Indie Spotlight: Corvus Cosmetics

Hello and happy Wednesday readers! Today I have a new indie spotlight for you. I’ll be reviewing a selection of eyeshadows from Corvus Cosmetics, a relatively new brand with a focus on themes of literature, mythology, and tarot cards!


Corvus Cosmetics

I first heard about Corvus when they had their mermaid inspired collection this summer and the blue-green color Siren really caught my eye! I saw it used in a look by a blogger (I’ve forgotten who, sorry!) and I loved it, so I went on to research swatches and buy many pretty things from the brand.

They have themes that fit their brand look and name; most recently the collections Nevermore (inspired by Poe) and Major Arcana (inspired by tarot cards).


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows

I picked up the majority of these colors in August/September with the exception of the newer Nevermore colors. The most recent (as in this week-recent) Major Arcana collection looks really beautiful too, so I recommend checking out this brand if that theme is up your alley.


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows (from L to R): Scimitar // Loch Ness Monster // Morgen // Siren // Bluebeard // BS with a Body Count

(The italicized description is taken from the website. Overall I found them very accurate)

  • Scimitar : A metallic silver with a red shift. If you look at the bottom of the swatch you can see the pinky red shift coming through. I think it is more obvious in person.
  • Loch Ness Monster : A dark ocean-blue with a strong turquoise shift. I think this is more of a murky purple-blue with a teal shift. It is lovely foiled as a liner.
  • Morgen : A dark purple with strong silver shimmer. Yup, that’s pretty accurate. I like that this is a dusty medium-dark purple and not a super rich dark purple; it makes it more wearable.
  • Siren : A dark ocean blue with a strong purple shift. The swatch is not as good as it could be; I will be experimenting between my three (!!!) types of sticky primers to find a good way to bring out the purple. It is there! It’s kind of hidden in the bottom of the swatch.
  • Bluebeard :  velvety navy blue. That sums it up well! It has an easy to work with plush texture and rich jewel tone.
  • BS with a Body Count : A gray toned blue-purple with a strong green shift. I really like this one. It’s an unusual color and relatively easy to pull out that pretty shift.

Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows (indirect light; from L to R): Thalia // The Thirteenth Gift // Mami Wata // Swamp Ape // Gingerbread Haus // Taphophobia

^ Slightly blurred swatches in indirect lighting in order to show off their shifts and sparkles.


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows (direct light; from L to R): Thalia // The Thirteenth Gift // Mami Wata // Swamp Ape // Gingerbread Haus // Taphophobia

  • Thalia : A pastel lavender shade with a slight shimmer. Very pale, almost white-pink on me. It’s pretty and would be a lovely highlight shade.
  • The Thirteenth Gift : A coral pink with a gold shift. This is an unusual color for me, what with my love of taupe and soft golds. This is a fun bright coral with an obvious gold shift. Lovely!
  • Mami Wata : A dark coppery red with a gold shift and color shifting red-pink glitter. This is a moody, rusty red with such beautiful shimmer to it. It also has one of the best textures to it. So velvety!
  • Swamp Ape: A dark brown with a strong green shift. Just as described. This performs best with a sticky primer to bring out the shift.
  • Gingerbread Haus : A matte tan with a complex indigo-purple-red shift. Tans tend to read as a dark, warm mustard on my skin tone so this is one of my least favorite shades only because it looks so odd on my eyes! It would be great for warmer tones though, or anyone who likes unusual colors.
  • Taphophobia : A deep chocolate brown with a subtle violet shimmer. Exactly as described. A neutral with a twist.

Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows


Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadows (from Top to Bottom): Thalia // Atargatis // Old Fashioned // Lady Ligeia

  • Atargatis : A light gray with color shifting green-gold glitter. Blind-bought a full size of this one and I really love it. I think I’m just accepting my fate as a neutral-with-a-twist hoarder, haha. This one is really lovely all over the lid.
  • Old Fashioned : A warm toned cream transition shade. This is a perfect workhorse shade. For me it’s a great base shade / blending shade / lazy-day all over shade. The slight peach tones help brighten the eye.
  • Lady Ligeia : A pale cool-toned ivory matte. An accurate description. It’s a bit more yellow and grey-cast than Old Fashioned. It’s a pale dusty ivory color.


I’ve collected quite a few colors from Corvus already and I’ve greatly enjoyed their offerings. I think they have a good mix of staple and workhorse colors, as well as fun eyeshadows for those who aren’t afraid of colors.

The Merewif collection (the mermaid inspired one) includes a few of the above mentioned eyeshadows: Atargatis, Mami Wata, Morgen, and Siren. This collection is currently on sale so I strongly recommend grabbing your favorite shades.

Overall my favorites are Atargatis, Old Fashioned, Thirteenth Gift, and BS with a Body Count. But I did not find any duds in the bunch; all the shadows are well blended and easy to work with.

I hope you enjoyed this indie spotlight! Have you tried Corvus vbfore? Have any of these shades caught your attention? Let me know in the comments below.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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