November Empties!

Long time no see! So sorry about that accidental vacation. Post-Thanksgiving madness is killing all my free time! I’ve mentioned it here before, but I own a handmade jewelry business. I participated in Small Business Saturday sales and that (plus all the pre-Christmas shopping madness) meant I’ve had hundreds of orders to deal with in the last couple of weeks. SO BUSY but so much fun 🙂

Anyhow, today I have an empty products post for you!


It’s a mixed bag of things this month! Skincare, makeup, mainstream and indie brands!


November empty products

  1. Amor Naturals Apple Hyaluronic Essence — This came in the Amor subscription box. This is one of my favorites in the fall box, but since I only really loved 2/5 things in the box, I’ve since cancelled my subscription. I love supporting small biz and organic/vegan, but since I’m trying to streamline my budget for 2016, Amor Naturals is just too expensive for me. I did like this essence and it didn’t sting my sensitive skin but my Clinique Extra Mild Lotion toner is a third of the price. Will I buy it again? Nope.
  2. Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream mini in Hollywood Dreams — The fall collection at FCS totally began my love affair with their whipped cream. I’ve since bought way, way too much of their cream. I love their scents and their texture! It’s moisturizing without any greasiness. Hollywood Dreams was a spicy pumpkin cookie smell to me. Will I buy it again? This scent is gone now, but I love this cream, so yes!
  3. Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat — I paint my nails at least once a week and I love having a strengthening base coat. This one I swear actually protects my nails and keeps them from getting and rough from lots of polish use. Will I buy it again? Already did!
  4. Miracle Skin Transformer spf20 Face mini in Medium– I finally used up my mini, thank goodness! I like this tinted moisturizer type cream for being a really easy thing to throw on instead of a whole face of makeup when I’m running errands. It’s a little too dark for me, but a lighter powder on top can help correct (and set!) it. Will I buy it again? Yup, a full size!
  5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude — This one was way too yellow and dark for me. I liked that it was more of a true moisturizer, but it was very sheer (in this case it was good, since it was a bad color match), and semi-greasy. This one definitely needs powder on top. Will I buy it again? Nope.
  6. B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion — I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of indie brand lotions so I’ve been trying to use up all the B&BW I still have. Warm Vanilla will always be my favorite, although I don’t think B&BW lotions are actually that moisturizing for me. Will I buy it again? Not unless it’s a crazy sale and I’ve used up all my other lotions!
  7. Dr. Jart+ Night BB Cream — Why is this a tinted BB for night?! It’s such a weird product. If you actually wore this at night it would definitely get on your pillow. It was also a bit too dark and yellow for my skintone. Will I buy it again? Never.
  8. Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight — Oldie but a goodie. I’m tossing it more due to age than to emptiness. It’s pretty dang sparkly which sometimes is an awesome way to brighten the lid, but it does limit what shadows you can use on top. Will I buy it again? Nope.
  9. Benefit Roller Lash — LOVE THIS STUFF. It really does pump up the volume of my lashes and make them look awesome. I haven’t paid for mascara in a while (bless Sephora’s point perks) but I might actually pay for this one… but only a travel size. The smaller sizes just seem to work better than the full ones! Will I buy it again? Yup! I have another one of these lined up and ready to go.
  10. Eos Balm — Ehhh, I like but don’t love these. I think my other lip balms are more moisturizing. I highly recommend places like TenThreeLabs or EpicallyEpic for really moisturizing lip balms. Will I buy it again? Probably not.
  11. Mary Kay perfume roll on in Clean Cotton — This has been rolling around on my vanity for years. I got a set of 4 scents for Christmas ages ago and now I’m really trying to pan them. I dislike this scent and it’s also half gone, so destash it is! Will I buy it again? Nope.
  12. Pixi Wakeup Concealer wand in No.1 Cream — Kind of a thick concealer for under eyes so it creases a lot on me, but it’s a quick way to highlight the cheekbones. I much prefer my Sephora brightening concealer, so goodbye to this oldie. Will I buy it again? Nope, and I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued anyways!
  13. Origins Out of Trouble Mask — Like it but don’t love it. I found it a tad drying and I’m not sure if it actually helped my skin they way I wanted it to. I prefer my Clinique masks over this one, like the Clinique Acne Solutions or  Pore Refining charcoal. Will I buy it again? Nope.
  14. Alchemic Muse perfume sample vial in Nightshade — Oh my GOSH, I love this stuff. I bought the full size perfume before I finished the mini. It’s a dark chocolate lavender perfume, and it’s a good sleepytime scent or any-time-of-day scent. I really love floral gourmands and this is one my absolute favorites. Will I buy it again? Heck YES!
  15. TenDigitCreations perfume sample vial in Amber Noir — There’s something fruity, almost apple-y, about this amber. It’s not bad and I do like this smell, I just think I have some better perfumes I prefer more. I ended up using the perfume oil mixed with my argan oil for my hair. Made it smell delicious!Will I buy it again? Ehhh, maybe.


I’m kind of proud of myself for getting through 15 more products! YAY! it feels good, especially since (in the case of lotion especially!) I have more great products waiting in the wings to be used.

Have a great rest of the week!
xoxo Swatchlette


4 thoughts on “November Empties!

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    You go girl with all your empties! 🙂 I’m so intrigued and confused by the night time bb cream? Who thought that needed to be a thing? Unless it just indicates a lack of SPF? So weird!
    FCS Whipped Cream is phenomenal isn’t it? I hear so much about the HoG pumpkin butters but I think I like FCS better.
    I want to know more about your jewelry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • swatchlette says:

      I have one HoG PB and I agree; I like FCS or Alchemic Muse better. The PB takes HOURS to soak in completely on my skin.
      I have two jewelry based Etsy stores; one is more of a vintage vibe and the other is more geek-chic 🙂 It’s super fun to have my own business but this time of year it’s always super busy, haha. is the vintage-y one and is the geeky one 🙂


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