Indie Spotlight : Mad Lab Cosmetics

Today I have an indie brand that I’ve been meaning to review for a while. I actually bought these colors a few months ago when I was really getting into trying various indie brands and I hadn’t reviewed them here yet. But now I will! Welcome to Mad Lab Cosmetics.


Mad Lab Cosmetics


I was enticed to try their brand when I saw their gemstone inspired collection. I have a mild obsession with opals (they’re my birthstone as well as being SUPER PRETTY) and I really wanted to try their opal eyeshadows. I also have a well-known soft spot for rose golds.


Mad Lab Cosmetics – indie eyeshadows

I purchased two full size eyeshadows (Pink Opal and Blush Gold) and a sample set. I also received a couple samples as freebies. The follow descriptions are from the website:

  • Pink Opaltranslucent pinky-cream that transforms into pink-purple fire with subtle green sparks
  • Blush GoldBlush Gold is a delicate peach with a gold shift
  • Diamondtranslucent veneer of pure white sparkles
  • White Opalbright translucent white that bursts with a subtle green duochrome
  • Pearlpale cream with a satin/matte finish that provides all the subtlety of a matte finish with the elegance of the finest pearl
  • Astral Radiance: light dusty rose with a matte finish and an overlay of purple and blue iridescence
  • Random Acts of Makeupultra-rich rosy-bronze taupe that shifts purple under certain lights, all topped with a shimmery finish
  • Hidden TreasureBright golden sparkle over a matte sea-glass green
  • Rebecca’s Black Friday: sheer dark purple with pink undertones and a blue shift
  • Sweetest Sirensmedium lilac with pink tones and a bright teal sparkle

I found most of the color descriptions pretty dang accurate. The full site descriptions are well-written and definitely make the eyeshadows sound luxurious and amazing, which shows the brand knows how to write good copy. In general, consumers should focus on the descriptions (as I posted above) and less on the longer stories about the gemstones. Although informative (and good for brand aesthetic) the one sentence descriptions are the true meat of the story. I find this is true for most brands (indie perfumes- I’m looking at you!)


Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows: (from L to R) Sweetest Sirens // Rebecca’s Black Friday // Hidden Treasure // Random Acts of Makeup // Astral Radiance // Pearl // White Opal // Diamond // Blush Gold // Pink Opal

The silkiness of the eyeshadow powder really made them glow  in photographs.


Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows: (from L to R) Sweetest Sirens // Rebecca’s Black Friday // Hidden Treasure // Random Acts of Makeup // Astral Radiance // Pearl


(With flash) Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows: (from L to R) Sweetest Sirens // Rebecca’s Black Friday // Hidden Treasure // Random Acts of Makeup // Astral Radiance // Pearl

Using flash helps bring out the glitter inside some of the shades, in particular the three on the left.

  • Sweetest Sirens: One of my favorites. It’s a very springtime lilac and the turquoise shift is pretty bold especially over sticky primer.
  • Rebecca’s Black Friday: Medium-dark jewel tone purple with hidden shimmer. Primarily just a nice jeweltone.
  • Hidden Treasure: Pastel minty green with really pretty gold shimmer. A fun pop of color.
  • Random Acts of Makeup: Kind of hard to get the shift to show in photos but it’s sort of there IRL. It is subtle though. Rosy-bronze is a good description of this.
  • Astral Radiance: Actually my favorite of the bunch and I’m considering getting a full size deluxe! I love this as a blush/highlighter combo on my cheeks. It’s a really flattering twist on a nude tone blush.

Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows: (from L to R) Hidden Treasure // Random Acts of Makeup // Astral Radiance // Pearl // White Opal // Diamond


Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows: (from bottom to top) White Opal // Diamond // Blush Gold // Pink Opal

  • Pearl: Another surprise favorite. It’s a gorgeous silky cream color. The texture of this feels super silky and looks amazing all over the lid. It’s brightening and shimmery without being flashy.
  • White Opal: A silky sister to Pearl, this is a green-yellow toned cream. This shadow has a really nice sheen and texture.
  • Diamond: Holy glitter Batman! This one is straight up Elsa in terms of ice princess quality. It would be a fun overshadow or super glittery highlight.
  • Blush Gold: As described, it’s a pinky rose gold. It’s a pretty accurate rendition of rose gold, since it has obvious warm pink tones rather than copper.
  • Pink Opal: I 100% agree with the site description about this one being translucent. It’s a really nice overshadow especially when I accidentally make a smoky eye too smoky (haha). I don’t see too much color shift, but the shimmer itself its multi-dimensional.

Overall the shadows are all some of the ‘thinnest’, finely milled ones in my collection. Here I don’t mean ‘thin’ as bad. There’s a satin/silky thing going on with all the colors and I can only attribute it to them using a very fine powder in their shadows. They all feel ‘soft’, although I found that many of the lighter shades needed more layers to really seem opaque.

I do strongly wish there were sifters available in the full jars. Only the deluxe jars (at a high price point) contain sifters. I’m a clumsy person and working with the jars is always a little anxiety inducing because I have to be careful not to spill any or grab too much on my brush at once. People who hate sifters will like these though!

Ironically, as much as I like the full size colors that I blind-bought, I found that Pearl and Astral Radiance are surprise favorites. Pink Opal is a good workhorse though, especially for brightening an eye look. Blush Gold is great for those looking for a true rose gold.

I hope this was informative for those curious about Mad Lab Cosmetics! Do any of the colors catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below.

xoxo Swatchlette


P.S. Mad Lab just came out with a collection inspired by ZOOLANDER! I’m really curious about these, so if you’ve bought any do share!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.31.08 PM

Mad Lab Cosmetics – Zoolander collection


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