#IHateMondays ~ UD Naked, Makeup Revolution Liphug, Model Co Party Proof

What a title, right? Basically Mondays and I don’t get along well, so I thought in honor of the most sluggish day of the week (I can’t be the only one that needs 2x caffeine on Mondays, right?) I wanted to post some of my not-so-favorites. I take photos of my not-favorites for my own files, so I remember what colors/formula didn’t work for me. I have a few to share with you today 🙂



Now keep in mind, what didn’t work for me doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you! Usually the things I dislike are colors that look awful on me, and that of course is personal preference.

Well without further ado, here’s #IHateMondays



I collect lipsticks, I love lipsticks, and I just want them to love me back!

  1. Model Co Party Proof Lipstick in Get Naked — moisturizing but slippery formula, and one of the worst colors for my skin I’ve ever seen. It looks yellow. When I swatch it next to a pink shade it really looks yellow. It looks like concealer on my lips.
  2. Makeup Revolution Liphug in When You Come To Me — high shine?? nope, this is very matte and one of the driest formulas I’ve ever tried. I guess it’s long-lasting, but to me it’s because it’s so tacky. You’re always aware you’re wearing it. And of course the color is less “nice nude” and more “why are your lips so orange, are you okay?”
  3. Urban Decay Naked — This is the biggest broken heart. I want to love you! But there’s something so wrong about you! UD Fiend is a nice medium pink-plum on me and I wanted a lighter more nude shade, so Naked looked just right. I even swatched it twice in store and compared it to other lipsticks I own to make sure I was getting a good shade. Somehow this is too light and it looks pasty on me. It’s also way thicker feeling and drier than the Fiend I own, and settles into lip lines like crazy. When I wear it, it feels tacky and thick and of course any lipgloss I layer it with (to attempt to make it a better color) just adds to the thickness. Ditto to adding the Naked lipliner underneath. I have no idea why this is so different from my Fiend. I haven’t gotten rid of this…it just sits in my lipstick collection staring at me and reminding me that even well-researched, well-swatched lipsticks can turn out to be sad sad things.
the names of heart break

the names of heart break

Okay lets look at some swatches of these guys.

Model Co Get Naked // Makeup Revolution When You Come To Me // Urban Decay Naked --- (with flash)

Model Co Get Naked // Makeup Revolution When You Came To Me // Urban Decay Naked — (with flash)

Model Co Get Naked // Makeup Revolution When You Come To Me // Urban Decay Naked --- (daylight)

Model Co Get Naked // Makeup Revolution When You Come To Me // Urban Decay Naked — (daylight)

Naked looks so pink here, but it’s because it’s being compared to two very yellow/peach toned lipsticks. I think my lips are just too naturally pigmented to get away with UD Naked’s lighter and less-pink shade. And that weirdly tacky formula makes putting up with the color not worth it.

I’ve been swatching my whole collection lately to weed out bad guys, as well as reading a lot of Project Pan and /r/makeuprehap inspiration stories. I don’t think I have a true makeup problem, but I do know I’m really bad about getting rid of things I dislike because of the “but what if I need it one day” type of mentality. It’s a lot easier to look at them critically especially with this #IHateMondays type of attitude. Sometimes a harsher attitude is just what one needs to finally clean up those piles of not-so-favorites we all have lying around 🙂

Anyhow, this was fun to write. And getting rid of the Model Co and Makeup Revolution lipstick feels so good. Weeding out bad lipsticks makes my vanity look so much cleaner!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


3 thoughts on “#IHateMondays ~ UD Naked, Makeup Revolution Liphug, Model Co Party Proof

  1. GymBagMakeup says:

    This whole post cracked me up!
    Seriously, what is it about Mondays that renders caffeine ineffective? It’s not fair.
    That Model Co lipstick IS really yellow. It seems like a few years ago the super yellow nudes were really popular but they weren’t ever something I could pull off either.
    That’s so sad about the Urban Decay lipstick! I hate it when there are inconsistencies within a line of lipsticks. I have a few from the Revolution line and I really dig the formula so I’d be bummed too!
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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