My Entire ColourPop Collection! ~ Swatches & Reviews ~ Shadow, Ultra Matte Lipstick, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencil, & Cheeks!

Just like it says in the title, I finally swatched ALL my ColourPop collection! Not only will there be loads of swatches after the cut, I talk about each product (the good and the bad) 🙂

my colourpop collection

my colourpop collection

I’ve only done 3-4 orders from them, but it is so easy to get that ‘collect em all’ mentality with CP. Their relatively cheap and there’s a million fun colors to collect! On the flipside, not all of their products are the best and so, in my opinion, there’s only a curated handful that are truly worth owning.

colourpop collection - lippie stix, shadows, ultra matte liquid lipstick

colourpop collection – lippie stix, shadows, ultra matte liquid lipstick

All swatches are over bare skin, and my arms are probably a pale NC10 since it’s winter 🙂


colourpop lippie stix, lippie pencil stix

colourpop lippie stix, lippie pencil stix

The more I type ‘stix’ the more wrong it looks, haha.

Oh and in the process of swatching I broke a good 1/2 inch off of Brink. BE CAREFUL GUYS.

poor broken colourpop Brink lippie

poor broken colourpop Brink lippie


colourpop lippie : (from L to R) Bichette pencil // Whip // Tiger // Bichette // Dazed // Safari // Contempo // Brink // Brink Pencil

colourpop lippie stix : (from L to R) Grind pencil // Whip // Tiger // Bichette // Dazed // Safari // Contempo // Brink // Brink Pencil

This is a mix of their fall collection (my personal fave) and their permanent collection. I avoid the box sets (like the holiday) because there is never a set where I love every color.


colourpop lippie stix : (from L to R) Dazed // Safari // Contempo // Brink // Brink Pencil

colourpop lippie stix : (from L to R) Bichette pencil // Whip // Tiger // Bichette // Dazed // Safari

colourpop lippie stix : (from L to R) Grind pencil // Whip // Tiger // Bichette // Dazed // Safari


  1. Grind Pencil — purple pink color — a great match to Ultra Matte Lychee or Urban Decay Bittersweet / After Dark. — I like it but I only wear it with other things, and honestly half the time I forget — (mostly Worth It)
  2. Whip — sheer magenta — My favorite; I love this so much! Their sheers are my absolute favorite from CP and they’re hydrating and leave behind a stain! (Worth It)
  3. Tiger — sheer red plum — see above reason — (Worth It)
  4. Bichette — matte, medium-dark bold red — classic, lovely color. A perfect dark red lip, although I do find all of CP’s lippies drying. You have to exfoliate beforehand because they cling awfully to anything dry. — (Easily dupable, but mostly Worth It)
  5. Dazed — matte, medium-dark berry red — Very similar to Bichette, but slightly more purple berry tones. I prefer this one over Bichette because of the berry tones and its slightly creamier and easier to wear. I think their fall collection definitely was an improvement over their permanent. I purposely bought this dupe over MAC Heaux/D for Danger — (Easily dupable, but Worth It)
  6. Safari — sheer peach, almost orange-y — I love their sheer line and cannot get enough of them! This color is perfect for spring / summer and it’s not too orange or bright on my lips (also easily buildable if you do want it that bright!) — (Worth It)
  7. Contempo — Probably my favorite in this bunch after Whip. Creamier than the reds and a perfect darker MLBB for me. — (Worth It)
  8. Brink — darker pink tan — Augh this one is weirdly orange-y brown on me. Lately I’ve been trying to combine it with other lipsticks (like W’n’W Cinnamon Spice) to make the color better, but it’s the driest in this bunch and it doesn’t layer well. — (Not Worth It)
  9. Brink Pencil — pinker than it’s lippie stix match — A slightly better color than it’s lippie pairing, but still wrooong for me. — (Not Worth It)

Out of this bunch, the sheers are the best formula followed by Contempo and Dazed.

colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - (from L to R) Sundae // Lychee // Bumble // Clueless

colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick – (from L to R) Sundae // Lychee // Bumble // Clueless

