Indie Spotlight – Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a fun Friday. I know I’m looking forward to the weekend! Today I have another indie brand spotlight for you, this time on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. They’re a relatively well-established cosmetics and bath brand, and they have a monthly subscription service too called Lip Addicts Anonymous. I purchased a variety of things from them a few months ago and now I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing them 🙂


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

I also bought some of their perfumes, although these are not pictured.


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

I purchased many samples the first time around and after receiving my order (really quickly!) I went back for a full size lipstick from my favorite of the samples.


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics lip products – Sultry , Romance, Boudoir, Spellbound

  • Sultry lip tint – mauve, light berry (Grand Mariner and apricot flavor) A neutral, slightly darker MLBB color.
  • Boudoir lip tint – berry with a hint of golden glow (peppermint flavor) Darker and a hint more red than Sultry, but I don’t see much of a ‘glow’. Both the lip tints are tints; they have buildable coverage.
  • Romance lip glaze – red with a golden sheen (peppermint flavor) A very rich, sexy red.
  • Spellbound lip glaze – vibrant magenta (pinky purple) with gold sparkles (peppermint flavor) Just as described, it’s a vibrant color and the brightness overwhelms the sparkle a bit, but the shimmer is still there.
  • Glamping – I seem to have lost my close up photo of this one, but it’s the black slimline tube in the main photo above – dusty rose MLBB (pink frosting flavor) This one is a shade darker than my natural lips and is a perfect MLBB especially in fall and winter.

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics lip products (from L to R) – Spellbound // Romance // Boudoir // Sultry // Glamping

Many of the products come in peppermint flavor and I actually dislike it. My lips are pretty sensitive to strong tingling flavors, so strong peppermint oil and cinnamon are usually no-gos. The flavor does dissipate after a while, but it’s still super strong. You might be able to request a different flavor but I haven’t personally tried.

Glamping, being labelled a lipstick not a lip tint, has the most opacity in one swipe. The lip tints are nice for easygoing buildable coverage.


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics lip products – Codex lip glaze


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

Codex lip glaze is a very fun product! It has a MLBB mauve base with a load of shifting turquoise / blue / purple sparkles. It’s bold and bright without being strongly colored. Once when I wore it out, I had a friend say it looked “alien”, haha, but I really like it! It can be applied sheerly for an overall wash of shine or built up to full bold metallic.


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics eye products


Kiss My Sass Cosmetics eye products (from L to R): Playful (a blush) // Red Velvet // Aurora // Spellbound // Shady // Fireside Glow // Sweet Dreams

  • Playful (blush) – deep orange/coral with a slight gold sheen – Rusty orange with a subtle gold sheen. This is very much not a good blush color for me, but it is nicely pigmented and would be good for someone else.
  • Red Velvet – burgundy with red gold sheen. This one looks like it is no longer sold, so I’m not sure what the official description is, but it’s an opaque rich burgundy.
  • Aurora – lilac with an intense turquoise shimmer that shifts to blue & violet in different lighting (frost – heavy sheen) – Over glitter glue there is a bright shift that is more blue than violet. This is a frosty pastel lilac.
  • Shady – (also seems to be discontinued) An odd kind of color, but a nice one. The base is a warm grey, almost brown. It has a strong brighter green sheen over a sticky base. This is the warmer and less purple cousin to Spellbound.
  • Spellbound – muted gray/mauve/purple with green sheen – A dusky grey purple with a strong green glow over a sticky base. Unusual and pretty.
  • Fireside Glow – gray with a copper sheen & copper sparkles – A nice cool matte grey base with a warm copper glow. As I mentioned before, it’s similar to Hello Waffle’s Purrian Grey.
  • Sweet Dreams – matte muted smoky purple – Almost a darker version of the base of Spellbound. A good crease color.

Kiss My Sass shadows: (from bottom to top) Aurora // Shady // Spellbound // Fireside Glow

Here is a close up shot to really highlight the shift in these shadows.

Overall I think KMS is a high quality brand at reasonable prices. Full size lip tints are only $6, lipsticks are $9, lip glazes are $10, and full size eyeshadows are $8-$10. She also has highlighters and bronzers, and more that I haven’t tried. There are definitely some fun unique colors as well as neutrals and MLBBs. Samples are in the $2 range, which might be more than some other indies, but you get a lot in the baggies, honestly enough to last me a couple months at least.

Favorites are Spellbound (eyeshadow), Sweet Dreams (such a workhorse), Glamping, Codex, and Boudoir.

Have you tried any KMS products? What are your favorites?

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette




3 thoughts on “Indie Spotlight – Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    Holy crap is Codex gorgeous or what! I really like the KMS lip glaze formula. It’s so comfortable! I also think that KMS has some really great quality eyeshadows. Some of them don’t even require a primer! I need all of those gray mauve shades with the blue sparkle…

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