MAC Star Trek Collection – Swatches & Review

I procrastinated on packing for my move by playing with my beautiful new Star Trek x MAC collection. This may be some of my favorite makeup of all time and is definitely one of my best purchases of 2016. I cannot explain in words how much I love it…. so how about some pictures? 🙂


Star Trek MAC Makeup collection



My expectations for this collection were extremely high. I am a second generation Trekkie and it is one of my most beloved fandoms. I know it’s “just a show”, but Trek and the Trek fandom has done so much for me and I love it dearly. (I mean, I’ve gotten job opportunities from Trek fandom, I’ve made new life-long friends over Trek, etc. I could go on and on).

Anyways, I wanted this collection to live up to my high standards both as collector pieces and as wearable makeup.


MAC Star Trek Makeup Collection

I actually only bought two items in my first purchase, but I went back for a second order because (1) more swatches were coming out, and (2) I was deeply in love with what I bought.


MAC Star Trek Makeup Collection – eyeshadows, Trip the Light powder, lipglass, lipstick, nail polish

I ended up buying:

  • pressed pigment in To Boldly Go
  • pressed pigment in The Naked Time
  • Trip the Light powder in Luna Luster
  • lipglass in Set to Stun
  • lipstick in Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • nail polish in Enterprise

I also bought a backup of the lipstick for myself (more on that in a bit) and a second Enterprise nail polish that I am giving to a friend.


MAC Star Trek makeup collection packaging

A lot of people are complaining about the plain packaging and I do sort of agree. I think the cases could be colorful and bolder, and thus more like the show. The bright silver on the black is pretty cool though, and my little vanity display of all my Trek things (right next to my commemorative 50th Anniversary pin of course) looks really good together.

Personally I like the packaging, and I know if they did specialty packaging the prices would be much higher so I’m totally okay with this range as it is.


MAC Star Trek – Trip the Light powder Luna Luster

This powder is gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a neutral and/or pink highlighter that was more natural for my everyday looks. I actually wear fun colors like blue and lilac quite often, but I oddly didn’t own anything more neutral.

This powder is a really lovely, slightly metallic neutral pink. It is lustrous and can be built up to full shiny glowing strength.


MAC Star Trek – Trip the Light powder Luna Luster swatch

The swatch is 2-3 swipes, lightly applied with my finger, in natural daylight. It’s in between those two arrows. For reference, I’m about NC10. I really love how it’s a glowy neutral shimmer, something my highlighter wardrobe was lacking.


MAC Star Trek pressed pigments – The Naked Time, To Boldly Go

These are actually my first pressed pigments from MAC. I actually don’t have that much MAC at all. I have about 5 lipsticks (can’t remember exactly, oops) and two eyeshadows, Vex and Copperplate. These pigments are new to me, but I couldn’t resist the names or the colors.


MAC Star Trek – pressed pigments To Boldly Go and The Naked Time; and Trip the Light powder in Luna Luster

To Boldy Go is one swipe, The Naked Time is two.

Both are exactly what I hoped they would be. TBG is a really dimensional warm copper. It’s almost too warm for me, but the sparkle really brightens it up and it’s an amazing color for fall. TNT is my utterly perfect lazy-day lid color now. I’ve been searching everywhere (mainstream and indie) for a light neutral shimmery color for those mornings when I have five minutes to get ready and I slept like crap (so most days, lol). This color is really flattering on my skin and brightens up my eyes. It also can be paired with anything. It’s a perfect easy-to-wear color.


MAC Star Trek pressed pigments, To Boldly Go and The Naked Time

They’re super pigmented.


MAC Star Trek nail polish in Enterprise

The nail polish is inspired by the original Silver Lady, the Enterprise ship. So gloriously silver. I actually don’t own a true silver polish yet, so of course I picked this one up.

This photo is after a week of wear, and no obvious chips yet on the silver polish!

(Ignore my other nails; I was swatching various thing that day. For those curious, top most nail is KB Shimmer Orchid-ing Me, the gold is OPI Goldfinger, silver is MAC Enterprise)


MAC Star Trek lipglass in Set to Stun and lipstick in Where No Man Has Gone Before

And last but not least at all, the lipglass and lipstick. My first MAC lipglass actually! I’ve been so worried about them being too sticky (as per most reviews) but either the formula is different here or I just don’t mind the tackiness as much as others. This lipglass was really comfortable to wear and my lips never awkwardly stuck together while talking, or other lipgloss woes.

Another fear of mine was calmed too. I have a really bad track record with glitter lipglosses or lipsticks being super hard to remove. I always end up with glitter that stays behind and gets all over my face. This lipglass had a little of that issue, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected!


MAC Star Trek makeup collection swatches (from Left to Right): lipglass in Set to Stun / lipstick in Where No Man Has Gone Before / pressed pigment in To Boldy Go / pressed pigment in The Naked Time / Trip the Light powder in Luna Luster

Set to Stun is an amazing color. It’s silver but also not really? There’s a warm, almost taupe-y tinge to it and I find that it’s surprisingly neutral and really beautiful to wear by itself too.

Where No Man Has Gone Before may be my favorite neutral lipstick of all time now. It’s a slightly pinker MLBB on me, with a lovely golden shimmer. It’s almost rose gold, but not metallic or frosty at all. It’s gorgeous and I’ve been wearing it daily since I’ve gotten it! I went ahead and bought a backup because I genuinely see myself using this one up. It’s incredibly flattering, non-drying, and neutral enough for warm or cool toned looks. I just love it dearly.

I highly, highly recommend buying some of the makeup from this collection if you like wearable colors or if you’re a Trekkie. The other colors I didn’t review are some of the fun ones, like the green and blue eyeshadows or the bolder lips. I love what I picked up and I bought the more neutral ones on purpose. I wanted the Trek makeup (duh) but I also wanted something I would genuinely wear and use. I’m really happy with my purchase!

I think anyone, nerd or not, should pick up the lipstick. It really is a gorgeous and unique color.


Anyways guys, I have a van packed full and a new destination to move to, so goodbye for now and see you soon (when I have internet again! haha)

xoxo Swatchlette




2 thoughts on “MAC Star Trek Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. stashy says:

    I’m so tempted to get something from this collection! I’m not a Trekkie per se but I was forced to watch a lot of Star Trek with my sister. 😛 I saw swatches of all the Trip the Light powders and the shade Highly Illogical is calling my name. And now I’m really liking how the pressed pigment in To Boldly Go! Argh, I’m on a no buy this month! o_O


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