skin, but even on days when I feel super hydrated and my skin is bouncy and well-moisturized, it seems to cling to invisible dry spots. I don’t really have a “pore problem” but this foundation makes pores obvious. And it doesn’t wear very well; usually by hour 3 or 4 it seems separating and a bit oily.

      But for every bad few days of foundation I’ll get one random day of it looking perfect, but I can’t ever quite recreate it, haha. I’m still playing with primers, powders, and setting sprays to find something that will make this foundation less temperamental.

      Some people have great luck with it, so I would definitely try a sample!


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