Two EOTDs / Color Challenge

Burning question: will I ever be able to take a good photo of my eye makeup?

Answer: lol no.

Despite somewhat potato photos (wtf is wrong with my camera) I have TWO new eyes of the day to show you! One is in my neutral sparkly comfort zone, and the other is a lean, mean, green machine 😉


green eyeshadow look

I love green and olives and limes and forests and emeralds…. you get the idea.
So I own quite a few pots of green shadow and yet hardly ever use them other than the occasional pop of eyeliner. So, following the spirit of my color challenge, here is a olive-y green eyeshadow look.

It was actually quite a glittery halo eye, despite the photos not capturing that.

  • Stila Bare (base/highlight)
  • Stila Puppy (crease)
  • Shiro He Who Must Not Be Named (crease/lid)
  • AFK I’m Not a Witch, I’m Your Wife (outer crease/lash line)
  • Hello Waffle Debussy (light green sparkle/glitter)

neutral winged liner eyeshadow look

And here’s something more ‘everyday’ for me. This was taken with the last ray of (grey) light at like 5 pm today. Oops! That last photo on the bottom is indoors bathroom light.

  • Stila Bare (base)
  • Catrice Vanillity Fair (brow)
  • Aromaleigh Freya (crease)
  • Hello Waffle Debussy (lower lash line)
  • Hello Waffle Son of Frigg (glitter halo)
  • Urban Decay Smog eyeliner

Fun thing about the UD liner: this was from the old line of them, the 24/7 Liquid eye liners that were TRAGICALLY discontinued. I may or may not own 90% of the colors, acquired in a panic when I heard they were discontinued. I really love them. They last forever and don’t smudge. They are quirky in the sense that to remove them they “roll” off in little balls, but I just use the Almay eye makeup remover pads on my eye and just sort of rub lightly to pick up the eyeliner bits. It comes off easy like that.

Anyways, Smog is a gorgeous olive/brown metallic. I really need to remember to use it more often! It’s lovely by itself too. It matches my hazel eyes nicely, hence why it’s my favorite color from the line.

So that was some of this week’s makeup! Well, at least the more complicated looks. The nothing-but-mascara looks aren’t worth a photo, haha. Stay tuned for my lipstick week roundup soon.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Two EOTDs / Color Challenge

    • swatchlette says:

      Yeah I’ve been trying to follow the ‘finished, not perfect’ kind of strategy. Since it’s useful for *me* to document EOTDs, I’m not getting super hung up if the photos aren’t 100% perfect 🙂


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