Birds of a Feather: Rose Gold & Gold Eyeshadow Swatch Fest

Happy Saturday! Sorry for the accidental week of absence. I was totally knocked out by a nasty winter virus and was basically useless for a week. I’m feeling better now though, yay!

I have a long Saturday Swatchfest post for you, aka more of my Birds of a Feather series! Today it’s my many, many rose gold shadows and a few more metallic shades thrown in.


rose gold eyeshadows

I have a lot of rose gold eyeshadows. These are just my indie ones but I have a bunch of pressed mainstream ones as well, like Stila and Inglot. My loose indies are a bigger source of rose golds though, since I have so many.


indie rose gold eyeshadows

I’ve been wanting to swatch all these eyeshadows for a while, since the best way to not buy a dupe is to know what colors you already have!



Yeah they barely fit on one arm. You can see that they’re mostly rose golds and then I spun off into more gold-golds. I guess you could call this all my metallic warm shades. I do organize my shadows by color, so these were all the ones in the same storage section. Past this spectrum, it goes into neutral bronzes and browns, which is a post for another day 🙂


It’s a mix of brands, but I do have a lot of Hello Waffle. They just have so many rose golds!


Rose Gold eyeshadows: Hello Waffle Fey, 23, Lumps, Mendelssohn, and Fanciful // AFK As You Wish // Mad Lab Blush Gold

Here is a close-up angled photo to show how some of these shades have a glimmery shift to them. Fey especially has this gold sheen that really shows up when the light hits it.


Rose Gold eyeshadows: Hello Waffle Fey, 23, Lumps, Mendelssohn, Fanciful, and Candlelight // AFK As You Wish // Mad Lab Blush Gold

  • Hello Waffle Fey – shimmering golden apricot with rosy undertone
  • Hello Waffle 23 – Rose gold shimmer, more on the rosy side
  • AFK Cosmetics As You Wish – metallic gold orange
  • Mad Lab Cosmetics Blush Gold – Blush Gold is a delicate peach with a gold shift
  • Hello Waffle Lumps – Peachy-pink shimmer with subtle purple sparks (RIS)
  • Hello Waffle Mendelssohn – Light pink with golden sheen 
  • Hello Waffle Fanciful – A warm pink with peachy glow.

Rose gold eyeshadows: Hello Waffle Fanciful, Candlelight, Centerpiece // Dark Matter Makeup Emmy // Silk Naturals Torrent, Sandwich // Femme Fatale Royal Tarts // Shiro Genius Billionaire

  • Hello Waffle Candlelit – A true metallic rose gold.
  • Dark Matter Makeup Emmy – metallic true rose gold.
  • Femme Fatale Royal Tarts – A washed out mauve-rose base which can lean grey, and orange shimmer.
  • Silk Naturals Torrent – pinkish golden copper with a satiny metallic finish. Compare to Urban Decay Trick
  • Hello Waffle Centerpiece – A rosy bronze with chunky bronze and gold reflects.
  • Silk Naturals Sandwich – (no description found, GWP) golden copper

Silk Naturals Torrent, Sandwich // Shiro Genius Billionaire // Rascal Squab // Aromaleigh Lagertha, Animus // AFK Second Law


Aromaleigh Lagertha, Animus, Guise, Ihuaivulu // Mad Lab Random Acts of Makeup // AFK Second Law // GeekChic Antequarian

  • Shiro Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist – Metallic copper-tinted gold with a subtle red shift
  • Rascal Cosmetics Squab – A light beige with strong shift to green.
  • Aromaleigh Lagertha – deep, smooth copper with a very intense chrome effect of chartreuse, green, and gold.
  • AFK Cosmetics Second Law – bright golden bronze, it is a metallic satin
  • Aromaleigh Animus – rich amber gold
  • Geek Chic Antequarian – Glowing copper on a charcoal base with gold iridescence and sparkle
  • Aromaleigh Ihuaivulu – warm midtone brown frost with a very strong and vibrant red to purple duochrome
  • Aromaleigh Guise – light metallic gold, slight green tone
  • Mad Lab Cosmetics Random Acts of Makeup – ultra-rich rosy-bronze taupe that shifts purple under certain lights, all topped with a shimmery finish


Hello Waffle Fey and 23 are often talked about as being similar, and that’s true. People call one or the other their “HG” rose gold. I personally think I prefer Fey, because that extra gold sheen is really special. Other than that, they’re similar base shades.

As You Wish is more metallic than Fanciful, a hair darker and warmer than Lumps. It’s almost a more neutral peachier color than some of these rose golds.

Blush Gold is a similar tone to Fey and 23, but it’s more one-dimensional. It’s a satin metallic rather than a super shiny metallic.

Mendelssohn is more neutral as well; it’s more of a champagne rose pink.

Fanciful is as described; it’s one of the more truer pinks in this bunch. The gold is more of an addition that comes out with sticky primer. The gold sheen makes it somewhat similar to Candlelit but that one is a truer metallic all the way through. Candlelit is less warm than Fey, but is warmer than Lumps.

Emmy is a darker pink gold, especially compared to some of the brighter rose golds. It’s a coppery pink rose gold. Darker than Fanciful, more pink than Torrent or Sandwich.

Royal Tarts is super special. Easily a top pick from this whole bunch. Less of a metallic rose gold, it’s a greyed pink base with a strong peach-gold shift. Femme Fatale shadows are super easy to work with too.

Centerpiece and Sandwich are almost exactly the same. On the eyelids they’re indistinguishable. The only difference is Centerpiece has these sparks of copper glitter that pop from the base metallic shade. Torrent is a shade darker and more copper.

Genius Billionaire is orange metallic and Squab is not beige (ha) but more of a light yellow gold with an interesting green sheen.

Second Law is a hair darker and bronzer than Torrent or Sandwich.

Lagertha is much richer and a shade darker and warmer than Second Law. There’s a richness to Lagertha that isn’t quite an “intense chrome effect” but it’s multidimensional and doesn’t seem just like a singular metallic copper.

Animus is a browner bronze and totally out of the warm/rose copper range. Guise as well is a rich metallic old-gold and not warm.

If Random Acts of Makeup and Ihuaivulu had a baby, it would be Antequarian. Random Acts is more purple/mauve but it’s similar to Antequarian in satin texture. I actually combined these two samples into one jar (I hate those baggies, haha). Ihuaivulu is more of a rosy brown than anything with a strong shift.

Officially going to destash Candlelit (I have a pressed version too, lol), Sandwich, Blush Gold, Second Law, and Ihuaivulu.
Maybe destash Torrent, Fanciful, and Lumps.

I’m being really brutal with my collection because I quite literally have enough eyeshadow to last me a whole lifetime, and I’d rather only keep the colors I either use often or bring me the most joy.

If you had to get only a few from this bunch, I highly recommend Royal Tarts, Fey, Mendelssohn, and Lagertha.

I hope this massive rose gold comparison is helpful to you! Let me know if there’s any rose golds you think I should try from brands I haven’t yet, or perhaps if you want a closer look at a single shade!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette




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