I’ve talked about the Ultra Mattes before, but here is all four of mine next to each other. Clueless is my FAVORITE color, followed by Bumble, then Lychee. I’ve become a bit mad about these though; they’re the most drying formula I own and they separate a bit in their containers if you forget to use them for a couple of weeks (like I did, haha). Clueless also leaves an inexplicable hot pink stain when I remove it. What’s up with that?
P.S. If anyone can point me towards a non-liquid dupe of Clueless I would love you. It looks at least 4 shades darker on my than on Temptalia, so her dupe list isn’t super useful to me. It also looks more dusty purple on my lips then in this swatch, which I actually love for the current fall season.


colourpop super show shadows

colourpop super shock shadows


colourpop super shock shadows

I ran out of arm room so the shadows are split into two parts 🙂



colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Dare // Bae // Coconut // Cricket


colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Game Face // Feather // Liberty // Eye Candy


colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) So Quiche // Get Lucky // Boy Band // La La


  1. Cricket — pearly pastel green + silver glitter — Eh, I like it but I rarely use it. It’s definitely more of a spring color and it’s a fun inner eye highlight type of color. This one is a bit grittier in glitter than some of my others. — (Not Worth It)
  2. Coconut — deep ocean blue-green, metallic pearl texture — The much hyped about Coconut! I bought it because of the hype and have yet to do anything other than swatch it and ‘ooh and ahh’. It’s pretty but it’s a bold color for me. It’s one of the nicest texture CP shadows though. Warning, it stains! — (Worth It)
  3. Bae — muted dark purple with blue-green glitter shift — Another super hyped up color I have yet to wear. These muted purple sometimes make my eyes look bruised so I have to pair it with something to lessen that effect. I do really like the mix of colors this one brings. I wish more of CP’s shadows did this! — (Worth It)
  4. Dare — sheer bright purple glitter — This one is more on the sheer side which is totally okay with me. It’s awesome over other shadows or even by itself for a fun eye look. — (Worth It)
  5. Eye Candy — sheer baby pink metallic — Love this one paired with Dare. Again, this one isn’t totally opaque but it does a nice job to brighten the eye and look ‘fairy princess pretty’. — (Worth It)
  6. Liberty — ultra metallic bright silver — Um, yes. I’m such a sucker for metallics and this one is a rich opaque silver. — (Worth It)
  7. Feather — gunmetal pearl — Not quite as metallic as Liberty, this one is more pearly than liquid metal. I personally haven’t worn it much. I tend to like my all-over-lid shades from CP more than their accent shades. — (Not Worth It)
  8. Game Face — rich warm copper metallic – Definitely the color of a penny! This is another ultra metallic shade that has a nice smooth texture. — (Worth It)
  9. La La — rose gold (more copper gold IMO) metallic – Slightly less smooth than Game Face but still really lovely! This makes a nice all-over shade. — (Worth It)
  10. Boy Band — metallic bronze — Name: A+, texture: A+. color: A+ — (Worth It)
  11. Get Lucky — cool bright gold metallic — I love that this gold isn’t a super yellow/orange gold! It’s not quite as liquid metal as Liberty, but it’s still plenty metallic — (Worth It)
  12. So Quiche — medium taupe grey with sparkles — Bought it because of the hype but it’s much darker on me than I expected. It’s a lovely mix of colors though, and it more unique than some other CP offerings. — (Worth It)

As you may have seen in my refrain, the ultra metallic shades were the best performers in terms of pigment and texture. There are lots of bold colors though and that’s something to keep in mind. Also, I’m a lazy girl and I bought my CP shadows to be quick-look things for my rushed mornings, so 9 times out of 10 I’m using my fingers to apply. That means I like my all-over shades more than my really dark or bold shades because those are harder to apply and blend with fingers.
Out of Part 1, my favorites are Eye Candy, La La, and Boy Band.


colourpop super shock shadows and super shock cheeks

colourpop super shock shadows and super shock cheeks


colourpop super shock shadows and super shock cheeks

For Part 2 swatches, I threw in my highlighters and “bronzer” from CP as well.


colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Hanky Panky // High Tide // Acorn // I Heart This


colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Mixed Tape // Girl Crush // Hanky Panky // Acorn


colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Aphrodisiac // Highly Waisted // Hippo // Mixed Tape // Girl Crush


(( more blended out cheeks )) colourpop super shock shadows: (from L to R) Aphrodisiac // Highly Waisted // Hippo


