Monday blues

So my laptop has had a terrible hard drive failure today which sadly means I’ve lost a bunch of photos I was getting ready to post for this week’s lipstick round-up as well as some EOTDs. WordPress on mobile isn’t the best experience so I’ll be taking a short break as my laptop is being repaired.

I went to Ulta on my way back from dropping my laptop off for repairs (therapy shopping, am I right?). I totally fell in love with the new UD liquid vice lipsticks. I only purchased Backtalk, since I love that one in the vice cream formula. I’ve been wearing it for the last four hours and so far so good!


Urban Decay Vice liquid matte lipstick swatches

In this quick photo (window light) from left to right we have Trap Queen, Amulet, Trivial, and Backtalk. Most impressively this is after three hours of wear AND washing my hands with soap twice.  They really do leave a more thin ‘stain’ behind rather than a thick paint like application you get with some liquid mattes. These actually remind me a lot of Notoriously Morbid’s liquid lipsticks, for being thin and buildable, and thus more comfortable. I’ll review Backtalk later on when I have access to my laptop again. But I’m loving how it feels so far 🙂

TTYL for now!


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