#IHateMondays installment 2 ~ products that make me frustrated

So I had so much fun last Monday with my not-so-favorites post, I’m back with more! These posts actually help me be really critical about my collection and summon the strength to destash things I don’t use / hate, rather than holding on to them “just in case”.
So what are today’s not-so-favorites?


these things make me yell. have you ever yelled at makeup??? it’s not a pretty sight

Today’s special products have some things I am going to be genuinely gleeful to get rid of. There are some really frustrating products in this batch.

As always, these are my opinions only and your mileage may vary.



  1. Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in 601 Light Year – I could never get over this awful taste despite trying it again and again. It’s a weird color on me too; too brown for MLBB and too light for a fall neutral. Seriously awful perfume taste though and sticky tacky texture. My hopes were so high with this, ugh.
  2. Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in 11 Ruby Extract – ohhhh man this thing is weird. It’s a super liquidy product that dries too fast and you basically have to be a wizard to get it nice and even on your lips. I love the idea of a lip stain but this one was impossible to work with. Every single time I tried to wear it my bottom lip would be a darker red, without fail. It doesn’t matter how painstakingly careful I was, this stain was always uneven. Also drying. Also strangely perfumed. Just a big no.
  3. e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator – I actually used this one quite a lot despite kinda sorta always hating it. It’s so incredibly grainy it can be painful. It’s like the top layer of wax wore away and it’s just grain now. There are much better things on the market than this, so farewell and adieu to e.l.f.
  4. Tarte Full Blossom Cheek Stain – ahahaha this is old. I got this off of Gilt way back in the day. I didn’t use it very much and always found the color too red on my skin. Recently when I was trying to use it again and remember why I didn’t use it, the whole tube popped out like a rocket and rolled around on my floor and clothes. That was the last straw for this tube of sadness.
  5. Hard Candy concealer pencil – Came free with the Glamoflauge concealer and that was the only reason I would ever own this. How does one even use this pointy hard thing? I tested it once on my face and it was an one-way trip to Ouch-land.
  6. NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer in Green – Not incredible at all, unless dry patchy application and unblendable color is what you’re looking for.
  7. Benefit / Tweezerman Brow Shaping Brush – I AM SO ETERNALLY FOREVER ANGRY ABOUT THIS. *ahem* Sorry about the caps, but I’m so grrrr about this product! I bought it during Benefit’s online clearance sale and was excited to get something that looked super useful and nice! The online reviews looked good too! Lo and behold the dang thing doesn’t work; the brush does not budge from its packaging and will not roll up! I’ve had three other friends attempt to get it to work, so I know it’s not just me. And of course, no returns or refunds on final sale clearance items. I am so glad to just get rid of this nuisance. Oh and FYI, checking reviews on Amazon rather than Benefit’s site showed that other people had this issue too. *Note to self: always check more reviews than just the home site’s.
  8. Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Tremor – As I mentioned here, this is a dupe for Melted Peony, which I have and don’t wear much (thank goodness it’s just a mini Peony). This is an inferior dupe. Tastes weird and dries tacky, and now, just months later, it won’t squeeze up at all anymore. Ugh WHYYYY

Feels good to vent all this makeup anger 🙂

Sometimes the best way to reorganize your products and destash is to realize what products are too frustrating to keep. We’re all too busy in our lives to hold onto things that annoy us, and in the long-run I think destashing things I never use and/or dislike is a step on the road to makeup vanity happiness.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


2 thoughts on “#IHateMondays installment 2 ~ products that make me frustrated

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    First, that double eyeliner! So cool!!!
    The taste of those Rimmel lip lacquers are just the worst. I don’t know what Rimmel is thinking with their scent/flavor profiles in general actually.
    If I remember correctly, I think that the evil pencil concealer thing is for covering tattoos. It actually does work pretty well for that but not anything else at all. Weird right?
    I seriously laughed out loud about the brow shaping brush. I don’t have that but I know them feels!
    I’m really digging these posts a lot 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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