Birds of a Feather: Purples (lipstick swatchfest #1)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day 🙂
Today I have for you a new feature! As you all know, I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks and I’ve been recently trying to sort through my whole collection of makeup and really find & use my favorites! Therefore, what better way to catalogue things then by posting pictures for you guys? I call it “Birds of a Feather”, since they’re not really lipstick dupes but definitely cousins. Along the way, I hope to find my favorites as well as weed out the ones I don’t like as much. Today’s ‘birds’ are all the lipsticks I call purple!

lipstick swatch comparison fest!

lipstick swatch comparison fest!

I don’t have that many true purples, so some of these are purple-plums, but these aren’t exactly wines or burgundies (of those I also have a LOT so they’re definitely going to be their own post!)

Today’s selection:

lipstick swatch fest : purples

lipstick swatch fest : purples

  1. Dark Matter Makeup: FTWindu liquid lipstick
  2. Limnit Lipsticks Abracadabra sample
  3. ColourPop pencil in Grind
  4. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lychee
  5. Urban Decay Matte Revolution After Dark
  6. Urban Decay Matte Revolution Bittersweet
  7. Life’s Entropy sample Liquid Lipstick in Chaos
  8. ckOne Shine Lipstick in 500 Naughty
  9. Poppy King for No7 lipgloss in Seduction
  10. Buxom mini lipstick Moonlighter
  11. Shiro custom lipgloss Cognitive Recalibration
purple lipstick swatch fest (picture is in reverse order, so first on Left is Cognitive Recalibration and last one on Right is FTWindu)

purple lipstick swatch fest

Eleven purple lipsticks! How did I even collect this many? I think Bittersweet and Cognitive Recalibration are the only ones I wear often out of this bunch.


(from L to R): ColourPop Lychee // ColourPop Grind // Limnit Abracadabra // DMM FTWindu

  1. Dark Matter Makeup: FTWindu —- looks lighter on the lips, but it’s still a really dark purple. It’s nice but I haven’t ever worn it out. Maybe I’ll find a Halloween look for it, but I think it’s a bit too gothy on my pale skin and I have no idea how to wear it out of the house. Nice formula though, not too drying and also not like eternally-lasting paint. (DESTASH)
  2. Limnit Lipsticks Abracadabra —- Surprisingly I like this color. I got this in a swap from someone on reddit. It’s a slightly greyed, muted lighter purple. It’s odd but also kind of cool. I like this more than FTWindu but I still haven’t worn it out of the house. I think it’ll be perfect for a Halloween costume I have planned. (KEEP, but won’t go fullsize)
  3. ColourPop pencil in Grind —- Matches Lychee as well as UD’s Bittersweet. ColourPop is a fine brand. It’s not my #1 in anything, but it is way better than most drugstore brands. I find all their lip products a bit drying. Grind is a nice color on me and actually looks purple-fuchsia on me instead of turning pink or red. (KEEP)
  4. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lychee —- See above; nice product but very drying. Good color, yay! Just gotta remember to use it. Now that it’s winter for me, the bright color seems a bit out of place. (KEEP)

(from L to R) : Life’s Entropy Chaos // UD Bittersweet // UD After Dark // ColourPop Lychee

5. Urban Decay After Dark —- I love the new Matte Revolutions more than I love most of my other lipsticks. This formula just works great on me; non-drying, vibrant color, long lasting without being a liquid lipstick. After Dark is a wee bit darker on my lips than in the swatch. There’s also a subtle blue shimmer. (KEEP)
6. Urban Decay Bittersweet —- See above; great formula, great lipstick. I love this color on me! It’s a cool toned, purple plum and looks less pink in real life than in this swatch. My lips are pretty cool toned, so they make this lipstick more purple-y. Looove it. Easily in my top 10 lipsticks. (KEEP)
7. Life’s Entropy Chaos —- I love the LE lipsticks, although I do find them messy. The colors are highly pigmented and she offers some very cool unique colors (yellow!). They’re not a paint-like dry liquid lipstick, but the pigment does last a loooong time. (KEEP, considering getting fullsize)


(from L to R) : Buxom Moonlighter // No7 Seduction // ckOne Naughty // LE Chaos // UD Bittersweet

8. ckOne Naughty —- I’m still on the fence about this one since the last time I talked about it. I want to love it, it’s hydrating, it wasn’t cheap. But the color goes weirdly brown on my lips and I can’t get it nicely even. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, me and ‘slightly tinted lipsticks’ seriously are starting to not get along. (ON TRIAL, MAYBE DESTASH)
9. No7 Seduction —- Not gonna lie; I bought this for the cute polka dot packaging and the Poppy King name. Poppy does some amazing stuff with Lipstick Queen and when Boots had a huge clearance on all their Poppy King for No7 stuff, I bought a lot. I don’t really like this gloss though. Tastes wonderful, looks cute, but it’s an odd brown-plum on me. Maybe I’ll find a way to work it this winter, like it’s a darker 90s kind of lip. (ON TRIAL, MAYBE DESTASH)


(from L to R) : Shiro Cognitive Recalibration // Buxom Moonlighter // No7 Seduction // ckOne Naughty

10. Buxom Moonlighter —- First off, I frickin’ hate these mini tubes. They get smashed against the sides no matter how careful I am. I have yet to buy a fullsize though, because I heard from reliable sources that the fullsized get smashed too. I really don’t want to deal with that. I love this color though! It was my first love of blue shimmer in lipsticks. It’s a cool fuchsia-plum color with a fun, obvious shimmer. I might try panning it, since I do enjoy it… even though the packaging is the WORST. (Maybe I’ll depot it? Make my own lip palette??) (KEEP, for now…)
11. Shiro lipgloss in Cognitive Recalibration —- I love it, you guys know it, I’ve talked about it before. Tasty flavor, surprisingly long lasting, and unique color. I hope to get a lot of use out of it this winter! Although my new lip gloss love Amortentia keeps calling my name…. Shiro totally made me into a lip gloss girl after years of hating it! (KEEP)

So we ended up with only one true destash (FTWindu) and a few on trial. I really wish lipsticks were easier to pan, because I’d love to pan Moonlighter but daaang lipsticks seem to last forever whenever I try acutally using one up.

I hope you enjoyed this Birds of a Feather! Next up will most likely be burgundies. Oh boy do I have a lot.

til later lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


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