February Empties! (and a belated “I Hate Monday” post)

So this was supposed to go up yesterday (Monday) but my camera was kaput and not working. Same camera issues today, so the photos are slightly potato iPhone quality. But! This is a double whammy fun post: my February empties as well as my “I Hate Mondays” destash post 🙂


February empty products

There’s a bunch this month and I FINISHED AN EYESHADOW. Like WHOA!!! I am majorly patting myself on the back for this. It’s so hard to do, haha.


February empty products and products I HATE

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lotion 2 oz – Yet again I finished one of these. I can’t use scented lotions on my arms (Especially in winter. My skin rebels against that and gets all dry and sad) so I tend to use this on my arms and my scented indies on my body. I think the cream version is better than the lotion but I adore these pouches! It makes it so easy to get every last drop. Would I buy it again? I pick these up whenever I travel / it’s on sale.
  2. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara travel size – I really enjoyed this mascara! It pumps up my lashes and makes them look thick and ~sexxy~. This mascara gives a sort of instagram sexy look to my eyes, not sure how else to describe it, haha. I don’t need length for my lashes but I love thickness, so this was a great mascara. I think this mascara benefits from being slightly drier than when first opened. Would I buy it again? In mini size, sure! But I can usually snag these with Sephora points.
  3. Lavanilla Deodorant in Vanilla travel size – Oddly did not smell that good. Not really vanilla… like vanilla powder deodorant? It’s clearly a scented deordorant smell. This container was annoying; I had to throw it out before it was technically finished because it broke towards the end and refused to stay attached to the wind up function. Would I buy it again? Nahhh
  4. Sixteen92 Hand & Body Lotion in Pumpkin Apple & Fig – Hello there delicious smelling lotions. I go through 1692 lotions waaaay faster than other indies because of their more liquid texture. I prefer body butters this time of year and my skin eats through the moisture of these slippy creams way too fast. Nice fall spicy scent though. Would I buy it again? Not this scent.
  5. Sixteen92 Hand & Body Lotion in Maple Pecan Shortbread – DELICIOUS. I can forgive the lighter texture in this one because it smells AMAZING. I kept sniffing myself because I smelled like warm shortbread brownies almost. Super delicious and pretty long lasting scent. Would I buy it again? Maybe in this scent.
  6. Alchemic Muse Foaming Body Scrub in Zombee – I really love AM’s scrubs! You can take a pinch and rub it over what you want to scrub (like elbows or knees) and then take a loofah and that pinch multiplies into enough fluffy soap subs to cover your whole body. I love this magic transformation. Would I buy it again? I already have a bunch more of these!
  7. Cocoa Pink Voluptuous Body Butter in Smash Pumpkins 0.5 oz mini – Free sample with purchase. This is a thicker body butter with a slightly oily look but it dries quickly. Nice spicy pumpkin pie scent too. I like this, but not as much as their other body butter, Coco Mango Butter. Would I buy it again? Nope.
  8. Essie Luxe Effects nail polish Shine of the Times – This is an oooold polish, and it’s super goopy now. I could save it with some polish rejuvenator thinner stuff, but it SMELLS SO BAD. It’s super strong and made my eyes water. BYEEeee. Would I buy it again? Haha, I already have a backup of this shade so technically yes!
  9. Stila eyeshadow (from the Masterpiece eye mini palette, no idea of the color name since I depotted it) – I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. It is possible to finish an eyeshadow! Granted this was a mini and it had shattered a little during depotting, but you know what?? I’m still giving myself credit. Feels great to know it only takes…… a year…… to finish a half-pan size shadow (lol).

(This is the palette it’s from)


Products I HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION (which is nice, because the weather is icy storms here so some burning passion is warming me up right now!)

  1. Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter – Weirdest grainy thick texture that didn’t actually feel moisturizing. And I hate dipping my fingers in pots. I tried using it as cuticle cream but I couldn’t even finish it that way. Ugh, BYE.
  2. Sephora Rouge Infusion #19 Peony – Decent color, but irreparably patchy. These are also a one way ticket to the Sahara Desert for your lips.
  3. Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics lipstick in Shea – I tried, I did. I love this brand but hate this lipstick. Dry and stiff like a board.
  4. Sonia Kashuk Ultra Luxe Lip gloss in Blushing Rose – Welcome to Goopland, USA. Oh Sonia, you make great things but this was not one of them. Super sticky, but I guess it was nicely opaque and bright??
  5. Bare Minerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheer in Pink Pulse and Cherry Beat – These make me glare at them bitterly. Such potential! Such nice sheer color! TERRIBLE taste and horribly drying. Glad to finally toss them.


The end! What an interesting month of products. I have a few stragglers that are holding on for a while longer (looking at you, last 1/4 inch of NARS concealer) so hopefully those will all be done in March!

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo Swatchlette


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