#IHATEMONDAYS – installment 3 – even MORE products that are bleghhh!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m into my 3rd big cup of caffeine already and it’s only 11am! How are your days going?

I have another ‘I hate Mondays’ post for you today. Slightly less than last time, I have five products that I’ve just given up on. I can’t waste any more time on making these bleggghhs into yays.

I've got the Monday blues

I’ve got the Monday blues

Yes I totally tinted the photo blue just to emphasize how these products give me the sad, sad blues. As always, these are my opinions only, and your mileage may vary.

look upon this photo and WEEP for these did not live up to hype

look upon this photo and WEEP for these did not live up to hype

I think today’s unofficial theme is “hype train fails”. All five of these products were totally hyped up by other bloggers, by people I know; and so I jumped aboard that hype train SUPER excited to try them out! And then they were just….disappointing. All of these products are about 8-10 months old (I know, I know) and I just kept trying to get them to work, or maybe to pan them. But honestly, it just isn’t worth my time and effort.

  1. Ulta Butter Balm in Rapunzel – I have NO idea how some bloggers’ swatches of this is a pretty, sheer-ish, pink coral color. On me it’s orange with a hint of coral, and 80% opaque at least. Which is awesome in a gloss, if that was what I wanted. It’s so hard for me to sheer out evenly and I only have one coral lipstick that this looks okay paired with. It’s not worth keeping and thank goodness I got it on sale. Boooo, Rapunzel. You’re not worth climbing the tower for at ALL.
  2. Stila Convertible Color in Peony – Everyone and their mother considers Peony the best color to be your first color. This one is a mini I grabbed off of ebay, and thank goodness it’s only a mini. I think the color is too brown-peach for my skintone and this product just doesn’t know what it’s trying to be. It’s awful and drying on lips, so it’s not very convertible at all. It’s best on cheeks, but I don’t think it blends well. It does best over bare skin, since I always found it a bit too sticky to blend over a base without disturbing any bottom layers. But of course, you’d have to really load up your cheeks with color so that it still shows up after doing your foundation/concealer/powder whatever. For me, this was such a fail. My cheeks are the part of me that I do the most foundation on, since rosacea + scar combo = needs the most concealing. Sticky cream blushes are the worst idea for me (yet I own four. Why. WHY.) So goodbye forever Peony. You were nice okay adequate while you were here.
  3. L’oreal 24hr Infallible Laquer Liner in 172 Navy – Props to this for not being dried out yet (for a gel liner, that’s impressive) but daaang you’re not infallible at all. Maybe it’s me, maybe I can’t do eye liner right (ha. FALSE. My well-practised cat eye flick laughs at this). But no, this wasn’t infallible for me. It smudged. Not like crazy, raccoon in a goth band, smudging. But by the end of the day my liner would have no wings left and be more sleepy-art-student than pointy-kitten-flicks. Also, I’ve learned that foiling my VAST collection of indie eyeshadows works way better than gel liner for me. And I have a million colors of potential liner that way. Au revoir to you L’oreal.
  4. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle and Fig Jam – I know these are supposed to be a gift to all lips everywhere, and be the Perfect moisturizing flattering color, but daaaaang these were weird. I never found them that moisturizing; they felt like a thickened gloss or even a half-melted lipstick. You know when you leave a lipstick in the sun and then it reforms but it’s just never the same again? Yeah, these felt like that. For me, they sat on my lips and were just there but didn’t add moisture or do anything other than give a shiny tint. I also found that if my lips were even a tiny bit not-baby-butt-smooth, they would emphasize any cracks or flakes. They also give me that dreaded weird ring on the inside of my lips after a day of wear. And you know what?? Pink Truffle, the supposed ‘perfect on anyone’ MLBB, just doesn’t look that good on me. Mayyybe if I didn’t already have nice opaque MLBB lipsticks, or maaayyyyyyybe if I didn’t like lipstick, I would like these. But at least I learned something about myself: give me super opaque lipstick colors or give me death.


Dang right I photoshopped that quickly just for this post (haha).

Have a great Monday everyone! And remember: don’t be afraid to destash the things that you dislike. It’s a waste of space and time to keep working with makeup that doesn’t want to work with you!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


7 thoughts on “#IHATEMONDAYS – installment 3 – even MORE products that are bleghhh!

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    Man, I really dig this series a lot 🙂 Also, I kind of want your “Give Me Lipstick Or Give Me Death” picture in my house. Or on my blog. Basically everywhere haha!
    Those lip butters got SO. MUCH. HYPE. When they first came out. I really like the way they feel but the colors are pretty hit or miss for me.
    I need to get better about de-stashing stuff but mostly I’m like Gollum with my makeup.
    Great post as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    • swatchlette says:

      I fell into the Indie perfume world this August, and since then….. well let’s just say my wallet has suffered. In collecting lots of new smelly things, I realized how little room I have left in my vanity space! AKA I am now forced to destash just to keep all my stuff nicely organized 😛 I’m destashing totally by necessity.
      Feel free to print that image and stick it on your walls! I totally stuck a copy next to my mirror, haha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • GymBagMakeup says:

        I totally understand having to prioritize stuff for space management. What perfume are you digging the most so far? I have a few indie fragrances but I just really love mainstream perfumes more I think. Or maybe I haven’t tried the right scents yet 🙂
        Thanks! I’m going to do that!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • swatchlette says:

        I totally used to be a mainstream girl (favorites were Flowerbomb and Tokyomilk Tainted Love). And then I fell in love with Maison Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club, which is totally out of my price range 😛 So I jumped into indies, looking for things with similar notes. I really like what a huge variety of notes and fragrances abound in the indie world, but it totally is overwhelming sometimes! There’s just SO much out there. It’s really hard sometimes because everyone’s skin chemistry and noses are totally different; like I’ve had good luck with some perfumes that other people might hate, and vice versa. I think in terms of dipping one’s toes in, Alchemic Muse and Haus of Gloi are good entry brands (A.M. being one of my new top 3 brands everrr, mostly because I love their lotion too). I also like sixteen92 (The After Party, Spellbound, Lolita) and Arcana (Cupid Gold, Clara). I’ve been really enjoying the realistic foody scents that indie brands can put out. I recently got some perfumes from Deconstructing Eden (on etsy) and I think she is AMAZING at creating perfumes that are as good as mainstream. They’re EDP sprays instead of oils, and so far all the ones I’ve tried are very luxurious smelling, well blended, and unique without smelling too “out there”.
        If you’re at all active on reddit’s IMAM, the Sunday swaps might be a good way to grab some testers if you’re ever interested 🙂 And (if I’m remembering correctly) you’re in Canada right? Two houses I like are Canadian based so they’d ship way cheaper to you: Sunsets & Seas, and Sarawen on etsy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • GymBagMakeup says:

        Ooh thank you for all of the great recommendations! One of the things that I do really appreciate about indie companies is the availability of samples. That’s brilliant! I have a few samples from Southern Comforts, Kheimistrii and Haus of Gloi which is great because only about half of the fragrances it have actually work well on my skin. The other half turn into baby powder which just makes me sad but not as sad as if I had purchased an entire bottle.

        Liked by 1 person

      • swatchlette says:

        The baby powder curse is so real! I get that too with some scents, but the worst for me is how my skin amps spices like crazy so anything with even a small hint of spice turns into crazy loud spiced candle! Samples are totally wonderful for trying out scents, but they’re a hassle to destash once I’ve decided they don’t work 😛 The reddit sell/swaps are always a gamble, hoping someone will actually buy stuff from you. It’s not like big box stores where you can just return something that doesn’t work.

        Liked by 1 person

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