NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks !!! — Vintage, Cherry Skies, Tea and Cookies — Dupes, Comparisons, and Long Review!

UPDATE: Since this is still getting lots of views (hello and welcome!) I’d like to update my review here. I have since destashed ALL of these colors to friends. After the initial hype wore down, these really weren’t that spectacular. Despite trying to work with them for a while and trying different techniques, these were too messy and too slippery for me. Someone who loves creams that never dry down may love them. I didn’t. 

FINALLY! I got my hands on some of the NYX Liquid Suedes! Get ready for a long review 🙂


nyx liquid suede cream lipstick: tea & cookies / vintage / cherry skies

I love liquid lipsticks and these caught my eye a few months ago when some bloggers had early releases. They looked wonderful and I hadn’t seen any negative reviews. Which of course makes me wary. I usually don’t ‘blind buy’ a product but I really wanted to try these even if they sucked. I got the three most interesting colors to me from Ulta for $6.99 each.


tea & cookies // vintage // cherry skies

I got Tea & Cookies which is a light pink, Vintage which is a deep brownish wine, and Cherry Skies which is a deep red. These come in tubes with doe foot wands and are slightly longer and larger than the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

They do have a slight smell to them, very reminiscent of the Makeup Revolution lipsticks that I hated. It’s not nearly as bad though, so I can put up with it. It’s a plasticky, fake smell that carries over to taste as well. Seems to fade away within 20 minutes, thankfully.

I find that these are relatively liquidy. They are not as creamy as the Soft Matte Lip Creams. They aren’t liquid enough to pour, for example, but they have a lot of slip to them. I actually found these very very high maintenance and a little annoying to apply. I think the doe foot pulls up too much product from the tube which makes it hard to apply a nice even layer, but if you wipe the foot off on the lip of the tube as you pull the wand out (to not waste product and keep it inside) you’ll get a build-up that makes a little come out when you close the lid. I’m still trying to figure out a way to pull up less product with the wand but also not lose it when I close the lid.

The darker colors apply best in thin layers with waiting time in between layers. Which is extremely annoying to me. When I first got these and tried applying straight from the tube, it was way too much product and it slipped around and was hard to get even. Thinner layers and maybe even a lipbrush seems to be required. In the case of Vintage, I prefer the thinnest layer possible rather than using a lot of product. I think they’re finicky; they streak easily unless you have lots of patience. And you absolutely cannot have your lips touch while they’re drying; it makes it very uneven. The dry-down also takes the longest out of all my lipsticks. It’s almost like a Too Faced Melted for a good fifteen minutes before it mattifies a little. These never dry 100% matte or transfer-proof in my experience. They always retain a little shine and tackiness.

Ironically enough, I found that Tea & Cookies, the lightest shade that I bought, was the least high maintenance. I could swipe it on straight from the tube and be able to apply an even layer. It seems just a tiny bit thicker of a formula compared to Cherry Skies and Vintage, and this is beneficial. It does crack a little bit on my lips, but I didn’t mind it (it’s only obvious in close-up shots).

Onto the many many photos! I have also compared these to other lipsticks in swatches as well 🙂


Vintage (2 layers, 1 layer) // Cherry Skies (2 layers, 1 layer) // Tea & Cookies (1 layer)

As you can see, they are thin and still translucent with one layer. The darker colors become much richer and opaque with more layers. Vintage especially is almost like a thin stain in one layer and becomes a whole different creature in two!


nyx liquid suede lipstick – tea & cookies swatches

Tea & Cookies was surprisingly my favorite! Usually I don’t like the girly pinks and favor the deep reds, but daaaang this is such a pretty spring color. It’s a shade lighter than my natural lips and a pretty peachy pink. It was also the easiest to apply, thank goodness.


nyx liquid suede lipstick – cherry skies swatches

Cherry Skies was almost pink-red with one layer. It has a lot of translucency as one thin layer. Two layers, although a beautiful deep red, is a bit more difficult to get even. It’s such a deep opaque color that it is really obvious when it isn’t even, since it shows every spot. This one clings to dry patches, so beware! One thing I’m a little ‘ugh’ about is that I have yet to find a balm that I can layer underneath. My lips are deserts and I can’t just go without balm. But these lipsticks are liquidy enough that they hate trying to layer over moisturized lips. I have a couple lip primers too, so those are next on my list to try. This one also stains the most.


nyx liquid suede lipstick – vintage swatches

Vintage was my second favorite, especially as a stain. I loooove this dark rosewood color and the lightest coat is enough to be a beautiful stain for fall. The more layers I add, the less I like it, and I think it’s just too dark for my pale skin. Maybe if I dye my hair darker again, I can rock a darker lip in a 90s goth-y way, but right now I think the contrast just looks odd. The color is gorgeous though- its a very deep brown-toned burgundy. When I kiss it off on tissue, there’s definitely tones of purple and brown in it. The darker color helps it look a little more even with more layers, but it is still finicky about layers and takes patience.


nyx liquid suede tea & cookies comparisons

  1. Too Faced Melted Peony
  2. ColourPop Clueless
  3. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Tea & Cookies

Peony and T&C are almost the same. Peony is glossier so it reads at lighter on my face, but they’re honestly very close. Peony isn’t a budge-proof liquid matte, but I don’t think T&C is either. So if you’re still looking for a pale transfer-proof pink, I’d go with ColourPop or Kat Von D. But if you wanted Peony and don’t have it yet, T&C is a good alternative. Personally, in this set of 3 my favorites would be Clueless, Peony, and then T&C.


nyx liquid suede cherry skies comparisons

Somewhat blurry swatch, sorry guys 🙂

  1. Too Faced Melted Velvet
  2. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Cherry Skies
  3. Kat Von D Nosferatu
  4. Too Faced Melted Berry (kind of in the shadows, sorry)

Melted Velvet is brighter and more of a truer red. It doesn’t have that deepened purpley tone. Nosferatu is more even, and a warmer red. This one is my personal favorite. Melted Berry is much closer to Cherry Skies.


too faced melted berry // nyx liquid suede cream lipstick cherry skies

Melted Berry and Cherry Skies are comparable. Cherry Skies is a bit more blue and more translucent in one coat. Personally I find that Too Faced’s formula is much easier to work with, but it is three times the price.


nyx liquid suede cream lipstick vintage comparisons

  1. ckOne Color Shine Lipstick in Naughty
  2. Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Tramp Stamp
  3. Kat Von D Lolita
  4. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage

This one was a lot harder to find dupes to. I don’t have a lot of dark lipsticks so I didn’t have a lot to compare it to. Might be close to Kat Von D Damned or perhaps ColourPop Tulle or Limbo? It’s a deep wine with lots of brown tones to it. It’s perfect for fall and winter for those who love dark lipsticks.

In summary: the new NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks are a thin formula that looks best in light, even, and thin coats, although to achieve this you need a lot of patience and probably a lip brush. They have 12 fun colors including orange and lilac, so there is a color for everyone. They don’t layer well with emollient balms but might do okay with a stickier lip primer (I’m thinking MAC’s). Clear lipliner (or any matching color) is recommended for cleaner lines. Lighter colors show lip lines but darker colors can be streaky. Both problems can be lessened with patience and TLC 🙂

Not a bad lipstick for $6.99, but not my favorites.

whoooo~ that was a long one. Thanks for reading!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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