Indie Spotlight ~ Howl Cosmetics! Lonely Shore, Compass Rose, Celestial Navigation Eyeshadows

I have a really awesome indie spotlight for you guys today 🙂 It was a new-to-me brand that I now really love! Howl Cosmetics, a relatively new brand on the market, has gorgeous nature-inspired collections. Today I’m showing off some goodies from several of their collections.


Howl’s packaging is well thought out

The first thing about Howl that really caught my eye was how professional the website looks! I do a lot of work in marketing and fashion, and it was awesome to see an indie brand have these editorial photos with models as well as a very cohesive brand image. They clearly spent a lot of time and thought creating a visual brand that is laced into everything they do. They also have a clear inspiration for their collections and the colors and website all keep with that ‘adventurous nature’ theme. (There’s also a quote by JK Rowling on their About Page, and that gets extra awesome points in my book.)

Howl had a sale a while back and I pounced on it out of curiosity and because their branding really sucked me in. I’m happy I did, because the products are beautiful.

Howl Cosmetics - the goodies

Howl Cosmetics – the goodies

They put their sample baggies in these pretty little envelopes that they make themselves. The eyeshadow lids too are matte black rather than the usual glossy black, and it makes them seem classier. I really like their attention to detail.

Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows and samples

Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows and samples

In addition to the 4 eyeshadows and 2 samples that I bought, I received 2 samples free as well as that cool temporary tattoo.

So what did I haul?

  1. Polaris eyeshadow – Celestial Navigation Collection – semi-sheer nude rose with beautiful silver aqua shift
  2. Easterly eyeshadow – Compass Rose Collection – dusky lavender with lots of gold shimmer
  3. Evergreen eyeshadow – Lonely Shore Collection – muted evergreen with gold shimmer
  4. Seaside Cliff eyeshadow – Lonely Shore Collection – champagne with gold-green shift
  5. Arcturus eyeshadow (sample) – Celestial Navigation Collection – plum-purple with blue shimmer highlight
  6. Intoxicate blush (sample) – Lonely Shore Collection – brownish plum with red sheen
  7. Twisted Roots (sample) – Lonely Shore Collection – medium bronze brown with lots of gold shine
  8. Canopy Light (sample) – Lonely Shore Collection – forest green over black base with gold sparkle

Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows

I really loved all the colors, oops. I think for me, this was a great autumn haul because there were lots of rich tones and warm golden shimmers, as well as cold blue sheens that felt like crisp fall air.

All swatches are done over theBalm Put a Lid On It!

Howl Cosmetics (from top to bottom): Seaside Cliff, Polaris,

Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from top to bottom)– Seaside Cliff / Polaris / Easterly — in direct light

owl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from top to bottom): Seaside Cliff / Polaris / Easterly

Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from L to R): Evergreen / Easterly / Polaris / Seaside Cliff

Polaris is such a gorgeous highlight. I love that it has a strong blue sheen, which makes it more fun that a single color highlight. Easterly is also a lovely color that my camera fails to capture nicely. It’s like a bejeweled purple color.


Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from L to R): Evergreen / Easterly / Polaris / Seaside Cliff

I think I’ll try Seaside Cliff again on a sticky primer to bring out the green shift. It’s more apparent in person, but sticky primer usually helps a lot with shifts.


Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from L to R): Arcturus / Intoxicate / Twisted Roots / Canopy Light / Evergreen / Easterly

Arcturus is SO GORGEOUS. I really want to grab a full size, but I rarely wear dark colors other than for liner. If I use this up somehow before their next sale (Black Friday maybe?) I might grab a full size. The blue shift in Arcturus makes it really glow from within.

Intoxicate is such an interesting shade, hence why I grabbed a sample. I don’t wear blush often, but when I do it’s usually something light like Benefit Dandelion or nude like Tarina Tarantino Neopolitan Lane. This shade is a lovely muted plum rose and it really does have a strong golden red sheen. My camera failed to capture the lovely sheen, but it glows when the light hits it.

And a comparison of the two greens.


Howl Cosmetics eyeshadows (from top to bottom)– Easterly / Evergreen / Canopy Light / Twisted Roots

Evergreen and Canopy Light both have forest green in their descriptions, yet they are very different. Evergreen is built more on a gold-green base and appears lighter even when built up. Canopy Light is definitely darker and has a green-black base. It also seems to have a blue-green shimmer as well as gold, whereas Evergreen is gold and bronzey shimmer. I love them both, but I’m happy that I only got a full size of Evergreen since I find medium-greens more wearable.

Also look how pretty their thank you note was. Lots of bronze metallic stamping too!


I love having positive first experiences with brands. I first got into indies because of their nerdy collections, so it’s actually refreshing to see brand inspiration from other things. I adore their brand image and how detailed everything is. I think Howl did a great job creating collections that actually work together rather than an assortment of colors. I also found that their website descriptions are extremely accurate, which is a very awesome thing!

Long story short, you need Polaris in your life, Easterly if you love purples, and Arcturus if you want to feel like a pretty star 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchette


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