  1. I Heart This — silvery gold glitter — This one is glittery than some of its friends and there’s a bit of fall out. It’s a nice all-over shade for a “lit-up” shiny look, but I think some of the ultra metallics are nicer. This is a good neutral though. — (Not Worth It)
  2. Acorn — satin pearl peach (they call it a silver gold, but I think on me it’s quite peachy) — I like this one a lot as a brightening all-over lid shade. It’s a staple neutral — (Worth It)
  3. High Tide — satin light yellow pearl — Another good all-over shade. This one is a bit too yellow on me to stand alone and needs to be part of a whole look with other colors. I much prefer Acorn. — (Not Worth It)
  4. Hanky Panky — matte peachy tan — A great crease shade. Their mattes are surprisingly nice although I find them hard to blend. — (Worth It)
  5. Girl Crush — matte cool grey brown — A great darker crease shade. I love that this is pretty cool toned compared to other shadows I own for this purpose. Again, a bit harder to blend out the edges if you don’t work fast. — (Worth It)
  6. Mixed Tape — shimmery darker taupe — Similar in tone to Girl Crush but shimmery and warmer toned. I really like this one! — (Worth It)
  7. Hippo — cool toned silvery blue-pink shimmer — A highlighter and also totally an inner eye or browbone shade (yay multipurpose). It’s not exactly duochrome but it does have a cool blue / pink shimmer happening. It’s a really nice highlighter for cooler and paler skintones — (Worth It)
  8. Highly Waisted — warm tone orange shimmer — Not quite as bold as it looks in the swatch. Blended out this is a great summer highlighter for me especially when paired with bronzer. Although I do have to be careful since too much looks quite warm on my skin — (mostly Worth It)
  9. Aphrodisiac — warm light tan — Definitely not the “contour for pale girls” shade I’ve read a lot about. On me it’s still too warm for a nice shadowy contour. It’s a good matte bronzer though, with one big caveat: it’s hard to blend. This sucker likes to stay where you put it, so you have to kind of stipple it on to get it blended or risk messing up any lower layers of makeup. — (Not Worth It)

In Part 2 my favorites are Acorn, Mixed Tape, and Hippo.

In general, a lot of CP’s shadows always look warmer on me than described on the site. In particular, anything called “silvery taupe” always looks much peachier on me. CP’s shadows are pretty long-lasting, which is awesome, but it does mean that you have to blend quickly before they set or it’s hard to get soft edges on your colors. And if you apply with your fingers you have to be super quick to wash your hands because all the colors do stain.
Overall, I think their fall collection is their best yet in terms of colors and finishes, so if there’s any left I would get it 🙂

If I could redo all my orders, I would make my personal small curated collection be: Dazed lippie, Contempo lippie, Acorn shadow, Eye Candy, Dare, Mixed Tape, Boy Band, La La, Bae, and Hippo cheek. It’s a perfect mix of neutrals and some bolder colors, and it’s all the colors I am most likely to use in everyday looks.

Whooo long post over! I hope this was a fun and informative read for you all! It was useful for me too to write down all my thoughts now that I’ve amassed a little Colourpop collection. All in all, I think they’re a great “upper-drugstore” type of brand, where it is low prices for good product. I think it’s too easy to “collect ’em all” and that’s when it starts getting pricey. Ten CP eye shadows = $50 which is basically a Naked palette. They are also cream pots, and more prone to drying out or getting gross compared to a more traditional powder shadow. They’re a good gateway brand to try out new fun colors or finishes, or liquid lipsticks, without totally breaking the bank. I personally won’t be buying anything more (unless they come out with more sheer lip colors), because 1) oh my gosh I have waaay too much eyeshadow, and 2) I find myself reaching for my powder shadows first.

My current plan is to try to use up as much of my CP collection as I can before April (the next Sephora sale, because I want a Viseart palette, haha). Some of my older shadows (approx. 1 year now) are getting dry around the edges whereas my older powder shadows are obviously still going strong. I think after a year of living with my CP shadows I can now say I prefer my powder ones, especially indie ones in terms of ease of use and color selection.

Thanks for reading all of this guys! Tell me in the comments about your experiences with Colourpop 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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