Urban Decay Eyeshadows ~ YDK and Fireball, Swatches and Review

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have for you a couple Urban Decay eyeshadows for you that I got during the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta. These are amazingly my first UD eyeshadows despite my love (and collection) of their lipsticks.

So what did I think?


Urban Decay eyeshadows YDK and Fireball

Right off the bat, I like the packaging. UD always has cute boxes and patterns, as well as sturdy primary packaging. The singles feel like I could throw them into my makeup bag and they won’t break. I got the colors YDK and Fireball, hoping to fill in blanks in my (already extensive) eyeshadow collection. I love metallics and duochromes so these two were right up my alley.

YDK is described as a “cool bronze shimmer”. I was really hoping it would truly be cool toned, since 90% of the bronze and brown eyeshadows I have lean warm toned and, although being pretty, look more brassy and gold than a cool bronze.

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK

I like this color a lot! It definitely stays cooler toned even on my pale pink skin, It was soft and smooth to the touch (although not as smooth as Fireball; it might be the metallic shimmer in it that adds more texture). YDK works well as an all-over lid shade on me or a crease shade for a neutral look. I do think YDK is almost a bronze-light-gold on me than a brown-bronze, and perhaps that is because it’s a lighter bronze than deeper ones I already own.

Fireball is awesome, just as I hoped.

Urban Decay eyeshadow Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadow Fireball

It is a punchy peach color with a strong pink glow to it, adding a duochrome sheen when it hits the light. This one is a little less pigmented than Fireball but is easily built up. Even in one light layer it still appears duochrome, so I’m curious to play around with this on top of other colors. I’m sure this will shine over a base color.


Urban Decay eyeshadow Fireball (close up)

You can really see the pink duochrome at this angle. I love it! I think it’s a wonderful color for spring and summer, but honestly I love my duochromes all year so I hope to get a lot of mileage out of this.

Swatch time!

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK and Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK and Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK and Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadow YDK and Fireball

YDK is a little bit lighter in real life than in this picture, but I’ve managed to capture that pink glow of Fireball! Look how fun that sheen is 🙂

Overall my first experience with UD eyeshadows is a positive one. These shadows performed nicely even swatched on my bare skin. Granted, I read a lot of reviews and did a lot of image searches before picking which eyeshadows to get, so in a ways I made my own experience positive by picking some of the better shadows. All in all, I like these enough to try some more shadows in the future, although I most likely will only try to get them on sale. I’m so used to getting gorgeous metallics and duochromes from indie brands for around $6 for a full size, so Urban Decay’s $19 price tag is a bit of a turnoff.

TL; DR, Fireball is amazing and YDK is a great staple neutral color for me.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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