Birds of a Feather: Blues & Greens

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another installment of ‘Birds of a Feather’! This time I moved on to my eyeshadow collection and catalogued my blues and greens. I’ll go back to my lipstick collection soon, no worries! There’s just so many reds that are ever so slightly different that it’s taking a bit more time than usual. Isn’t that always the problem with reds, haha 😉

Anyways, onto today’s colors!


Today is my blue-greens, teals, and blues! I ended up having way more blues and greens than I thought, so the baby blues and the deep emeralds will have their own posts.

All the swatches are done over a thin layer of theBalm Put a Lid on It.


Greens & Blue Eyeshadows: (from L to R) Hello Waffle JK Meowling // Darling Girl Live Long and Prosper // Rascal Cosmetics Different // Geek Chic Bigger on the Insider // Lorac Baked Eyeshadow Insider

The first set features five different brands! I discovered that some of these shades are very close colors to each other.


from L to R: Lorac baked eyeshadow Insider // Geek Chic Bigger on the Inside // Rascal Cosmetics Different // Darling Girl Live Long and Prosper // Hello Waffle JK Meowling

I surprised myself with how many green-blues I had! I rarely wear them except for a pop of color as a liner, so I know I need to make some careful choices about what to keep and what to destash.

  • Lorac Baked Matte Satin Eyeshadow in Insider: This one applies patchy when dry but it really comes to life when wet. I rarely use it though except as a liner, and honestly I have some similar colored eyeliners that work better. DESTASH.
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bigger on the Inside : A Tardis inspired color! I’m glad I revisited it because I forgot it had such a strong gold sheen. In the jar it looks like a dusty teal but swatched on a stickier primer the gold shift is lovely. This would make a lovely liner. KEEP.
  • Rascal Cosmetics in Different : I’ve talked about this one before in my review of Rascal’s offerings here. I like it and it’s a nice bright teal color that makes a great liner. I’m just feeling like I have two many teals in my collection. DESTASH.
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadow COTM in Live Long and Prosper : This is a Spock / Star Trek inspired color and thus it’s near and dear to my heart. It is very similar to Hello Waffle’s JK Meowling, just a bit lighter, greener, with silver sparks. I do wish it had some special Spock label art though. KEEP for now.
  • Hello Waffle eyeshadow in JK Meowling: Look at that label art! How could I resist a wizard kitty? So cute. This color is a hair darker, very slightly bluer, with some silver and pink microshimmer. It might be red/gold shimmer, but it looks kind of pink to my eye, haha. This one has more microshimmer than Darling Girl’s. KEEP.

from L to R: Geek Chic Misty Mountains // Scaredy Cat Snowbird // Corvus Siren // Shiro Understood that Reference // Hello Waffle Great Catsby


from L to R: Hello Waffle Great Catsby // Shiro Understood that Reference // Corvus Siren // Scaredy Cat Snowbird // Geek Chic Misty Mountains // Lorac Insider // Geek Chic Bigger on the Inside // Rascal Different


from Bottom to Top: Hello Waffle Great Catsby // Shiro Understood that Reference // Corvus Siren // Scaredy Cat Snowbird

A fun mix of colors in the second set!

  • Hello Waffle eyeshadow (a potted sample) in Great Catsby: I love this one. It’s a unique medium teal with a strong shift to golden green. It fits the theme well and it’s unique to my collection. This is kind of a not-good swatch of it, but I promise it really shines with a sticker base. KEEP.
  • Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadow in I Understood that Reference: If you can’t tell by now I’m a total nerd. And I love Captain America (and Chris Evans but that’s a post for another day). I had to buy this one because 1) the label art and 2) makes an awesome liner. This color is best foiled or with a sticker primer, so it looks a little flat here but it really is lovely. KEEP.
  • Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadow in Siren (from the Merewif collection): I think the theme of this set of colors is “use a better primer”. This one is a lovely sea blue with a violet shift on stickier primer. The Merewif collection isn’t currently available but I think it should be back in the spring. KEEP.
  • Scaredy Cat Cosmetics eyeshadow in Snowbird: I talked about this one before in my first impressions review of Scaredy Cat. This one is a super metallic blue and I really need to remember to use it more! I depotted it from the little sample vial it came in because those vials were impossible to get product out of. KEEP.
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadow in Over the Misty Mountains Cold: Another one I should remember to use more. This one is great foiled as a liner. It’s a deep shimmery blue, not quite as metallic as Snowbird but still really shimmery. There’s a bit of a fallout from the glitter but nothing that bad. KEEP.

from L to R: Shiro Colonel // Notoriously Morbid Grey Lady // Fyrinnae Glitterboi // Corvus Bluebird // Notoriously Morbid Chaos Reins // Geek Chic Hawkguy


from L to R: Geek Chic Hawkguy // NM Chaos Reins // Corvus Bluebeard // Fyrinnae Glitterboi // NM Grey Lady // Shiro Colonel // Hello Waffle Great Catsby

This is the glitteriest set of colors and thus so much glitter fall out! Most of these would benefit from a very sticky primer and/or being foiled.

  • Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadow in Hawkguy: Not as purple as the online swatch but definitely a purple-blue. It’s totally unique to my collection and it’s nice to have some colorful mattes rather than all my neutrals. It’s a little hard to blend since it’s so matte and bold, but it adds a great pop of color to a look. This is a very recent purchase, picked up during their black friday sale. KEEP.
  • Notoriously Morbid eyeshadow in Chaos Reins: Augh I need to use a sticky primer with this one for sure. It’s similar to Shiro’s I Understood that Reference, where it’s a blue/indigo base with a gold shift and green glitter. This one is more eggplant than Shiro’s. It’s just a sample baggie so I’m keeping it for now. KEEP.
  • Corvus Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bluebeard: This is such a rich, jeweltone blue. I really love this one as a liner. I don’t think I’ll upgrade to full size though, not with all the blues I already own. KEEP.
  • Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadow in Glitterboi: Crazy awesome glitter over a semi-sheer blackened base. This one is a really pretty liner but I hardly use it. I have actual glitter liquid eyeliners that I use more (one less step!) so I think this one will be going to a home that will love it more than me. DESTASH.
  • Notoriously Morbid eyeshadow in The Grey Lady: From their Harry Potter themed Vanishing Cabinet subscription. This one is a metallic blue over a grey base. Another color great for liner! KEEP.
  • Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadow in Colonel: I actually received this one in a swap. I considered passing it along to another swap partner, but then I swatched it. This one has a bright copper-gold glitter to it that really pops on the dusky blue base. I need to try this as liner ASAP; I think it’ll be really nice. KEEP.

As you can tell, I tend to use my bold colors and dark colors almost exclusively as liner. I’m still a bit shy around dark colors but hopefully in this new year I can try my hand at some bolder smoky looks.

Thanks for reading this (very long) post! I love doing the Birds of a Feather series because it really helps me find hidden gems and think critically about the colors I own.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette



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