January Empty Products

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is well-caffeinated and having a good beginning to their week. It’s that time of the month again, aka a round-up of all the empty products from January and my reviews of them! This was a very, very interesting month.


So there was a load of stuff since I’ve been focused on finishing up all my half-started lotions and what not. Also, I’ve been deep cleaning and found some products that aren’t necessarily empty but definitely needed to be discarded.


January empty products

  1. War Paint Beauty Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in pink – This and the next few glitter items were recently unearthed in my makeup bag that I save for Halloween/special parties/etc. All of them were blegh and separated or evaporated so goodbye to them! Not 100% an empty, but definitely needs to be gone. Will not repurchase.
  2. Jemma Kidd glitter mascara/liners in Diamante (silver), Sequin (navy), Rhinestone (black). – These were from Target back when mine still carried Jemma Kidd. The wand, being a combo of a eyelash comb and liner on the end, was genius and these made great party looks. Mildly sad they’re all evaporated now. Will not repurchase.
  3. Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping in Periwinkle – Why do I have this? I think I went through a glitter phase. I knocked out some and did a pretty glitter manicure but ehh, too messy to keep using. Will not repurchase.
  4. Madison Street Beauty Peppermint Lip Balm – Finally finished this one! No idea why it takes me so long to finish a balm when I’m someone who is constantly reapplying them like crazy (when I’m not wearing lipstick that is.) I like this one but it’s not really anything to write home about. It’s good, but not perfect. I prefer Epically Epic’s. Will not repurchase.
  5. Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover All Bright – This was a makeup removing liquid rather than my usual creams. It works really well, even on long-last lipstick, but I prefer my creamier eye makeup removers. This one didn’t sting by eyes at all, so that’s always a plus! Will not repurchase.
  6. MDSolarSciences Crème Mineral Beauty Balm SPF50 in Light/Medium – Oh my gosh I miss this one already. This was a mini from a Sephora BB cream sampler bag. The texture was wonderfully soft and the color actually matched well. Also SPF50, that’s amazing! It was a great primer under foundation too. Once I finish up my MiracleSkin Transformer cream (which has a similar soft mousse-y texture) I am definitely buying this one. Will repurchase.
  7. Too Faced Born This Way in Vanilla – Way, way too yellow for my cool skin, but I do like the texture. It really looks nice and natural on the skin, but it didn’t quite last a full work day for me. Maybe with some experimentation with finishing powders/sprays it’ll be 100%. I still love my UD Naked Skin more though, especially color wise. Will not repurchase.
  8. TokyoMilk Tainted Love handcream – I love this smell so much. I have yet to buy a full size of the perfume because I have 1.5 rollerballs of it to use first! Already repurchased (during the holidays there was another cheap mini hand cream + scent duo, so I snagged it).
  9. Garden of Wisdom Encapsulated Glacier Water Hydrating Gel – Some fellow super-sensitive skincare friends on reddit suggested GoW for their natural products. Still not 100% what this is or if it helped. I guess it didn’t hurt, so that’s a plus? Will not repurchase.
  10. Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick dry topcoat – Besides being a clever name, this is 100% my favorite top coat. Already repurchased in a larger size.
  11. Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig triple moisture body cream – Triple moist it is not (at least for my dry winter skin) but I do love the smell. I’m finding that B&BW are more expensive (unless on a big sale) and less hydrating than indie lotions, so I’ve moved on. Will not repurchase.
  12. Aveeno Skin Relief 24hr Moisturizing Lotion – This is my ride-or-die everyday lotion. Especially good if I’m feeling itchy/sensitive that day. Always repurchase.
  13. Alchemic Muse Sweet Potato Body Whip – I saved the best for last. I LOVE THIS STUFF. The only reason I’m semi-okay with it being empty, is that I already bought a bigger size of it. I might get a back up. This stuff smells amazing; a non-spicy marshmallow sweet potato pie. Also AM’s body whip is moisturizing and never greasy. Win-win. Already repurchased.

The take away this month is 1) I love AM’s lotions SO MUCH and 2) You’ll be surprised what glitter is hiding in your closet.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette




3 thoughts on “January Empty Products

    • swatchlette says:

      I have a ridiculous amount of AM lotions. They’re one of the cheapest price per oz indie lotions so I tend to always pick up a few scents with every release. And then sometimes they have sales on last season’s scents and it’s as cheap as $5 for 6oz and I stock up, haha. They’re really good at gourmand scents so I rec those especially.

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