AFK Crazy Random Happenstance Collection Swatches

Happy weekend everyone! I have a huge collection of eyeshadows, as you all know, so I have a backlog of swatches to post. I love swatching my whole collection and sharing it with you lovely people 🙂

Today I have AFK Cosmetics’s Crazy Random Happenstance Collection. Unlike the Princess Bride collection that I previously reviewed, this is in their general catalogue and can purchased at any time!


AFK Crazy Random Happenstance

This collection is inspired by Dr. Horrible, which was this musical web blog/mini series thing a few years back. It has quite a cult fan following. I remember liking it when it came out (I have a soft spot for Neil Patrick Harris) but it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, so I only understand like 80% of the references in this collection, haha.


AFK Cosmetics Crazy Random Happenstance collection swatches

I bought the whole sample a few months back because I couldn’t pick which colors I wanted. Story of my life!


AFK Cosmetics Crazy Random Happenstance collection swatches

(List is the swatches from LEFT to RIGHT)


AFK Cosmetics swatches (from top to bottom) – Freeze Ray // I Love the Air // Wonderflonium

Freeze ray could technically be used as a shadow as well as an intended facial highlighter. It’s pretty sheer but sticky primer helps it build up.

I forgot how nice Air is! I’m a sucker for metallic blues even though I rarely wear them.

Wonderflonium too; I don’t wear green often but this one is a gorgeous spring green.


AFK Cosmetics swatches (from top to bottom) – Lacy Gently Wafting Curtains // We Do the Weird Stuff // Evil League of Evil

Lacy Curtains is supposed to be a blush. It does sheer out to a flushed rusty coral kind of color. It’s not the most flattering on my cool tones, but it makes for a good blush for those who like coral!

We Do the Weird stuff is a sister to Lacy Curtains. It is more glittery, a bit darker and redder in color. It’s almost a metallic gold orange pink. I find it more glitter-metallic than “pearly”. Pearly makes me think of satin finish and this isn’t quite.

Evil League of Evil I love. You can see I bought a full size of this one! It’s a neutral brown with some mauve tones. It’s great on my eyes and dark enough without being too dark. I find dark browns hard to wear, but this one is easy! The strong metallic sheen is awesome too.


AFK Cosmetics swatches (from top to bottom) – We Do the Weird Stuff // Evil League of Evil // Terrible Death Whinny // And These are Not the Hammer

Terrible Death Whinny is a gorgeous rich chocolate brown with multi colored sparkles. Swatching it reminds me I need to use this more! It’s a lovely rich color.

And These are Not the Hammer would be an awesome liner. I haven’t tried it yet, but the gold sparkles (way more prominent in person) add a fun touch to the opaque black base.


Favorites are obvious: Evil League of Evil is a great everyday neutral brown, Death Whinny is just plush and rich, and I Love the Air is a great metallic blue.

I suggest picking up samples if you’re curious! You get plenty in the baggie for many uses. I’d like their facebook page too; they sometimes have sales and post about them there.

Even if these colors don’t appeal to you, check out their site for more. The owner at AFK is one of the sweetest owners I’ve talked to and is very friendly and eager to help her customers. She answered my questions about products and combined shipping on my orders in a very prompt manner. A+++ indie customer service.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

xoxo Swatchlette



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