Liebster Award

{EDIT: This was supposed to be published like four days ago yet accidentally ended up in my drafts. Oops!}

I am so happy that the amazing Bella nominated me for the Liebster Award! I love doing these tags and getting to know other blogs too. I’ll be answering the questions below~

Also! I’ll be taking an itty bitty pause from this blog for a bit. I somehow used up all my image storage for wordpress already (!?!) and despite deleting a bunch of older pics, wordpress isn’t allowing me to upload anything new. I need to take a little time to see if I really want to drop the $$$ to pay for a wordpress upgrade. I love makeup and I love blogging, but it’s kind of a lot of money to drop on a ‘hobby’ blog, especially right now when I’m saving every $ so I can (hopefully) move to a new coast this summer.

Ackk- didn’t mean to get all serious on you guys, but it’s just something I’ve been pondering lately and I don’t have a good answer / solution yet. I would appreciate any thoughts people have, especially those that made the jump to the annual wordpress fee!

ANYWAYS! Onwards to the Q&A and more fun things!!


(thank goodness I had this pic uploaded from the last time I did this tag!)

  1. What are the top five things you use every day in your makeup bag? Well first off I don’t have a makeup bag, lol. I do all my makeup from my vanity and don’t carry it with me. But! I always use foundation (trying to pan my stupid Nars Sheer Glow right now), powder (usually Korres), lip balm (Epically Epic), concealer (Sephora Bright Future Serum), and uhh well everything else depends on the day! Lipstick / blush/ highlighter / eyeshadow is pretty much different every day.
  2. What is your favorite quote? This is hard. I have a bunch of favorites on my wall, on my phone, my computer background…. etc. I love quotes. Current favorite is Lauren Bacall: “I am not a has been, I am a will be”. Bacall was an amazing woman.
  3. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Black jeggings, Steve Madden black boots, tank with cool graphic quote on it, and oversize cardigan. Utter comfort.
  4. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go? Currently I really want to go to Harry Potter World Orlando! But if I’m dreaming far, I want to go to the UK again. I really want to go literally everywhere; tour the whole country!
  5. Where would you like to be in five years? Preferably living in a different area, in a chic but messy home-y apartment, with an awesome dog and my small business expanded to the point where I can pay for an assistant! 😀
  6. What do you like to do to unwind? Take baths with fancy bathbombs, read, watch Netflix.
  7. If you could be any animal what would you be? Cat, definitely a cat. They get to sleep all day!
  8. If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night what would you eat? Oooh, tough one. If calories don’t exist, then California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza (I only ever get this when I visit my good friend in CA, so I have so many good memories associated with this pizza. Hopefully eating it everyday wouldn’t ruin it, haha)
  9. What is your favorite makeup brand (or fashion, if you’re not into makeup) and why? Fashion couture would be McQueen and Elie Saab. Makeup would be… gosh… maybe Femme Fatale for indie and Urban Decay for mainstream? Tough choice.
  10. If you could switch places with someone for a day who would you choose and why?  I have one friend of a friend who (through years of hard work, obviously) is now costume designing for a show on Broadway and that is just SO COOL to me! I would love to be in her shoes for a day and see what that feels like.
  11. Why did you start blogging? Because I have so many things I wanted to swatch and share with everyone!


I’m tagging anyone who wants to participate! I love seeing people’s answers 🙂

Your questions:

  1. Favorite time of day?
  2. Favorite season?
  3. In terms of trends, would you call yourself an innovator, late adopter, laggard, or you just don’t care about trends?  
  4. Favorite perfume scent(s)?
  5. Would you rather have no phone or have no internet?

Thanks for reading and answering questions ❤

xoxo Swatchlette





4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    I love your answers to these questions! Harry Potter World is truly amazing. I got to ho last year and I wouldn’t mind just moving in basically.
    I also love your pick for your wardrobe. I would totally wear that outfit for the rest of my life if I could!
    I upgraded my blog to the cheap paid version. I think it’s $26 a year, gives me own domain name and slightly more storage. WordPress oddly still counts this as “free”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bella Bee says:

    Yay I’m glad you wrote this! I feel like I would wear that same outfit as well hah.
    I didn’t know you had to eventually pay for wordpress.. Is that because you’re photo storage is full? How do you know how much it holds? Does the amount of post count as well?


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