Indie Spotlight : Blackbird Cosmetics!

Just in time for their upcoming huge Black Friday sale, I have swatches for my collection of Blackbird Cosmetics!


Blackbird matte eyeshadows

Now I actually don’t have that many Blackbird shadows. I’ve been interested in them forever and had yet to pick them up. I then received Thirteen and Dim Tradition samples in a swap on reddit, and WOW, I totally fell in love. I ended up getting a few more samples via swap as well as ordering from the actual website.


Blackbird matte eyeshadows

The formula is AWESOME. It’s one of the smoothest, easiest to use matte I’ve ever tried.
Blackbird offers them in loose or pressed, but beware! The loose version is being discontinued and thus are on BOGO sale this Black Friday! I highly suggest grabbing your favorites before they’re gone.


Blackbird matte eyeshadows

I picked up two pressed shadows, Dim Tradition and Thirteen. They were very well packaged and arrived safely! The loose shadow, Immortals, I got in a swap.


Blackbird cosmetics packaging

She utilizes a lot of strong cardboard in her packaging so things arrive safely 🙂 You also get a free piece of jewelry, how cool is that?


Blackbird matte eyeshadows (and blush!)

Here’s the rest of the shadow samples I have. There’s also a contour powder (Diminish) and a blush (Moonlight Lover).

A handy list of everything Blackbird I own:

  1. Dim Tradition sample received in swap (RIS)
  2. Dim Tradition full size pressed paid by me (PBM)
  3. Thirteen sample RIS
  4. Thirteen FS pressed PBM
  5. Immortals FS loose RIS
  6. Half Full sample RIS
  7. Atlas sample RIS
  8. Smudge sample RIS
  9. Whisper sample PBM
  10. Moonlight Lover blush sample PBM
  11. Dog Days sample freebie with order
  12. Diminish contour sample freebie with order

I’m very impressed with her matte collection; the website doesn’t lie when she says they’re matte but NOT flat. Just look at this glow!


Blackbird matte eyeshadow swatches

They’re anything but a boring matte.

Now, some warm toned skin tones have stated that Blackbird’s shadows are too cool toned/grey toned and make them look washed out. For me, these are some of the first mattes that don’t make me look like I have a bruised eye! I personally have found it extremely hard to find high quality cool toned mattes, so these totally fill me with joy. And I don’t really think they’re that cool toned. The browns still look quite warm on me, but your milage may vary.

Swatch time!


Blackbird matte eyeshadow swatches

From L to R:  Whisper // Immortals // Thirteen loose // Thirteen pressed (darker version of loose) // Dim Tradition loose // Dim Tradition pressed (darker and slightly warmer than loose) // Half Full


Blackbird matte eyeshadow swatches

From L to R:  Diminish // Atlas // Smudged // Dog Days // Whisper // Immortals // Thirteen loose


Blackbird matte eyeshadow swatches

From L to R:  Moonlight Lover // Diminish // Atlas // Smudged // Dog Days // Whisper


Blackbird Moonlight Lover, Diminish, Atlas

From bottom to top: Moonlight Lover // Diminish // Atlas


Thirteen and Dim Tradition are two of my favorites, hence why I bought them pressed. Dim Tradition is a great all over shade that is less stark than a more white color. The beige in it is great for creating a good base for blending. Thirteen is a very natural crease color on me. Immortals also makes a great lid brightener for warmer eye looks or ones where a pop of peachy color would be fun.

I plan on buying Whisper during the sale this week; it’s a wonderful clear cool grey color. I might also get Half Full since it’s a lovely bright all-over shade, but I do have a few similar vanilla colors like this already.
Not pictured, but I also plan on hauling Imogen (medium mauve), Vintage (winey brown), Everest (muted green), Figment (medium plummy taupe), and probably a few others. They’re just so gorgeous!!

The blushes are also very lovely. They adhere wonderfully and stay put. I really really wanted Moonlight Lover to work since I’m on the hunt for a cool toned lilac / lavender shade of blush. My cheeks are already prone to pinkness so I avoid any pink toned blushes. This shade was almost a contour on me; it just meshed weird with my skin tone and looked ‘dirty’ rather than lavender. Diminish was also very nice, albeit a tad too warm for me. If I didn’t already have two giant contour powders to use up, I would consider buying this one.

I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with Blackbird! Even if you are worried they’re too cool-toned for you, I definitely think there are some strong warm toned colors and neutral browns that would work.

Blackbird’s Black Friday sale is BOGO on the loose shadows, 20% off pressed, and 30% face powders. It’s an amazing sale, so do take advantage of it!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette



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