Hello everyone and happy weekend! I have a quick post for you guys today as I work on all the much longer posts I want to queue up! Also, if you stick to the end there’s a question I would love to hear your answer to in the comments 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.05.17 PM

So this is actually from a Christmas eve party I went to but I enjoyed the look so I’ve repeated a similar eye look since then. I used primarily Shiro Cosmetics colors since I’m still working on using every eyeshadow color I own at least once so I can really discover my hidden gems and new favorites. It’s been an adventure so far!

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.04.56 PM

I was planning on wearing my glasses over this look (contacts had been bothering me that week, ugh) hence the slightly extended eyeshadow. Otherwise my glasses hide all my work, haha!

I used:

  • There’s No Such Thing as Magic (moving lid)
  • A Bit of Light Reading (crease)
  • He Loves His Hammer (over lid to add shimmer)
  • The Last Unicorn (inner highlight)
  • Stila Kitten and Benefit Dandelion on cheeks
  • and Fresh Sugar Rose on lips

One of my new year’s plans is to really work through my whole collection of products. As I mentioned, I’m trying to really find my favorites and to re-discover the things I already own. So far I’m trying to go through everything systematically so I can remember what I’ve already used but I do admit sometimes I fall back to tried-and-true products.
Also I’m attempting a project pan on my poor, shattered Stila In the Light palette. I really love it but I can’t travel with it (it already broke in shipping) and it’s been discontinued so I was worried about what happens when it’s gone. But what’s the point of owning it if I don’t use it? 🙂

Anyways, I have lots of fun plans and posts for 2016 so stay tuned!



I have a ton of products, mostly indie, that I haven’t yet photographed and reviewed here. I’m a bit at a loss as to where to start first! Please comment with your favorite from this list and help me choose!

  • Femme Fatale eyeshadows (mostly duochrome goodies)
  • AFK Cosmetics: the entire Dr. Horrible collection, most of The Round Table, and almost all of the new X-Men lipsticks
  • Hello Waffle Kitty Kingdom new colors
  • Digital Nails (and other indies) nail polish collection (because yes of course I also have big polish collection as well)
  • Mad Lab Cosmetics eyeshadows
  • my Inglot eyeshadow collection
  • or literally any of my bajillion indie perfumes

I would love to review what you guys want to hear first, so let me know what looks good 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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