Birds of a Feather 4: Coral and Orange Lipstick Swatches

Time for another Birds of a Feather! This time it’s all my coral/orange toned lipsticks. I don’t have as many in this category as I have reds, so this was a nice un-daunting Monday post 🙂


Coral and Orange toned lipstick swatches

It’s a nice short eight lipsticks today. I bought most of these in my hunt for a pinky coral that would be a good summer & spring lipstick. This proved to be harder to find than I thought!



Coral and Orange Lipsticks

  1. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick – Neon Red
  2. bh Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipstick – Sweet Mango
  3. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick – Haute Melon
  4. Revlon Legacy Collection Super Lustrous Lipstick – Snow Peach
  5. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer – Poppy Pop
  6. ColourPop Sheer Lippie – Safari
  7. Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick-  Coral Blossom
  8. Brazen Cosmetics UltraGlaze Long-Wearing Color Rich Lipgloss – Sparkly Lady

Maybelline Neon Red // bh Sweet Mango // NYX Haute Melon // Revlon Snow Peach /. Clinique Poppy Pop // ColourPop Safari // Tarte Coral Blossom // Brazen Sparkly Lady

Swatch time!


in strong direct light

From L to R in both swatch pictures, we have: Maybelline Neon Red // bh Sweet Mango // NYX Haute Melon // Revlon Snow Peach /. Clinique Poppy Pop // ColourPop Safari // Tarte Coral Blossom // Brazen Sparkly Lady


softer indirect light

So what are my thoughts?

  1. Maybelline Neon Red — Bought this last summer in a hunt for a good summer red. I really need to learn that anything with ‘neon’ in the title is probably going to not work on me. I love a bright red, but this one is way too orange toned for me. Bright blue-based reds look better with my skintone. ( DESTASH )
  2. bh Sweet Mango — All the bh lipsticks are all very creamy, for better or worse. I prefer a more matte finish, or at least something with better adhesion. This would be a nice summer color, but not on me. It still has too much warm orange in it, and just looked strange on my lips. It is slightly darker and redder than Neon Red, less coral than Haute Melon. ( DESTASH )
  3. NYX Haute Melon — Such a creamy lipstick. I think I prefer their matte formula more, and even then those are usually drying on me. This is more coral than Neon Red and looks a bit pinker than Sweet Mango. Still too orange on me! ( DESTASH )
  4. Revlon Snow Peach– At this point I was getting frustrated in my search for a pinky coral. Thus I turned to Temptalia and Snow Peach was described as pinky coral and also looked amazing on Christine. Of course I’m an idiot, because I keep forgetting than warm toned lipsticks always look way better on her than on me. This one is getting closer to a pink coral and I don’t mind it. Since it was discontinued, it was a hassle to find so I’m going to wait until summer to see if I want to truly destash it. ( KEEP for now )
  5. Clinique Poppy Pop — Finally a pink coral! In the swatches it looks similar to Snow Peach and a bit darker, but for some reason it looks much pinker on my lips than Snow Peach. I think it has the slightest more cool tone to it than Snow Peach which keeps it looking coral rather than orange on me. Also I love this formula; it’s creamy while also being long lasting. ( KEEP )
  6. ColourPop Safari — I love the ColourPop sheers! They’re still my most favorite thing from the brand. This is arguably the most orange of my lipsticks, but being sheer helps it so much. A light wash of this is a fun pop of coral color. ( KEEP )
  7. Tarte Coral Blossom — This came with the Sephora Lip Favorites set. It’s nicer than I thought it would be and is truly a pink coral. It’s sheer like the ColourPop but with a definite more pink tone. It also has some shimmer in it. Definitely a good spring color. Since it’s technically a mini I really hope I can pan this one eventually. ( KEEP )
  8. Brazen Sparkly Lady — This was actually a free GWP in an order from The Rhinestone Housewife. When I saw it in the tube I was afraid because it looks so orange, but on the lips this is a gorgeous metallic coral. It’s like a glimmery fire. It’s also one of the longest lasting lip glosses I have. Seriously some magic stuff. ( KEEP )


So we ended up with three definite destashes, one maybe, and one I’d like to pan. Since I rarely wear coral except for summer, just the Clinique Poppy Pop is truly all I need for this color category, but those sheer ones are awesome too.

Yay! Reorganizing feels so good 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette



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