Indie Spotlight~ Scaredy Cat Cosmetics eyeshadows

Time for another indie spotlight!
Today’s indie brand is Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, a brand that I heard mentioned once on reddit’s Indie Makeup And More forum, and became curious enough to try. I essentially came for one color, Robin the Cradle, but discovered plenty more colors that caught my attention!


Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

Scaredy Cat has an awesome way to sample eyeshadows: five trial tubes for $5! It’s a really good price for some awesome eyeshadows.


five Scaredy Cat Cosmetics eyeshadow tubes

The colors I got were:

Robin the Cradle: “Hatch a stunning new look with this incredible two toned shade. A pastel blue with an intense copper sheen that shifts and shines.”
I found that this was a very pale pastel blue with a strong warm golden shift. The duochrome was awesome.

Hedgerow: “A fresh shimmery pearlescent pastel that will send shivers up your spine. Hedgerow shifts between violet and teal for and amazing two toned effect.”
I think that this was a soft violet grey with lots of teal shimmer; more two toned at once than a shift in light.

Bacchus: “An intoxicating brew, Bacchus is a soft gray-violet.”
This one was more purple-brown on me. Beautiful rich color though.

Ring-a-Ling: “The color shift in this duo-chromatic shade will spin you right ’round. Ring-A-Ling is a soft translucent pink with a violet shift.”
This one was a very fun bright pink with a blue-violet sheen.

Snow Bird: “Like the shadows cast upon the snow at dusk, this frosty blue will send a chill up your spine. Snow Bird is a shimmery blue filled with crystal sparks.”
A rich blue-grey with bright blue/silver sparkles.

The swatches are on bare skin on top, and over sticky primer on bottom.

eyeshadows facing away from light

Bacchus // Snow Bird // Robin the Cradle // Hedgerow // Ring a Ling ——- facing away from light

Bacchus // Snow Bird // Robin the Cradle // Hedgerow // Ring a Ling --------- towards the light

Bacchus // Snow Bird // Robin the Cradle // Hedgerow // Ring a Ling ——— towards the light

I think all these shadows look awesome when the light hits them, but Robin the Cradle, Hedgerow, and Ring a Ling definitely have great shifts.


Bacchus // Snow Bird // Robin the Cradle // Hedgerow // Ring a Ling ———- direct light

Robin the Cradle is my absolute favorite! Over prime all of these really sing, but Robin is my perfect lazy-day one lid look that will still look stunning!

The test tubes are less than fantastic though. They’re a hassle to use because brushes won’t fit inside the neck. I’ve resorted to using whatever the cap pulls out, or carefully pouring a little bit out into an empty pan and picking that up with my brush. But for the price, you really can’t beat these testers! The tubes contain a lot of shadow for a buck a pop.

Scaredy Cat has tons of colors and I’m tempted to try even more. But honestly, I think I’ll go back to pick up a full size Robin the Cradle and maybe Hedgerow before I try any more tubes πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Have you heard of Scaredy Cat? Do these duochromes capture your attention? Chit chat in the comments below πŸ™‚

til later lovelies,


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