Halloween Makeup Roundup – Five Looks from The Wicked & The Divine Comic Book

Happy November 1 everyone! Halloween is my favorite holiday yet I found myself this year with no solid plans and no costume! So what’s a girl to do? Whip out her makeup collection and make an awesome Halloween face 🙂

This year I took inspiration from one of my favorite comic series, The Wicked & The Divine. The makeup and outfits on the characters are all so unique, detailed, and bold. I channeled four of my favorite characters to created five cool looks perfect for Halloween.


It’s not necessary to know the characters from this comic. I put inspiration photos of the characters next to each makeup look so you can get a sense of what I was going for 🙂

I also challenged myself to use solely indie makeup, mostly because I have so much but I don’t always reach for it!


WicDiv Lucifer makeup

The most subdued of the looks- Luci aka Lucifer.

  • Base – Urban Decay Naked Skin 0.5, Nars Chantilly concealer
  • Face – Shiro white chocolate frog (highlight), Pumpkin and Poppy OakBark and Life’s Entropy Proton (contour)
  • Eye – Silk naturals Bone (all over and brow bone), Geek Chic Far Over the Mountains Cold (eye base), Geek Chic Baby (the sooty black)
  • Lip – Silk naturals concealer n1 (lips), , Shiro Fire Rainbow Clouds lipgloss
  • Brow – Aromaleigh Brunhilde (brows)

This was the palest lip I’ve ever done, haha. I have rather pigmented lips naturally so I had to conceal them lightly in order to get that nude lip Luci has. This look was all about the smoky eyes, and I mixed the blue and black to get a more dimensional sooty look. I didn’t take a close-up photo of this one, my apologies!


WicDiv Amaterasu makeup

Amaterasu was so much fun to do! I’m all about the neutrals for eye looks, so using all this color was very new to me. This look 100% would not have been possible if not for Aromaleigh’s AMAZING satin bold colors. They’re on clearance right now and I cannot hype them enough! They’re beautiful!

  • Base is the same.
  • Face – AFK Holy Hand Grenade (highlighter)
  • Eye – Aromaleigh Draco, Doradus, Imago, Fornax; Notoriously Morbid Witch’s Briar; Hello Waffle Purride and Purrejudice; Shiro F@#$ Cancer
  • Lips – Aromaleigh Guise

WicDiv Sakhmet makeup

^ This first photo was taken before I realised I forgot the little eyebrows and falsies! I went back to add them.

Also please ignore the slightly falling-off falsies. Totally user error, because I wasn’t patient enough applying them 😛

Sakhmet is, if I remember correctly, loosely based on Rihanna’s looks. And I’ll be honest- this looks was awesome and I was really feelin’ it. I totally felt like a feline goddess. I actually rarely wear blush, but I’m digging how this warm-toned one looks one me, especially paired with a bronze eye.

  • Base is same
  • Face – Pumpkin and Poppy OakBark and Life’s Entropy Proton (contour), Hello Waffle Gangs of Mew York (blush/highlight), Hello Waffle Pud (contour/bronzer), Hello Waffle Marion (blush), AFK Holy Hand Grenade (all that golden glow)
  • Brows – Aromaleigh Brunhilde and a little bit of the sooty black that was left on my brush from the eyeliner (haha)
  • Eye – Aromaleigh Brunhilde on crease, blended out with AFK Eeveelution, eyeliner is Shiro Constant Vigilance mixed with Geek Chic Baby
  • Lips – Silk Naturals Eternal, Shiro There’s No Such Thing as Magic mixed in

WicDiv Morrigan makeup

Morrigan is kind of my favorite character. I really love her outfits and makeup. There’s this one black lace dress she wears that is accented with all these raven feathers…. Gorgeous!

This one was one of the easier looks, but it was still more difficult than anticipated! It’s hard to get a straight line over the curves of your face. I also wanted the black to be more dimensional so I first laid out the shape with a soft warm brown. I’m not sure if any of that translated, but it sure helped me slap that black on!

  • Base is the same
  • Face – Etherealle Stark (white powder) over most of the face
  • Eye – Geek Chic Baby (the black)
  • Lips are bare

There is an amazing artist, Kevin Wada, who did a variation drawing of the Morrigan that I adore. So of course I had to do that makeup too.


WicDiv Kevin Wada Morrigan makeup

  • Base is the same
  • Face – Etherealle Stark (white powder) over most of the face
  • Eye – Geek Chic Baby (the black), Geek Chic Mountains again to add the blue-ish shine, Hello Waffle Sluagh (glitter blue), Notoriously Morbid Bullet (to add shimmer dimension)
  • Lips are bare

I was really loving this look 😀


WicDiv Kevin Wada Morrigan makeup

There’s a sort of dark-Persephone / forest queen vibe to it as well! It was my favorite Halloween look of the bunch.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweens! Did you do any fun costumes or makeup? Feel free to share below in the comments.

xoxo Swatchlette


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