Birds of a Feather : MLBB Lipstick Swatch fest

So, if you haven’t heard by now, MAC just released an “exclusive” shade called So Select for their ‘select’ members. Aka MAC really wants people to sign up for their new rewards program by tempting you in with a special lipstick. It’s genius marketing and the color definitely has me, a MLBB lover, especially interested. It’s described as a dusty rose, and HELLLOOO that’s one of my favorite things ever.

1) I’m on a lipstick no-buy because I already have quite a lot
2) it looks pretty darn dupable
3) honestly, it might not look good on me at all (it looks too warm/terracotta)

In the spirit of reminding myself what MLBBs I already own and which ones I love more than this mystery So Select color, I’ve swatched ALL my MLBB lipsticks, from My Lips But Peacher, to My Lips But Mauve-r. Welcome to Birds of a Feather: MLBB edition!


MLBB lipstick comparisons

The So Select color already has a bunch of swatches online. I’ve found a collection of swatches on IG and reddit, and a quick internet search will lead you to more.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 1.57.36 PM

MAC So Select swatches; via #soselect on instagram

I know for a fact that I already own some dupes to MAC Mehr (thank you Temptalia dupe list) so the fact that So Select is basically a more-raisin colored Mehr makes me think I probably already have a dupe.

I’m still tempted…..
but then I look at all the MLBBs I already own. 2015 was the year of me trying a million lipsticks to find “the one true MLBB” only to realize it probably doesn’t exist. I like rotating colors, so trying to find just one “perfect” MLBB was silly. I like darker MLBBs in fall, and pinker ones in spring. That’s two right there. I like matte and creamy and liquid lipsticks.. so trying to find one-size-fits-all never works well with me.


my MLBB lipstick pile


MLBB lipstick swatches

I actually ran out of arm room, so this above picture is missing another six colors!

I describe the range as My Lips But Peacher, to My Lips But Mauve-r. The beginning of the spectrum are the more coral/peachy MLBBs that lean warm on my lips and are more of a peachy nude. The end of the spectrum are mauve-r and darker MLBBs, and are some of my preferred favorites especially this time of year.


MLBB lipstick swatches & comparisons

  • Eddie Funkhouser Innuendo – A little too light for my skintone; orange-y peach. Actually a hair lighter than Model Citizen although it’s hard to tell. Although it’s not old (a year-ish) there’s already some odd crystallization on the lipstick. DESTASH
  • Eddie Funkhouser Model Citizen – I like the formula but not really the color. Peach seems hard to do when my lips lean more cool-tone and mauve. This one is going in my “to think about” pile, and if I don’t reach for it in the next few weeks, it’s outta here. MAYBE KEEP.
  • NARS Rikugen – The Sephora birthday present! I actually love this one. Slightly shimmer, translucent, flattering peach pink. KEEP
  • MUFE N9 (Copper Pink) – Another Sephora present, except from last year. Gahhh I keep trying to pan it but it lasts forever. Slightly too warm toned for a lot of the eye looks I do (I love me some purple and cool taupes) but it’s okay for warm looks. I rarely reach for it though. MAYBE KEEP.
  • ColourPop Brink – Stupid thing broke last time I did a swatch post 😦 I dislike the color on me (too brown) so you know what?? I’m going to destash this thing that brings me annoyance when I look at it. DESTASH
  • Ulta Pink Chocolate – I like it but I don’t love it. It’s slightly grey on me. It’s a cool desaturated pink and it’s unique in my collection but the grey tone requires a certain eye and cheek look to tie it together. Not sure about this one. MAYBE KEEP
  • Sephora Pantone Marsala – I love this packaging. The sleek square container is so cool and is like 75% I like this lipstick. I used to dislike the color on me (too warm, too brown) but I’ve expanded my cheek colors and have a warmer toned blush that looks okay with it. KEEP

MLBB lipstick swatches & comparison

  • Sonia Kashuk Blossomy Nude – The Sonia lip crayons are such a great drugstore item. Well, Target item. Frickin’ love these. I own four I think, and it’s hard to resist more. The formula is a slightly powdery matte but it’s non-drying and great color. This one is a good springtime rusty pink. KEEP
  • ColourPop Contempo – My love, Contempo! See how much cooler and pinker it is compared to all the others in this picture? Yeah, that’s why I love it. Looks much more natural on my face. KEEP
  • Kiko Velvet Mat 611 Autumn Pink – A new acquisition! The packaging is this epic futuristic holographic container and part of why I really wanted a lipstick from this line. This one is about the same darkness as Marsala, but cooler and pinker, so it’s more flattering. It’s nice in the autumn, like the name says! KEEP
  • Rimmel London Kate 08 – This one is somewhat sentimental. I befriended someone in the makeup aisle of Ulta and we got to talking about the hard search for MLBBs and she recommended this one. It’s a slightly glimmery copper pink. It’s more muted and cooler than Autumn Pink, and warmer than Estella. I dislike the Rimmel flavor but this one dissipates after a while. KEEP
  • Hello Waffle Estella – I LOVE THIS ONE. It took a lot of willpower to resist buying a backup since this was a limited edition collection from Black Friday. But, my experience with indie lipsticks especially, is that that get weird / expire before I finish one. Muted neutral pink, not too much brown, and a dash of plum. A great color. KEEP
  • Butter London Teddy Boy (Bloody Brilliant crayon) – Moisturizing and glossy without being sticky. Another coppery pink. Surprisingly opaque for it’s glossiness. I hope to pan it this summer, since it’s a crayon style. KEEP
  • Notoriously Morbid Mystic Matte Juju – Warm pink with great lasting power. I can’t wait to wear this one when it’s not 30 degrees and snowy here! KEEP

