Indie Lipsticks – AFK Cosmetics X-Men Collection

It’s the first weekend in February so what better way to celebrate than a lipstick swatch post! These are from indie brand AFK Cosmetics, a brand that is easily in my top 5 cosmetics brands 🙂


AFK Cosmetics – X-Men Lipsticks

There are eight lipsticks in the Mutants Collection, aka a collection inspired by X-Men characters. Of the eight, I own five.


AFK Cosmetics lipsticks – Child of Limbo // Chère // My Own Best Friend // Make Your Own Door // I’m a Bloody Ninja

  • Child of Limbo – Inspired by Magik – A beautiful bright cherry red balm with a glossy finish.
  • Chère – Inspired by Gambit – bright fuchsia balm features small pink microglitter.
  • My Own Best Friend – Inspired by Emma Frost – A soft super feminine pink balm with an icy white/blue sheen. 
  • Make Your Own Door – Inspired by Shadowcat – A romantic dusty lavender purple balm with pink undertones and a slightly glossy finish
  • I’m a Bloody Ninja! – Inspired by Psylocke – A seductive purple based red balm with an ever so slight glossy tint, perfect for late night ninja missions.
afk arm swatch.png

AFK Mutant lipsticks (from L to R): Bloody Ninja // Make Your Own Door // Child of Limbo // Chère // My Own Best Friend

All AFK Cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan. This collection is especially cool because of the unique label art!


AFK Cosmetics – My Own Best Friend lipstick


AFK Cosmetics – My Own Best Friend lipstick

This one is very accurate to description; it’s a sheer baby pink with a strong silver overlay. It isn’t gritty from the shimmer at all. This one has a 60s vibe to it with the frosty sheen!


AFK Cosmetics – Chère lipstick


AFK Cosmetics – Chère lipstick

My personal favorite and not just because I love Gambit. This one is a super easy to wear bright mauve (fuschia leaning MLBB? It’s neutral but also a pop) with fun added pink glitter. I wouldn’t call it bright but it seems like a very fall/winter deep pink. This is one of the stiffer balms in the collection but it’s still easy to apply and wear.


AFK Cosmetics – Make Your Own Door lipstick


AFK Cosmetics – Make Your Own Door lipstick

This one was an interesting one. It’s almost duo-chrome like (despite a description that doesn’t mention it), with a shifty kind of glossy sheen over a dusty purple. My lips are quite pink so on me this really cancelled out my pink and turned grey-purple. Not bad, but it’s definitely a very specific look. This one was slightly patchy, but easily smoothed out with a quick finger swipe over your lips.

I don’t own it, but this color reminds me of ColourPop Wet, with it’s almost purple gunmetal kind of sheen.


AFK Cosmetics – Child of Limbo lipstick


AFK Cosmetics – Child of Limbo lipstick

This one was the nicest texture! Super easy to apply in one swipe and most moisturizing feeling. Gorgeous popsicle red color too.


AFK Cosmetics – I’m a Bloody Ninja lipstick


AFK Cosmetics – I’m a Bloody Ninja lipstick (applied lightly like a stain)


AFK Cosmetics – I’m a Bloody Ninja lipstick (applied heavily)

This is the sexiest gothiest lipstick color I own now. I feel like a mega badass biker chick, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the confidence to wear it at it’s full opacity in public. Soft, moisturizing balm too.

Overall I was very happy with my AFK lipstick haul. Chère is the easiest color for me to wear and Child of Limbo is a second favorite with a nice warm cherry color.

The label art is really cool and I purposely didn’t tear off all the safety plastic seal in order to keep some over the label and preserve the art longer.

One big tip I have: screw the lipsticks DOWN before capping them! I might be accidentally hulking out or something, but I find that when I squeeze and pull the caps off, I keep nicking chunks off the edges of the lipsticks. So don’t be me! Be careful taking the caps on and off.

Have your purchased anything from AFK Cosmetics before? Do you have any tips on how to wear bold or unusual lipstick colors? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend!
xoxo Swatchlette




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