Weekly Roundup : Jan. 15 – 22

So many lipsticks this week!! I’ve been really brutal about following the 100 Days of Lipstick challenge and taking photos, even when lighting isn’t ideal. Another one of my New Year’s resolutions was the idea of “finished, not perfect” across many aspects of my life. It’s useful for me to document my makeup looks, so even when the photos aren’t perfect I’m still posting them 🙂


kiko 611 autumn rose


maybelline neon red // nyx tea and cookies // bh sweet mango // MUR want to leave?


NYX tea and cookies comparison / dupes

For reference, here are some comparisons to NYX Tea & Cookies (which I strongly dislike and will talk about in a second). From L to R:

  • Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk
  • Clinique Lipstick + Primer in Sweet Pop
  • Butter London Moisture Matte in Toff
  • NYX liquid suede in Tea & Cookies

KVD lolita // KVD lolita with Notoriously Morbid kitsune


ABH Fudge // Shiro Baby Don’t Hurt me // Shiro custom gloss // Hello Waffle Estella

WHOOOO okay here we go with all the text and nonsense and feelings!

  • (7) Kiko velvet mat 611 Autumn Rose – it is a darn shame they discontinued this line of lipsticks. Not only is it a wonderful soft matte and superbly comfortable, it has the COOLEST container. It’s this holographic tube and it pops out of the other tube. Hard to explain but it makes me feel like a futuristic babe. Keep.
  • (8) Maybelline Colorsensational Neon Red – this is fire engine/stop light/ LOOK AT ME bright red. I literally haven’t touched in almost over a year. I just don’t gravitate towards colors like this, even in summer. Destash.
  • (9) BH Cosmetics Sweet Melon – Same as above; this one is slightly more orange/coral and less of a scream, but I find it too slippery and not a flattering color. Destash.
  • (10) Makeup Revolution Want to Leave? – Yes I do want to leave this color behind. Bright pink, a yellow pink rather than pastel. It’s not a terrible color on me, I just never wear it. Formula is drying on me. In this picture I’m wearing it over a bit of lipbalm because I just don’t like the draginess/dryness of the stick. Destash.
  • (11) NYX liquid suede Tea & Cookies – Nope. This is a white-based pastel type of pink and it ATROCIOUS on me. It’s significantly lighter than my natural lip color and just looks like a plasticky Barbie kind of color. Also it cracks on my lips and just looks really dry. If you look at the comparison, it doesn’t look THAT light, but it dries lighter than it swatches. The other similar colors I have all have saving graces: Toff is a smidge too light but the formula is amazing, Backtalk has a grey/purple edge to it and is darker, and Sweet Pop is creamy and buildable so I just use a light swipe for a springtime pink lip. Anyways, this NYX = no. Destash.
  • (12) KVD Lolita – I have no idea what batch this is. It came in the mini set of Sephora lipstick favorites last year so…uh… it’s the 2016 batch I guess? Anyways, it’s browner than this photo. It photographs better than I personally think it looks IRL. I’m not in love with it. It’s a Look for me; very 90s grunge kind of thing. When I wear it (rarely) the rest of my face & eye has to be a brown grungey look as well. I do like the formula and it’s a cult classic and it keeps squeaking by everytime I destash because it is useful to have on hand for comparison. My favorite way to wear it is with Notoriously Morbid’s Changeling Top Coat in Kitsune on top. Kitsune is a coppery pink shift and it really adds dimension and pink warmth to Lolita. Keep.
  • (13) Anastasia Fudge Lipgloss – Very brown on me, more so than photos. First image is one very painstakingly dabbed-on light coat. I like it at this thin opacity, but it’s a PAIN to get even at this level of lightness. Built up to full color it’s much too brown for my face. I do like the formula. It’s non-tacky and quite opaque. It’s very lipstick-y of a lipgloss. It stays on forever and is mildly hard to remove, but that’s good for longevity. Not my color though. Destash.
  • (14) For comparison, Shiro Baby Don’t Hurt Me lipgloss – This is similar deepness to ABH Fudge. It’s quite dark, and it’s a browned-out plum/purple gloss with shimmer. Don’t Hurt Me leans more plum/red-toned and that makes it more wearable for me even though I still find it just a bit ‘off’. I tend to mix it with my custom Shiro gloss which is redder and it helps pull Don’t Hurt Me into a more red-plum than grey-plum. Keep.
  • (15) Hello Waffle Estella – This is more pink than my memory serves. It’s about the same level of lightness as UD Backtalk (so, about my lip color), but more vibrant and a hair more pink. It’s actually a teeny bit more purple than this photo shows. It leaves a pink stain behind which is fine by me. HW’s lipsticks are so easy to wear. Super comfortable to the point where I totally forgot I had it on and got it all over my tea mug. Keep.

The end for now! I really went full-steam-ahead this week. I hope to keep it up for the next 85 days 🙂

Are you participating in any challenges this year? How are those going for you so far?



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