MLBB lipsticks swatches & comparison

  • L’oreal Infallible Tender Berry – Long lasting considering it’s a lighter color. Somewhat powdery matte finish and doesn’t wear off totally evenly, but I really enjoy the color. The muted cooler pink is flattering. MAYBE KEEP
  • Bésame Dusty Rose – I love anything Bésame does. This is an ultra-pigmented flattering darker rose. This one REALLY looks like MAC’s So Select in swatches. KEEP
  • Too Faced Cinnamon Kiss – Midtone warmer pink. I love the flavor of these lipsticks. Does anyone know what it is? It’s just delicious. Warmer than Tender Berry, lighter than Craving, really similar to Fiend but a lighter texture. KEEP
  • Urban Decay Fiend – I like this formula more than UD’s Naked (which is sitting in my destash pile) but it’s still ‘heavier’ than some of my other lipsticks. Still slightly too warm to be a natural MLBB but it’s a nice darker MLBB pink. KEEP for now
  • Edward Bess Night Romance – I got swept up in Sephora sales, I admit. I blind bought this when it was discontinued from Sephora. It’s almost exactly MAC Craving, except Bess’s lipsticks are strongly perfumed. DESTASH
  • MAC Craving – I bought this instead of Plumful… still not sure if I made the right choice (lol). It’s a warm, darker MLBB. It’s definitely more mauve and rich than a “nude” MLBB. I like it though. It’s a good change from a red lip, while still being bold. Good for work. KEEP
  • Clinique Plum Pop – Love my Pop line of lipsticks! I own too many, but I still love them. Lightweight, easy to wear texture. Creamy but lasts a good 5-6 hours. Cooler toned and a hair lighter than Craving. KEEP

MLBB lipstick swatches and comparisons

  • NYX Liquid Suede Tea & Cookies – This is the only Liquid Suede I still own. The rest I gave away to a friend. I might get yelled at for this but I hate these. They never dry down, they’re smudgey and slippery, and I cannot for the life of me get it to look even on my lips. This color is the only one I sort of could make manageable but it’s still living halfway in my destash pile. MAYBE DESTASH
  • Butter London Toff (moisture matte) – I love BL’s lip products. For a nail polish brand, their cosmetics are amazing! Cooler and pinker than Tea & Cookies; lighter than pretty much any of these other lipsticks. It’s great in spring. KEEP
  • ColourPop Clueless – Guess what Clueless? I’m breaking up with you! I love the color, LOVE THE COLOR, but oh my god my lips look so dehydrated and old. I’ve tried a million balms and potions and lotions, but I can’t stop this from cracking on me. Honestly, I’m so done with ColourPop. DESTASH
  • Kiss My Sass Glamping – Stiff dryer texture (like I get with a lot of indies) but a fantastic color. A darker take on a MLBB. I love it? It’s kinda sultry. Alsooo it’s similar to my beloved Centerfold! KEEP
  • Buxom Centerfold – Sweet Buxom, you miniature lipstick love. I’m currently trying to pan it, and it’s the messiest endeavor. These minis bend and break like crazy in their packaging and get smudged all over. I might give up on it and just toss it half-panned, but the color is flattering and creamy. It’s a perfect everyday color. It’s a hair cooler than Glamping and glossier. KEEP-ish
  • Too Faced Melted Fig – I kinda forgot I owned this, even though it took me multiple tries to snag it in the height of it’s popularity last year. Flattering muted plummy purple. I love it and should use it more often! KEEP

Oh, and for posterity’s sake, take a gander at Centerfold versus Glamping.
Glamping is on the top lip, Centerfold on the bottom.


Buxom Centerfold versus Kiss My Sass Glamping

Glamping is a hair warmer and less glossy and Centerfold is a bit more plum, but other than that from a distance they’re pretty close! I’m happy about this, since my Centerfold is on it’s last legs.


I would like you guys to know my hands are suffering from typing this all out, lol.
It was extremely informative for me and you know what? I no longer desire that So Select color. It’s just a marketing ploy, and a dupable one at that.

I hope you find this as interesting as I did!

xoxo Swatchlette


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