Inglot Eyeshadow Collection Swatches!

Happy Monday! Today I have a reader-requested post: all my Inglot eyeshadows swatched! I have a pretty sizable collection considering I didn’t even mean to collect all these, haha 🙂 They have beautiful colors and the temptation to catch em’ all is strong. All of my Inglot was purchased from Beautylish, whose website I strongly recommend.


Inglot eyeshadow collection


This is going to be a fun, picture heavy post! Inglot is one of those brands that is a cult-favorite yet there aren’t a lot of swatches online, so I am more than happy to provide swatches! I know it would have helped me with my purchases to see a variety of more swatches online.


Inglot eyeshadow collection

I have two Inglot 5-pan palettes. These are very nice study magnet palettes that are tested travel-proof. For convenience’s sake, I depotted some of my shadows from the 5-pans into a large Z-palette along with my other neutral single eyeshadows. The ones left in the 5-pans are more for special events / smoky eye looks.


Inglot eyeshadow collection: mattes, pearls and AMC

There are several different formulations of Inglot eyeshadows. I own mostly mattes (M) which are buttery and smooth pressed mattes, pearls (P) which is one of my favorites since they’re shimmery without fallout, and AMC shines that have a bit more depth and sparkle than the pearls.


Inglot eyeshadows: 444 P, 376 M, 434 P, 451 P

The palettes really are awesome. The plastic is strong and sleek, and the magnets are powerful so there’s no eyeshadow accidents!


Inglot eyeshadows: 344 M, 47 AMC, 439 P

These are my fun colors. Just look at that blue and purple!


Inglot eyeshadows: 47 AMC, 428 P, 439 P

Now on to the many, many swatches!


Inglot eyeshadow swatches (from L to R): 376 M, 339 M, 358 M, 344 M, 352 M

  • 352M is basically my skin tone, slightly peacher. It’s very light and it’s a great base shade for my ~Nc10/15 skin.
  • 344M is a warm tan brown matte shade, great for the crease.
  • 358M is a cooler taupe brown shade, also good for the crease.
  • 339M is a dusty warm grey, almost like a greyed out brown
  • 376M is a sooty brown-black, with a neutral grey tinge.

Inglot eyeshadow swatches (from top to bottom): 376 M, 28 AMC, 428 P, 439 P

  • 28 AMC is a surprise favorite. I bought this one blind and it’s an amazing ice-queen glowing highlight shade. I love this in the inner corner to jazz up a look.
  • 428P is a rich jewel-tone cobalt. I love this one. Similar to Corvus Bluebeard from the long list of blues I previously swatched.
  • 439P is a rich purple; it’s really vibrant and easily built up in opacity.

Inglot eyeshadow swatches (from top to bottom): 397 P, 11 AMC, 402 P, 153 AMC

Now we’re getting into some of my favorite shades! I’m really drawn to golds, taupes, and rose golds so I do own a lot of them, haha.

  • 397P is a rosy shimmery gold. Almost like Stila Kitten with a champagne-rose like sheen.
  • 11 AMC is a rich gold with a sort of copper shift. It’s really lovely and metallic.
  • 402 P is a warm brown pearl.
  • 153 AMC is a favorite; it’s a taupe pewter. It’s almost warm and cool at the same time. It’s unique!

Inglot eyeshadow swatches (from top to bottom): 402 P, 153 AMC, 454 P, 420 P

  • 454 P is a pewter silver; it’s warm-ish on my cool skin, but it’s probably more neutral on warmer skintones.
  • 420 P is a cool tone, almost purple-y medium silver color.

Inglot eyeshadow swatches (from top to bottom): 47 AMC, 444 P, 434 P, 451 P

I don’t know why I own so many smoky shades, but I do!

  • 47 AMC is a metallic, cool-toned (almost blue-ish) dark silver.
  • 444 P is a dark grey with a small hint of warm brown.
  • 434 P is a dark grey-purple-brown. It’s complex and hard to categorize. This one is a favorite for smoky eyes.
  • 451 P is a warmer dark grey, with a soft silver sheen.

And that’s the whole collection! I have 18 shades of Inglot.

Favorite colors include, 352 for all over, 28 to highlight, 397 , 11 , 153 , 454 , and 434.
I think some absolute beginner must-haves would be 397 , 153 , and 454.

I love the Inglot system because it means you get the colors you want, not just the ones pre-selected for you in a palette. It’s the best for people who know what specific colors they’re seeking out.

I hope this was helpful for you! If you have any questions or want to know more about my Inglot shades, let me know in the comments.

Til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette



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