Indie Spotlight ~ Dark Matter Makeup Stardust Shadows (and Star Wars themed lip sticks!)

Time for another indie spotlight, this time on Dark Matter Makeup! if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me mention this awesome space & stars inspired brand. I looove space stuff so I was sold from the get-go. They also have Star Wars lipsticks that are cooler than the CoverGirl ones, so it was an obvious choice to sample this company 🙂


Dark Matter Makeup box

Everything came super safe & secure in a box with that fun crinkle paper strips. I like that they carried the theme in the packaging, with a star covered bag.


Dark Matter Makeup packaging

The included cards are AWESOME. This is the first indie I’ve bought that does this. It’s very similar to the ColourPop cards, where they tell you information about the products you’ve ordered.


Dark Matter Makeup eyeshadows and lip saber samples

I bought five Stardust Shadows eyeshadow samples (they come in little test tubes), one sample of their lipsticks (called Lip Sabers!), and they gave me another baggie of eyeshadow to sample.
The eyeshadows I got were:
1. Libra (my star sign) – a medium plummy magenta with gold shimmer
2. Emmy – gorgeous metallic rose gold
3. Valentina – smoky purple with silver shimmer (this one definitely needs a primer to bring out the depth of color)
4. Cassiopeia – awesome strong lilac purple / green-blue duochrome
5. Haruka – vintage gold, looks a bit olive on my skin

The sample was Undulatus, which seems to not be in stock anymore, and the lipstick sample was FTWindu, a deep blackened cool-toned purple.

The test tubes are kind of super annoying to use though; you have to be extremely careful to not get the powder everywhere. I’m considering buying empty containers to depot these. Other than that, the eyeshadows were awesome!

The lipstick is like a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and the Sephora Lip Cream’s had a baby. It’s a slightly thick cream, easy to apply, and dried down mostly matte. It had more of a natural finish than the uber matte/dry finish of ColourPop’s liquid mattes for example. It’s a wonderful opaque purple. I’m not sure if I look good in this color at all (it’s a pretty stark contrast to my skin) but it’s the darkest purple I own now, and there’s something cool about that 🙂


FTWindu // Undulatus // Valentina // Emmy // Libra // Cassiopeia // Haruka

The eyeshadows are so shimmery and I love it!


Undulatus // Valentina // Emmy // Libra // Cassiopeia // Haruka

I have purposely taken a blurry photo so you can really see the shimmer. Valentina and Cassiopeia have lovely pops of sparkle. None of these shadows looked “glittery” to me; they were more metallics or shimmers than an over the top glitter.


Emmy // Libra // Cassiopeia // Haruka

Here is an extreme close-up shot. The swatches are darker than they are in real life. But you can see how metallic and rosy Emmy is, as well as the gold glitter in Libra and the bright shift in Cassiopeia!

Overall, my experience with Dark Matter Makeup was extremely positive. If I wasn’t on a low-buy right now, I’d definitely get full sizes of Emmy and Cassiopeia, as well as sampling the other lipsticks (Boba Fetish and Darth Maulvelous). I highly recommend this company for their stellar Stardust Shadows and awesome customer service!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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